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Saturday, August 17, 2019

A day at the desert races!

Friday about 10 we headed out to the track and the area that these guys always go to to watch the race.   Got everything all set up ez ups, chairs, ice chests etc.  Johnny brought out some misters and a water barrel which was incredibly wonderful! Ok let the race begin!  
Joel's trailer

Johnny, this is his place

Ted and his son, Matt were there, they left before the race

Johnny's rig

Joel's rig..Ken went for a little ride, but even that didn't convince
him we need one :(

Ready to head to the races

The name of the race is Best In the Desert Vegas to Reno.  These different machines do 500 miles in one day on desert roads.  Really cool to watch! They're flying!  A couple of the Super Trucks even have helicopters flying with them to tell them what to look for in front of them. 
Our Dodge loaded and ready to go

Loaded and ready!!

Part of the group cheering on the racers!

1974 Jeep this guy bought at Hot August Nights

Cheer, Cheer, Cheer!

One of the first racers..

Our set up to watch the race..

Misters were wonderful in the 95 degree tent!

Johnny brought out hot dogs for lunch so during a lull he brought out a commercial hot dog cooker with the rollers..OMG those hot dogs were wonderful! They're not that expensive and I'm thinking they'd sure be a nice to have for company! A nice,simple easy lunch but oh so yummy! 
The first helicopter we saw! 

Where we were!

This helicopter goes ahead of the truck and tells them how
the track is in front of them..only two that we saw..

Super Truck

Love this thing!

A Super Truck

The group across the way

It's getting dark out there!

Then it was time for the Super Trucks..those things are really cool! Of course there's time between them, but I'd like if they were closer together but still fun with the company we're out there with!  

It was near dark by the time we headed back to Johnny's property. The party continued until we couldn't party anymore (you know how that feels don't ya George!

This morning (Saturday) we awoke to a nice breeze coming through the trailer. Got ourselves up and going and after pouring his second cup Ken headed outside with the guys.  I went ahead and got my shower done and then went out.  

We ended up saying good bye to Shawn and Adam who were leaving,  heading towards Reno before they head to their homes.  Duke had left earlier in the am.  Keith and his son, Chase showed up to spend the night.  Even though we had only planned on two nights, we drove the Dodge home and are going back to spend the night there in a bit.  We figured, why not?!  We only see them once or twice a year so let's do it.  We'll be back home in the morning sometime.  
Looks like Seth and Holly had a great time in San Francisco

I thought this was a cute pic of them :)

Grandson Aaron playing first year
football in high school!! 


  1. Looks like you had a fun time at the races.
    Glad Seth and Holly enjoyed his few days of freedom away.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a blast Rick! Yep the final countdown is on for Seth..Next Sunday!

  2. Sure sounds like a fun time at the desert races, and Party to your done does catch unto after a few days, yes we know. Will soon quit down here now.

    1. We're home now for a few days! Relax and re coup hahah..but it was a blast and with some of the best people!

  3. The desert race looks like fun. You had a great set up with misters, water and a covering. The dogs would be tasty! :)

    1. It was so much fun! Those coverings and misters are the only way I could stand it out there! Made all the difference for sure! The dogs were so good! Might be worth the splurge for us!