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Thursday, August 1, 2019

A catch up week..

Ken got home on Saturday night after changing the blown tire.  Sunday morning I decided to head for the  Sacramento area and pick up the bassinet my sister had for baby Amelia.  Had a lovely drive down highway 50. I love driving early in the morning with not a lot of traffic on the road, just a nice, easy drive.  I got to my sister's house a little after 0900.  Well darn, no one was home. I went out back to her shed and grabbed the bassinet. Thanks, Linda! 
Our beautiful flag flying in the breeze :) 

Since I was still early and in the area, I headed the few miles to Ken's mom's house and had a nice visit with her.  So glad I got to spend a little time with his mom :) 

I tried to get hold of Wendy (middle sister) and we missed each other but I headed over to son Russell's house for a little visit.  I got to see the whole family which was nice.  Not a long visit, but a visit! :) 

It was nearing 1300 so I headed home.  Stopped in Auburn as I was starving! We never eat fast food anymore but I needed something.  Was able to order a low carb burger. It was small but like a hamburger salad.  Ok, now i can make it home. 
The bassinet, like new

A nice drive up Highway 80, I like 50 better but I was on the 80 side. Happy Hour with the hubby. :)

Monday morning I brought the bassinet in and took off the skirting to wash it up.  Later in the day we ran it over to Karen's.  She had a crowd there visiting baby Amelia so we didn't stay long. 

Tuesday morning we headed out to Carson City.  We headed for Discount Tire to see about some new tires for the Tundra and 2 new tires for the flatbed trailer. Yep..plunked a pretty penny! The Tundra tires had to be ordered from Texas so next week sometime they should be in.  Ken's last Dr. appointment for his shoulder.  Dr. Cummings released him and wished us well.  Great doctor! We also visited Walmart and Tractor Supply while we were in town and a quick stop at Dollar Tree for some red white and blue decorations for Seth's going away party. 

Boxed up to take to Seth's party

Couldn't resist this cute purse on clearance $2.50..now it's time
for VACAY! 

By the time we were done we were hungry!   We stopped in at a place called Betsy's Big Diner inside Slot World Casino.  Cute place and decent food.  We both said we'd go back again. No dinner needed. 
Betsy's Big Kitchen
Carson City, NV

Wednesday was a hang around the house day :)  Started out my morning with the hula hoe.  I can say now that with all that's been done, I should be able to go out every few weeks and get the new growth with the hula hoe, with not much work. Ken got the tires on the trailer and changed the oil in our 2008 Patriot. Got some things done and in the afternoon we went over to Karen's to visit with baby Amelia.  Loved getting to hold and feed her for a bit :) There's something about babies. :) 

We came home after a good visit and then it was Happy Hour time. It had cooled enough we were able to sit out front and enjoy looking at our scenery! Definitely a good night. 

This morning, Thursday woke Ken up about 0530 for coffee.  With the days so hot, it's nice to get going early.  I had prepped some banana bread and my flourless  chocolate chip cookies yesterday so threw them in the oven early this am.  Deciding what to have for dinner, we decided on broccoli crust pizza! Yep that works.  I got that stuff together and after lunch we made the pizza.  We'll only fire up the oven long enough to cook it this evening. 

We put some things on the calendar and have discovered August is going to be super busy! It's over before it even starts!! Haha.  Ken went to his last physical therapy appointment and Carrie sent him home with a regimen to do at home. A great group of people at Mason Valley Physical Therapy! 

Thought this was too cute on FB.  Our
youngest son, Russell took his youngest son
       school clothes shopping..haha.  He said Aaron's worse than a girl.
(He's 14 and entering high school)
Russell was ready to pull his hair out
if he had any! HAHAH.
  He did give
Lori credit for doing this every other year!!
Eric went with Christina and Mason school shopping this year..Wonder if he'll go again next year?! Thinking NOT! A new school year begins! 

Ken's running to town quick and it'll be Happy Hour time when he gets back!  Have a great evening everyone! 

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