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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Meeting new friends! Some cooking done today, bar b q tonight

Friday morning we got ourselves up around 0530 and checked to see what our blogger friends were up to.  Ken went in to take a shower so I wrote my daily letter to Seth :) Hoping to get his address at MCRD next week so these can get sent off.  

We left the house around 0940 or so to head to Gardnerville and Walmart.  Bryan, Cheryl and their friend, Triplett are coming to visit on Sunday.  They'll be here two nights. Ken's sister Diane will be starting her trip to Tennessee to see Don so she'll be spending Monday night with us too.  

Got our shopping done, then to Raley's to pick up a prescription.  We headed for Carson Valley Inn and the RV park there to meet up with Doug and Michelle, one of our blog followers. They answered the door of their Jayco motor home and invited us in.  We had figured we'd go to lunch at about 1300.  I'm thinking it was closer to 1400 or 1430 by the time we were all starving enough to quit chatting long enough to walk over. :)   The talk continued over a good lunch and adult beverages!  Michelle likes wine as do I and Doug had beer along with Ken.  I'm honestly not sure what time we said our goodbyes but we pulled in the driveway right about 1800.  They had other people to visit too.  
Doug, Michelle and their beautiful rig! Reminds of the
Stinger B. You can find this one anywhere! 

We made plans to see each other in Quartzsite this winter and lunch at Silly Al's of course.  Definitely want them to come meet some of the other bloggers that they follow.  They live in Kingman, AZ but are spending several months on the road as they are both retired now. It was a great visit and so glad we got to meet them both!  Doug you're right, you're hard to find on Facebook, so you're going to have to friend me! LOL! 
Their cute little Jeep that goes behind them everywhere! 

Ken and me pretending that this is ours :)
Oh well guess we'll keep our Jayco for now..

Saturday morning we woke close to 0600 and of course this is the day we both have stuff we want to get done, so we sleep in! Haha. Got Seth's letter written, don't care how late I am!  We're headed to John and Karen's this evening so I wanted to make a few things to take over there.  Cleaning was in the mix too. :)  The bunkhouse and outhouse are ready for company if anyone wants to stay there.  The Komfort 5th wheel is ready too, along with the guest room here in the house. We'll see when they get here where they want to end up!  
Double chocolate chip cookies and some blueberry muffins

Made some baked beans..we don't like the sweet ones
so these are from scratch

Deviled eggs for next door and some more for Bryan and Cheryl

I figured I could get this blog done before we head out so I'll end it here so we'll be ready to go! 

Have a great Saturday evening everyone! 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

2 days traveling to Carson City, They got another liter out of Ken!

Wednesday morning we had the alarm set for 0500.  I was already awake and had plugged in the coffee.  We are really slow in the mornings, we like to take our time.  We also like to be early to most Dr. appointments and alike so we always leave early with time to spare! Lately, we've had a lot of time to spare, but guess that means there's no break downs or accidents etc.  

We got ourselves ready and I made Ken a simple breakfast burrito and me a 1/2 low carb tortilla that was folded over with egg beaters. Not messy at all to eat going down the road.  Seriously.  They were both very neat even though I had both of us covered in paper towels in case of drippings! LOL. We left the house about 0700.

We got to Carson City early enough to make a stop by Walmart and pick up a few things.  Then with time still to spare we headed over to Carson Tahoe  Hospital to get Ken signed in for the 2nd thoracentesis in 2 weeks.  We were really hoping that there wouldn't be near as much fluid in the pleural space.  They got another liter and there's still more in there again. UHHH.  After they finished the procedure they took a chest X-ray just to make sure all was good from where they punctured him.  A different area than the last time. 

Well, now what to do when they were done. We could have just headed  home but Ken suggested a drive. Ok I'm in.  We had a beautiful drive to Silver Lake, CA about 60 miles from Carson City.  The weekend of the 6th we're going camping there with KC and family so we wanted to check out where the campground was as we haven't been to this one before.  Easier to check out in the Patriot other than when we have trailer behind us.  Glad we did as now we know which spot is ours. 
This beautiful little church was
on the way to the campground

Caples Lake near Silver Lake

Nevada as well as CA is dealing with
the toxic algae bloom problem. Red Lake
is a prime example..used to be such a pretty
blue and full of fisherman. :( 
After that it was getting late and we were hungry so we headed back to Minden and Carson Valley Inn.  I know you weren't expecting that right?! Yummy lunch, wine and beer! Works for us.  I had a little nap on the way home haha.  

We got home near 1630.  No dinner needed so we ended up over at Karen's for a bit.  Had a nice conversation with her and was able to see baby Amelia for a bit. 

This morning was a pretty much a repeat of yesterday morning other than we left at 0600 because Ken's appointment for his CAT Scan was at 0900.  They wanted him there 20 min early.  Again we had time to kill because we got to Carson about 0720.  Walmart was the only store open so we stopped again.  Ken got a couple of t shirts he needed and I got a new purse.  Bonus, when we checked out my purse that was supposed to be $15.00 it scanned $3.00! I like it when that happens! 
Good morning from Yerington, NV!

Over to Carson Tahoe Surgery Center where they do the CAT Scans.  This time they did 3 different scans with the last scan they injected dye into Ken's system in order to get a better picture.  So now we wait again. 

This time we headed home through the 15 mile Ft. Churchill dirt road. It's a drive we've been wanting to make, but haven't. Today changed that!  Actually a very nice drive and very interesting. 
The beginning of 15 miles of dirt road

Cute don't ya think?!

This "residential area" was close to 3 miles in

Needs a little work, but been there awhile. 

The road :)

About 8 miles in a huge place called NATC
Nevada Automotive Test Center..been there since 1957

They test a lot of military vehicles..pretty interesting read
for a company in the middle of nowhere!

Once we got home I made salad for the both of us for lunch.  Ken took out some pork for dinner and he wants mashed potatoes to go with them. Got them finished, dishes, general household stuff this afternoon and now my blog:) 
We were following a huge Fed Ex
truck out of there!

Inside the little museum at Fort Churchill State Park

The museum was modeled after
the original Post at the fort 

No one's heard anything from Seth since that 1 phone call to his mom but we didn't expect to until he sends the form letter with his address.  That being said, every morning I take a few minutes to write him a letter :) It's just part of my morning routine now.  All I'll have to do is write his address on the front and drop them in the mail.  They're all stamped and ready to go :) 

Happy 37th Anniversary Linda and Bobby (my baby sister)
About time to head out with the hubby and watch him cook some pork! A little front porch sittin too I'm thinking!  Have a great night! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Seth's luncheon and swearing in! We're meeting blog followers on Friday!

Sunday morning we left the house at just a little after 0500.  We were headed to California to have a going away lunch at Garcia's in Carmichael for grandson, Seth.  We like to make sure we have plenty of time just in case of a flat tire or accident etc.  Lunch was scheduled for 1100 and we got to Garcia's in Carmichael with almost 2 hours to spare :) A little more time than we like, but that's better than too late! 

We drove around a bit and parked and people watched until it was almost time to meet up with everyone! 

Our favorite server Chris wasn't working :(  We weren't impressed with the server we had but the food was good!  We had a good crowd, even though it started out as just a few people.  
A nice group for Seth's going away luncheon
Seth on the left, Jacob will be the next
one in January to leave for Navy
boot camp

Cousin love
Natalie, Seth and Mason

Elizabeth, Seth, Michael, Natalie

After lunch Seth's parents and Holly headed over to the recruiters office. The recruiter would be taking Seth and the other recruits over to the Doubletree Hotel for the night.  Eric could pick him up once he was signed in with a 2000 curfew. In the morning Seth would be taken to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and a little later we would watch him get sworn in to the USMC!  Then off to boot camp for 13 weeks!
Seth at the recruiters office with two others
who are shipping the same day

Seth and Holly

Ken dropped me at my sister Linda's house for a few hours while he ran out to KC's house to either drop the trailer, or fill it with firewood if KC wasn't too busy.  I had a great visit with my sisters Linda and Wendy.  Linda's two grandkids, Owen and Cassidy were there along with their parents Dusty and Chelsea.  Brother in law Bobby was home too. A nice visit with all of them.  About 1600 Bobby and Linda went to an early dinner and I was at the house by myself.  Ken came about 1/2 hour later and he and KC filled the trailer.  

We headed for the motel in Auburn, CA and had an uneventful night. We brought leftovers from home so that and a little wine and beer, we were good! The bed and a/c were comfy but I was still awake at 0300 and couldn't get back to sleep. 

I had set the alarm for 0500 but it wasn't needed.  Got the coffee and computing going and then it was time to get ready.  We wanted to be in downtown Sacramento and weren't sure how bad the traffic was going to be. It's been a lot of years since we've had to drive in the commute traffic :) 

We got to MEPS at about 0820 and we were supposed to be there at 0900. Yay plenty of time to spare, except when it came to parking!  There was plenty of parking available, pay parking.  Well, my husband decided he's not giving the City of Sacramento any money. OH BOY..he doesn't like their politics and the homeless population is out of control.  Eric had told us there was plenty of street parking when he was there last. Sure there was about 6 miles away. Just kidding but it was quite a ways away where Ken decided to pull over.  It's 80+ degrees at this point and we get out of the truck and start walking! I've got heels on that I haven't worn in almost 10 years they're too big, but I didn't have time to get new ones once I found this out.  After a bit, my heels are killing me, blisters from the rubbing.  So I stop, take them off and walk barefoot for miles (j/K) trying to get to MEPS.  At a run/walk pace I am now glistening! My hair has stuck to my head, my makeup feels yucky!  Am I mad?!!!! YEP!  Then we get to a street and he looks at my phone for google maps, ok this way.  After a block nope going the wrong way!! We turn around and finally find it.  Of course we come up to our family members and they can tell I'm mad! When we tell the story of course they're laughing.  And yeah I can now. Kinda...Just ruined any pic I had with Seth. I'm not posting. My hair is short now, and it looked horrible.  I figured I only had to walk a few feet, not miles. Uhhhh.  Eric did take pity on us (me) and took us back to the truck which really wasn't that far away at all, except for the circles and turns we took which added to it. I told Eric to take me back to the truck and let Ken walk, but he wouldn't do it :) Anyway gotta have a story right!??! 

We went inside and had to go through a screening.  Just like airport screening.  Seth met us and took us to our seats to wait to be called into the room for the swearing in.  It amazes me how many boys were there to be sworn into the different military branches. It definitely says alot for some of the youth of America. Seth is still 17 and has been in the delayed entry program since November.  He said he's ready to go and get it done! It was nice having a few minutes to visit with him, of course if Christina and I looked at each other there were tears. 

Finally we were called into the room with 8 boys total and their families.  Nice to see so many people turn out for each group that's joining.  Before you know it it's over but watching them take the oath to defend their country just brought tears to everyone's eyes. Very moving and emotional.  After about 5 minutes..off they went to finish what they needed to do in order to get to the airport and on to MCRD (Marine Corps Recruiting Depot) in San Diego for boot camp. We left him there a teen age boy and when we see him in 13 weeks he'll have earned the title Marine! For now he's considered a Recruit.  
Almost ready for swearing in
Seth and a few more of the Recruits

Getting ready to swear in 
Seth and his proud family!
Eric, Seth, Mason and Christina

Seth and Mason
Seth and Holly

Seth and me 

Seth and Papa Bobby

Seth and Holly

We all said our good byes and then we headed over to KC's to pick up the trailer of wood and head towards home.  As we're driving the freeway we made the decision to head for Edelweiss Restaurant in Auburn, a place we used to eat at when we lived in Colfax, CA.  Ken suggested calling Eric to see if they wanted to meet us.  Yes they did.  We found a place to park the truck and trailer and we only beat them by a few minutes. We had a great lunch and conversation. It was a really nice way to end this incredible day with Eric, Chris and Mason. :) 
Eric bought Ken a six pack of
Gold Digger IPA from Auburn
Alehouse.  What better glass to
celebrate Seth than Tun Tavern
where the Marines were founded?!

We said our goodbyes again and then we headed home. I had a little nap on the way which was nice..haha. We got home about 1800. We unloaded what we had to and then grabbed a glass of wine and a beer and outside on the porch swing we went. 

This picture makes me tear up every time I see it.
 True love between brothers.  Seth and Mason
have been very close these last few years.
Mason outgrew the "annoying younger
brother stage" and became a friend :)
I think it's going to be hardest on Mason
with him gone.

I did get Chris's ok to post it here. 

Christina called about 1845 to tell us Seth had called from the USO at the airport in San Diego and they made it safe and sound. It was a quick call, but a welcome call for sure!  

Tuesday morning I had the alarm set for 0500 but at 0415 I was awake and so was Ken.  I said, "You want me to start the coffee now?" He said "no"..so we comprised and I started it about 0445.  He was able to fall back to sleep, I wasn't.  It's supposed to be 102 today so I wanted to get the porch swing painted asap. We had our coffees, computing etc and the day got started. I put the first coat on the swing and then made breakfast for us.  2nd coat went on much quicker.  Ken moved the truck and trailer of wood to where they need to be.  Then he worked on the little patio extension and of course is one brick short..lol.  It looks great and gives us a little more sitting area for when we need it. 
The porch swing before..

Can't tell much difference in the light but it's an off white now
Has a warped board near the back, but it still looks better :) 

Applesauce, raisin muffins for the hubby

I've been corresponding recently with a couple of our blog followers and they are going to be in Minden this weekend, so we've got a date to meet in person on Friday! We're looking forward to meeting you Doug and Michelle! 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

A little work around the house..Shopping in Reno

First off, thanks everyone for your encouragement and support! It is much appreciated! 💗💖

Thursday we were planning a stay home day.  I decided to look for clothes to wear to Seth's swearing in this Monday.  Not that you have to dress up...but I needed to find something better than shorts and a t shirt LOL. 

I planned on a pair of black pants but when I tried them on, I showed Ken and he said "No way are you wearing those, they're too big! We're going shopping tomorrow!" Now that's a good problem!  I had a dress I had saved from my working days, that was too big too! Low carb is working :) Unfortunately hubby is suffering collateral damage.  He can still eat whatever he wants, but a lot of what he eats is what I eat, because he likes it (broccoli crust pizza, spaghetti squash noodles in spaghetti, things like that)...he now needs to gain a few pounds!!   
I hadn't made stuffed bell peppers in ages, but they sounded good
Mine is in the lower right..a little hamburger and veggies.
Ken's are normal haha. 

Out of the oven! They were so yummy! 

Ken laid a few of the pavers on the patio out front.  He cut up forms and poured some concrete for the little retaining wall. He's about a bag of concrete short.  

Later in the day we went over to Karen's for Happy Hour for a bit.  
Love our flag!

Friday morning we got up pretty early to get ourselves going to Reno.  I did an online order for Total Wine, we're in the area so gotta do it!  I found a 20% off coupon so did pretty well coming out with 16 bottles! Should last a bit :) 

We headed to Total Wine first.  The Burners have started, but Total Wine is ready for them! Never seen their isles so covered in alcohol!  Every Labor Day week there is a festival held on the Black Rock Desert called Burning Man.  Interesting to see the people, the rigs and the art work that travels the highway this time of year.  People come from all over the world for this event. 
Grandson Aaron in the maroon! 

He doesn't want to let go of the ball! 

After our stop there we headed over to TJ Maxx in Sparks and spent some time looking for clothes.  I found a black pair of pants and a dress. I'm sure I could have found more, but hoping that i'll lose a few more pounds down the road. Over to Target to pick up some half and half, but that was all gone along with their shelves were really picked over (Burners strike again)!  

Thought I'd try Old Navy nahh..nothing there.  On to Dillards thinking maybe a pair of new heels..well, not there! I'd say people who shop there have a lot more money to burn than I do.  

By then it was getting close to 1400 so we decided to go to the Mexican restaurant we've been to before.  Food was delicious!  Drinks too pricy so we won't be back there.  I know they've raised those prices as we wouldn't have ever gone back for a $7.00 glass of wine. Not when I can get a 1/2 carafe at Carson Valley Inn for $3.50.  

Once we finished there it was time to head home.  It was a good day.  Lucky I have a husband who doesn't mind clothes shopping with me and giving me his honest opinion. :) 
Aaron playing freshman football

Love this action pic of grandson, Aaron! 

Once we got home and it cooled off a bit we sat outside til way later than we should have.  When it's such a nice night you have too, right?! 

While we were in Reno yesterday Carson Valley Cardiology called and made an appointment for September 11th to see Ken.  At least everyone is staying on top of this with him.    

Today (Saturday) we woke up about 0530 and got the coffee going.  After breakfast Ken went outside and got the Tundra hooked up to the big trailer. Our friend KC has more wood he wants Ken to come get. Since we're headed over the hill tomorrow he'll get that done. Then he went to work on the pavers, now he's at the point where they have to be cut.  

I've decided it's time to paint the porch swing that's out in the weather so I ran to True Value to get a little paint.  Found they had concrete too so picked up a bag for him.  
Probably around 1980..Russell the little one and Eric :) 💙
Now they're 41 and 44...

He worked on that while I made lunch. He's tough as it's way too hot out there for me.  I did some things inside to get ready for tomorrow.  We need to leave here about 0500 in order to be sure we'll be in Carmichael by 1100 for Seth's going away lunch.  

Now we're inside enjoying the a/c.  Later we'll head for Karen's to say good bye to her daughter, son in law and granddaughter.  They're only gone for a bit, as they are moving back to Yerington..Karen's happy! 

Have a good evening everyone!