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Monday, July 31, 2023

A New Adventure for Bryan and Cheryl! Road trip coming up!


Congratulations! Bryan and Cheryl!πŸ’™πŸ’™

Our oldest son Bryan and his wife Cheryl will begin a new chapter in their lives in the next week or two!  Bryan put in his retirement papers with Sacramento County Sheriff and will be moving to Heber Springs, Arkansas!

They actually purchased their new to them home there at the end of May.

  Arkansas has always held a special place in my heart, as that's where my dad was born and raised back in the Ozarks. When Daddy retired from the Air Force I finished 3rd grade there and the rest of the summer before moving to California. Every year we'd spend a couple of weeks at our grandparents having fun with our visiting cousins. Awesome memories were made there.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for the stock tank! 😊

Champagne Sunday!
Pizza on low carb tortillas, cooked on the griddle outside

Finding cool tools in this box, Thanks Eric and Christina! 

Ken's project this week. Because UPS is dinging their 
drivers for backing up, Ken told our driver to drop things in this space
so he doesn't have to walk all the way down our driveway 
carrying whatever we've ordered.  Now, things can't be seen from
the road 😁 and the garbage can isn't an eyesore anymore!

I got the picture before he finished the last board LOL. 

Sometime next week we'll be headed to Arkansas with them to drop off Bryan's truck and see their new home! It'll be a quick trip, as it's summer and we still have to water the trees. Are we excited for them?! Yes! Gives us a new place to visit :) Yes, it's a long way from Nevada, but we want our kids to live their lives where and how they want. In a few years we know our youngest will be headed for Florida. Honestly, just glad to see they are out of California! woohoo! 

Today we're headed over to California to drop off some things that were left here from Russell's Birthday party. We'll be visiting with Bryan and Cheryl too. A bonus, Adam and Erin are there too. We'll spend the night at Russell's and come home in the am. Later this week we'll head back with the car hauler and get the truck. 

Michael sent some pictures from their visit to the Frey Ranch Distillery in Fallon, NV. Yummy stuff! 

Time to get going as it'll be a busy week. 😊

Thursday, July 27, 2023

A quick trip to Bridgeport, CA. Time with Adam and Erin. Home and a trip to Lowe's

 Decided we needed a short trip somewhere.  So why not Bridgeport, CA?! One of my favorite places in the whole world! Only 1 hour and 30 minutes from our house. 

Adam and Erin πŸ’–

Loaded up the Mansion and Monday morning around 1100 we headed out. Adam had called a few days before asking what we were doing, so he and Erin headed over for 1 night. πŸ’– They got there before we did, so he did a little fishing and Erin read her book. 

We were there just about 1300 and they drove up. Lunch done  and off they went again. They were back in the later afternoon, where we just sat around and caught up. Papa burgers for dinner and then a fire. Once the sun went down it really cooled off! 

Bridgeport Reservoir, never have we seen it so full!

Never do I tire of this view from our campsite!

Twin Lakes, so beautiful! 

Tuesday morning after breakfast on the small Blackstone they took off for a long hike up into the mountains finding Barnaby Lake. They were gone close to four hours. 

We went to see Twin Lakes and enjoyed watching people play in the beautiful lake on whatever toys they had. In all the years we've been going there we've never seen the lake so full! Temps were perfect to enjoy. 

Around 1300 the kids got back and had lunch :) After a bit they had to leave as both of them have to work on Wednesday. That left Ken and I to enjoy the afternoon and evening. 

Adam packing some stuff..

Erin taking dow their tent 

There was actually enough hamburger left so we had those again and then a nice cowboy fire. Again, first time in a long time I've been able to put on a sweatshirt! 

Adam worked the State Fair last week at Camp Smokey for
the NFS. He made us this cute piece of wood. Could be a 
Christmas ornament but we'll hang it on the wall of handmade
items our family has made us πŸ’™

Tuesday and Wednesday morning we actually ran the heater in the Mansion for a bit. Breakfast and then we got ourselves ready to head home. A quick trip, but an enjoyable one! 

We got home around 1300, unloaded everything and then around 1700 headed next door to get caught up with Karen for a bit. 

Talked with Bryan and Cheryl for awhile too. 

This morning (Thursday) we took our 12 foot trailer and headed for Lowe's as Ken has a small project he wants to get done tomorrow and Saturday. Glad we're not building the outdoor kitchen this year! Wood prices are still crazy! 

A trip to Walmart leaving a good donation, but better than Raley's here in town. 

We decided to try the Dayton Tap House for linner. Ok, one and done! Drinks are expensive. Food wasn't too badly priced but the fries were so over salted, it was ridiculous. For the money, we'll go to Betsy's, enjoy the unsalted fries and great prices on food and drinks! 

Unloaded and got groceries put away, now we're enjoying the air conditioning. Happy Hour soon!🍷🍻 Have a great evening! 

Friday, July 21, 2023

Pictures from the shooting range last Saturday :)

 I messaged Russell for some shooting range pictures from last Saturday as I was getting breakfast ready for them. 


Russell, Kenna and Aaron 


Andrea shooting



A few folks from Night in the Country..πŸ’™

Just a quick one today as not a whole lot going on. It's 104 right now and hubby's outside but time to hit our redneck swimming pool! LOL. Happy hour in a few! 🍺🍸

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Seth is now a Marine Corps Veteran! Russell's Party weekend at our house! My time at the beach with sister and family !

 Well it's been awhile and time to catch up on a few things. I'm going to work backwards on this one. 

Monday July 17th was grandson Seth's last day in his Marine Corps uniform. Hard to believe he's been in 4 years now. He and Holly are moving back up to the Sacramento area (Holly has been there since May working) and we shall see what wonderful future holds for those two! Thank you for serving Seth, we are so proud of you! πŸ’—

Seth, on his last day

Back to civilian attire holding his DD-214

Eric (his dad) actually went down to Oceanside on Saturday to help with last minute things that needed to be done. Some of Seth's buddies got together at Belching Beaver Brewery for a good bye gathering. 

The guys signed the flag, I'm excited to see it! 

Seth's truck going out of Camp Pendleton for the last time 

Gotta love those bragging rights!

Looks like an amazing lunch for the two of them!

                                                                      Seth and friends

Thursday the 13th was our youngest son Russell's 45th birthday. He decided a few months ago that he wanted to bring some of his friends for the weekend out to our house. We had quite the crew turn out that afternoon. A few more trickled in on Friday and Melissa on Saturday. We actually had room between our RVs and house to accommodate everyone. Jesse slept on the couch, but he was ok with that :) 

It was hot! I warned Russell who warned them, but they still wanted to come. The stock tank got used a few of those days! Thursday night was enchiladas, coleslaw and rice for dinner along with cake and 2 cheesecakes that Allissa made for him. It was a late night by the time we all headed for bed. 

Russell and Allissa (Jacob's sweetie)

Friday morning Russell wanted egg sandwiches so the griddle really helped on that and again on Sunday before everyone left! Allissa made a delicious huge, delicious fruit salad that was  perfect for these hot days! 

We enjoyed mimosas a few mornings too! 

Gotta love this griddle! Some breakfast cooking 

Friday night was Papa burgers and another late night happened. It was too hot so the ATVs were never taken out, except Aaron and Kenna went out for a bit. 

John, Lori, Allissa, Russell..hiding under the shade of the 
ez up

8 adults in the stock tank..not bad! 
Lori, Melissa, Michael, Ken, Russell, Allissa, Andrea and John 

Just kicking back..Jesse, Melissa, Diane

Saturday morning several headed to the gun range for shooting time. They were gone a long time and I have no idea how they stood the heat. 

Lori, Allissa, Russell

Ken shooting and John 

Once they came back they had biscuits and gravy along with eggs. Then they got ready and headed out to Frey's Distillery in Fallon, close to an hour away. They enjoyed that tour and came back with a few bottles.  

Then into the stock tank for several people. I was glad to see it got used! 

John and his ladies...Andrea (John's wife) John, Melissa 
and Melissa (Mel)

Saturday evening we headed to Karen's as she wanted to cook ribs for everyone! A lot of ribs!  They were so delicious. I took a couple of side dishes and she had corn on the cob too. 

Allissa, Lori and Diane

Aaron and Kenna

Allissa and me

After dinner a little music and dancing. A little alcohol was consumed there too. LOL. A good time was had by all! 

Sunday morning after having breakfast every one left on their own schedule except Aaron and Kenna who stayed until Monday morning. 

Aaron and Kenna leaving Monday morning 

After that we just chilled most of the day in the air conditioning. These 100+ days are no fun. 

We are thankful Russell, Lori and friends wanted to come out to celebrate his birthday.  I think we should celebrate in June or October for better weather! LOL. 

July 7th I headed to CA and Dillons Beach to spend a few days with my sister Linda and her family. Jesse came along too. Linda rents a house every year and I'm always invited to join in.  We met at Crooked Goat Brewing in Petaluma for lunch. Then on to the house. We enjoyed the afternoon and I brought stuff for tacos for dinner. Figured that'd be easy on a travel day for everyone.

Saturday nearing noon we headed for Bodega Bay and lunch (I forget the name) it was delicious. Of course before that we checked out the Tides Restaurant and looked at the water of the bay. We took a little drive to the town of Bodega where the old movie "The Birds" was filmed. Had to stop for a picture there! 

Linda, Cassidy, Chelsea, Dusty and Owen 

Jesse and Owen

Owen got some new basketball cards from his dad and 

Happy 5th birthday Cassidy! Where does the time go?!

Once it was time for dinner, Dusty and Chelsea brought out their pizza oven and homemade pizzas were made! YUMMY! 

Toppings for the pizzas!

Ken and I used to go to the Tides many years ago when we would go canoeing with his old boss and friends. We had a lot less $$ then but we could afford it, not now!! 

Sunday Dusty wanted to journey to Sebastapol, CA. Beautiful drive and then we ended up at Hop Monk Tavern Brewery. A few appetizers were bought along with a beer and a glass of wine (guess who had that?) LOL. Owen had a kids meal that he enjoyed. 

When we got back to the house we got ready to head for the beach. Kids really enjoyed themselves. 

Going on dinner time Bobby and Dusty barbecued delicious tri tip! Another yummy meal! 

Monday morning was time to head home. It's close to 6 hours for me, I think I was home nearing 1500 hrs. Thank you again Linda! πŸ’–

Tuesday was a Dr appt for me and then a trip to Gardnerville for groceries for Russell's birthday. Ken had made a Total Wine run while I was gone so it was all pretty easy. 

A great month July is! So here I am trying to get caught up, the thermometer says 100 degrees at 1248! What better place to be than in the a/c? Maybe the stock tank later LOL. 

Night in the Country is happening this weekend in our little town. Three thousand people normally grows to over 30,000! We will be staying home, unless we brave a drive by the fairgrounds to see all the people hanging out! They've started coming in force today as the first of 3 nights entertainment starts tomorrow! 

Have a great evening! Heading for Karen's later for dinner!