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Thursday, February 28, 2013

They accepted our offer!!!!!!

Got up this am in Fernley, NV at the Fernley RV Park.  We moved from Desert Rose, since we knew we had one more night to spend there and Desert Rose lets you stay for 3 nights with Passport America (our discount camping card)..well down the road a bit, Fernley RV Park lets us stay 2 nights for about $16.00 a night.  Got up and decided to go to the Wigwam Restaurant and have breakfast, we actually had lunch there yesterday and it was realllly good!  

I knew it was my kind of place when the special was eggs, hasbrowns and gravy...got me as soon as we walked in!  Did a little grocery shopping at Walmart and back to the 5th wheel to get ready to go. 

About 0930 phone rang and it was the realtor telling us that the sellers accepted our offer!!!   We are so excited.  

Headed back to Winnemucca and will be staying for a couple of nights at the RV park in town while we visit the Ranch Hand Rodeo.  Hopefully next week, we'll go back for the inspections and get ready for a new phase in our lives!! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We may have bought a house...(well single wide trailer and shop)

39 S Bybee Ln Yerington, NV

Yesterday, we went and looked at a house in Silver Springs,.liked it, but saw this one one internet so decided to look at it before we put an offer in on the other one.  This one is in Yerington, NV where we had looked before and like the area.  Well, as soon as we drove up I knew I was in trouble...Ken was in love right away with the garage..I have to admit i loved it!  They have a really nice well house, and another building like a tuff shed.  4.65 acres...asking 62,000..single wide house with an add on, of the master bedroom, bath and a laundry area.  With a little love the house will work.  

So into town we went and made an offer of 58,000.  So we'll see, realtor asked for quick return of tomorrow at 1700..Leaving Fernley tomorrow to head back to Winnemucca to head for the Ranch Hand Rodeo for the weekend.  

If our offer is accepted we'll probably be back for the septic and well inspection next week.  Realtor asked for closing of March 13th...don't know if that'll work as the people still have ALOT of furniture and clothing still in the house.

Ken's garage

Deck out front of the house and picnic area

This little addition on the back is the new master bedroom and bath

Inside the garage...24x28..sheetrocked, insulated..nice

Out front of the property

This room will be for grandsons...thinking, bunks and trundle

Master bedroom..

THis is the front/side view...Ken is gong to build a porch covering..will make it look better!  The light blue isn't too bad, but the dark blue trim will have to go....quickly!

This is the small living room..they used to have pellet stove,  we will b putting in wood stove

This is the small 3rd bedroom...our exercise room..or sewing..

Living room looking into kitchen...can't believe I didn't take pic of kitchen..it's small but cute!


Friday, February 22, 2013


February 21st....Trying to stay warm in Winnemucca..we headed into town and did a little running around.  Then we went to our favorite Mexican place and had a great lunch.  We are planning on going to the Ranch Hand Rodeo first weekend in March so we checked out the campground at the fairgrounds in town.  It'll work for a night or two.  Got home, Ken did his stuff outside and I just researched some homes in the trailer.  Life is good! 

February 22nd...Had a lazy morning coffee etc.  Then cleaned the trailer for the first time in a while it seems.  I've felt so bad with the cold/flu thing that I haven't done much.  So today actually doing a little deep cleaning and it feels so much cleaner.  Had a nice lunch at home, and then I came to the gas station to do a few loads of laundry.  Ken is bringing up the little fifth wheel, as it looks like we may head over Silver Springs way and take a look at a few properties, as we're getting pretty frustrated with the Via Catalina property.  I would still like that one to happen, but apparently US bank isn't scared of a complaint by the OCC.  So we'll take a few days and see what we can find.  They are going quickly once they're on the market.  

Cold day, they are expecting snow tomorrow, so we'll see...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flatbed and Chevy Truck sold!

Another use for duck tape...so his beer won't tip over!

Good bye flatbed!

The Chevy before it was sold...looked pretty good!! I will miss that back seat!
February 15th...made it Rocklin and the Days Inn.  We are headed for Plymouth on Sat to hopefully sell the flatbed, and we did.  We actually went to breakfast in Rio Linda at what used to be the Oak Tree Diner.  Delicious!!  Went back to the motel and spent the night again.  

February 17th...Sunday, Ken visited Eric and Bryan and brought Adam back to the motel for the night.  We went to Tractor Supply in Auburn and spent the gift certificate that Bryan and Cheryl gave us for Christmas.  Went to Edelweiss and had an awesome lunch!  Then Ken and I separated, he visited and I went shopping, but not much accomplished.  Adam came back to the room and we had a nice night. 

February 18th .. I had to be at Russell's at 0645 to pick up the boys as they were working and the kids were off.  Brought them back to the motel and got ready for the day.  We picked up Mia and then went to the park for a couple of hours.  Garcias for lunch and then to Russell's house to wait for him to get home.  Ken headed to Winnemucca as we had someone coming to look at the truck on Tuesday. I went to Bryan and Cheryl's.  

February 19th... I stayed at Bryan and Cheryl's and  was only planning on one night but ended up being two as it SNOWED!  It was beautiful!  We sold the truck..put the $$ in the bank and if we find a house got a little more money.  
February 20th...woke up to a beautiful day in Gtown and headed out for Winnemucca.  Had a nice drive and here we are...cold and windy, but beautiful!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines day in Winemucca

February 13th..Got up not feeling good again, so I went to town, picked up a few groceries and some generic cough syrup, nyquil etc so I could sleep.  Came back and made some home made pizza which was delicious.  I did get the flatbed on Craigslist along with the Chevy.  Got some pictures posted too.  

February 14th..Valentines Day!...Had a nice day, nothing too much. I did go to the gas station and did a load or two of laundry.  We have had several calls on both the flatbed and the Chevy.  So we have decided to head for CA to get the pink on the Chevy and hopefully on Sat Ken can take the flatbed to Plymouth, CA where a guy really wants it..There is someone from Brown's Valley who is anxious too..

February 15th...Set the alarm to get up so we could get a fairly early start on getting to Sac.  Ken has set it up with the guy in Plymouth to get the flatbed there tomorrow afternoon.  Jesse, the guy in Browns Valley, called Ken and said he would come down tonight to KC's and pick it up..I have to admit I feel sorry for him because he really really wants it..Ken will head back to Winnemucca on Monday, as we have a guy from Reno coming to look at the Chevy..There is someone from Silver Springs who wants to look at it along with a guy from Idaho..so hopefully it'll be gone next week.  

We decided to stay at Days Inn, as I am still not up to par.  Hopefully by Monday I will be because I told Russell I would watch the boys for them.  Then hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can go back to Winnemucca on Tuesday.  

We do want to get the little fifth wheel and park it in Reno so we can look at some properties in Silver Springs and surrounding areas.  I haven't given up on Silver Springs (via catalina) but then again, I am not holding my breath. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday POPO!

February 12th...Today would have been my dad's 94th birthday.  Of course he's been gone 22 years now..sure doesn't seem like it..but I know my sisters and I miss him every day.  With all the things that have happened over the years we always think..."Well Popo would have loved that"..such as graduations, marriages, babies..etc.. he was the most incredible man!  Love u Daddy!! 

We stayed here at the property today and didn't go anywhere.  It was definitely cool, but Ken worked outside most of the day. I still don't feel the greatest, so inside I was.  We did make homemade pizza for dinner and salad so that should be good.  Looks awesome!  I was able to get the flatbed on Craigslist, but no pictures as they wouldn't load.  Ken washed the Chevy and we got a few pictures, but will wait til better service to try and load pictures and then see what happens.  Love that truck, except for the injector issues..done putting money in that truck! 

Eric and Seth went snowboarding today...Eric had Seth that was something that he wanted to do with Seth. Seth called on the way home and said they had an awesome time!! Glad to hear..great pics on fb..so if I can figure a way to import them I will.  Love those boys!

February 11th...decided to ride into town with Ken and go to the dump and Walmart.  Before we left to come back out, we went and visited our Chinese Restaurant which was delicious.  I am waiting to do bad at Parker T's ...but not up to it yet! Made some chicken and rice for dinner for Ken and called it an early night.  

February 10th..not much happened..stayed in bed most of the day..and vegged..be glad when this is over..(being sick)

Saturday, February 9, 2013


February 6th...Got up to a very cool morning..got the cabover cleaned out, and a few other things done.  Just enjoyed being here. 

February 7th..Dr. appts at 1100 and we had to wonder if we were going to get showers before we had to leave, but it thawed and we did ok...Dr appts went well and we don't have to go back until June so that was good!  WE didn't get into see her till almost 1200 but she is definitely worth the wait. She gave me some great cough syrup as this cough is giving me a headache.  Went to visit our girls at Las Margaritas and then shopping at Walmart as we sure needed groceries.  

Got back, took some cough syrup and that's all she wrote...

February 8th...Well I woke up sicker than i've been in years..so my day was spent sleeping and not getting out of bed.  Ken did his thing out here, and took good care of me!  

February 9th...Woke up feeling better at 0930 or somewhere in that neighborhood...woow....Ken was coughing and sniffling himself all night long, so glad we decided to stay here, as we don't need to pass on these germs to anyone else.  The temps have stayed in the low 30s with a definite wind chill. So it makes it miserable to be outside.  Ken went to town to get our prescriptions and I did a load of laundry at the gas station.  That's about all I could do and came back and laid down a few hours.  I am feeling better, but just not good..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl, Don and Dana's, Bryan's and Winnemucca!

February 3rd...We left the motel in Rocklin and did a little running around, ordering pizza and picking up drinks.  Dropped our stuff at Don's  and headed over to Gma's about 1230.  We were waiting on Diane and family to get there, so they actually missed kickoff but arrived a bit later.  Watched the game, ate some good food and enjoyed the day.  We missed Don and Dana, but there was a lot of texting going on.  Ravens won!  After the game we headed to Don's house for the night and I wasn't feeling too hot so took some Nyquil and headed for bed.  

February 4th... We took our time getting ready and headed for Eric's house to pick up the cabover and Ken needed to change oil on the Ford truck.  After that we hooked up and headed for Bryan's house for the night.  Cheryl made some of the cutest little wine cozies for glasses.. We enjoyed the Happy Camper Wine, and just enjoyed a nice evening.  

February 5th...Got up this am and made Adam his egg sandwich he likes for breakfast, took our time and got out of Bryan's house to head for Winnemucca.  We haven't been out here in about a month so we thought the mailbox would be full...there was alot , but not too bad considering.  Our tax stuff was there so will have to get that filled out to get it to town to our CPA and let him do his magic, *we hope*.....Nice ride out...We stopped in Verdi and had an early lunch/ breakfast.   Got here, still snow on the ground, but at least the well is thawed so we can stay!  Yayyyy...Dr appts on the 7th...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mason's 8th Birthday party!

Aaron Bike riding

Mason and friends on the trampoline

Aaron riding bike

Kids on trampoline

Enjoying the sunshine in front of Eric's garage

Mason opening one of many gifts!

Eric and his little buddy on the quad!

Mason and friends opening gifts

Eric and his little buddy on the quad...he is so cute..no fear and always in cowboy boots!!
We left Reno's Grand Sierra Resort this am and headed towards Eric's house for Mason's 8th birthday party.  We had a good morning, even though I was feeling like garbage...got this cough, cold thing going on and spent some of the night coughing like crazy and not sleeping...sucks!!  We left Reno around 1000 and headed towards Eric's place...the party started at 1300 and we were just a few minutes late..

Party was in full swing, Russell wasn't there as he was working overtime at the dam..but Lori had brought the boys and all the kids were playing outside as it was a beautiful day.  Eric cooked up a mess of hotdogs and everyone enjoyed! 

Mason had a great day and we enjoyed seeing the kids and grandkids..I really didn't feel good so spent alot of the day in the camper just resting and trying not to spread germs.  

We actually decided to go to Don and Dana's house for the night as Dana is in TN visiting with Don and we planned on spending tomorrow night as it's Super Bowl and we'll be at Grandma's.  We hit Auburn and tried to call Grandma to let her know we'd be by to get the key, but didn't get ahold of her.  So in Rocklin we stopped at the Days Inn where we've been before and checked in.  We like this hotel and not overly priced so we decided to stay...Grandma did call but we just missed her all the way around. But we are happy...Ken walked to the shopping center not to far away and got us subway sandwiches for dinner..and now just a quiet night..

Tomorrow we'll go to grandma's and hopefully I'll feel good enough to enjoy Super Bowl with Diane and family there.. if not Heidi, Sweetpea and I will watch from Don and Dana's house..

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bishop, CA to Reno, NV...

We left Bishop this morning at about 0900..got up showered, breakfast, computer etc and we finally got out of there...Love that place and had a nice stay!  The fairgrounds is pretty cool with full hook ups and really nice shower facilities..no one else there but us..even though they rent out the spaces for storage. Once word gets out...it'll be packed.  Today was the first day you can buy Mule Days Tickets..sounds like alot of people are waiting..and we did too for 10 years...love that week.  

So on we went, and ended up in Carson City where we thought we'd have lunch at a Mexican Restaurant that we really like...but parking sucked so we went into Reno and had lunch at Chili's ...we went there three years ago when we bought our laptop..great lunch..

Tonight we are at the Grand Sierra Resort Rv resort...been here a few times in the last couple of months. Did our laundry, changed sheets..(i love clean sheets) and tomorrow we will head for Cool and Mason's 8th birthday party.. 

I am a little under the weather...so hope I can stay outside tomorrow and not spread germs...
Talked to Cheryl and Adam went to Gpa Keith's house and spend the night, along with shooting, fishing and who knows what else ...sure he'll have a great time! 

We'll stay at Eric's tomorrow probably, then head for Gma's on Sunday for Super Bowl (ravens vs 49ers) ...stay the night at Don and Dana's ..(Dana is in TN)...then head for Bryan's for a night...then on to Winnemucca for a few and then we'll see where life takes us!!! 

Mono Lake highway 395

Mono Lake from a distance ...hwy 395

Tufas on Mono Lake highway 395

Along the highway 395

Mono Lake on 395 

Looking into Bridgeport, CA on 395 

Topaz Lake ...NV and Ca Border highway 395

Near Virginia Lakes on 395