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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Got both security doors up and a visit from Tracy

Our new flag!  Ken also extended the flag pole...

A Few Pics from last week's 
Car Show at Haggin Park

From the car show last weekend...Seth and Mia

Adam, Mia and Mason...

Linda's Roadrunner...
6/27...Got up and headed for Fernley Nv to get our security door and purchase another...got a white one for the front door and black for the back.  After lunch at China Chef in Fernley we headed home and Ken got to work on the back door.  He got it up and it looks awesome!  

We decided that while the kids are here we'll take a short camping trip to Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park..about 135 miles from here.  Had been wanting to go for years so figure why not this week.  Actually considered going to Bridgeport..but with it being the fourth of July week decided we probably wouldn't get a spot.  So we'll probably leave Tuesday and come back Thursday.  Friday is the little event in the park in Yerington so take the kids there.  Summer is certainly flying by!!  

6/28...Ken went right to work on the front security door and it looks really good too..u sure can tell when u do these kind of things how out of square our little house is...but nothing he can't fix!  

Our new front security door!

Our back security door!

About 1300 our good friend Tracy came by as he had been in Las Vegas for his sister's funeral...we took him to lunch at the mexican place in town that we like and then he headed for North Highlands where he lives.  

Back home and Ken is working at finishing up the door!  

This was just too cute from last weekend of Mason and Mia
bottle feeding Fancy Grace...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home again and trying to catch up!

6/26....Finally got the trip posts caught up today..whew...
Had a few days at home to recuperate and then it was off to CA on Saturday morning.  Eric and Christina were going to Reno for the BBQ BLUES and BREWS Festival.  So I picked up Mason and Seth...we ran up to Bryan's and got Mia and Adam and then headed for Haggin Park as Linda was there with their Roadrunner in a car show.   Got to see Diane, Bobby, Linda, Wendy, Tasha and Dusty and Chelsea.   We didn't stay too long as it was really hot and lots of people.  So we visited a bit and then headed for Garcias for a nice mexican lunch.  

Enjoyed the evening at Eric's house and the next morning around 1100 Eric and Chris returned home and I left.  Returned Adam and Mia and then headed for Yerington.  Got home late afternoon after stopping in Gardnerville and had a nice evening with Ken!  

6/25 ...We got up early and headed for Winnemucca to "check the mail", get prescription for Ken and had a nice lunch at our favorite Chinese place...Wonderful House.  Stopped in Fernley, paid for a security door (but we had the Patriot so couldn't bring it home)..and got a few other things.  Nice evening on the front porch, really enjoying having that cover!  

6/26...Thought about going to Fernley to pick up the door but we didn't..Ken worked around here fixing the toilet in the master bathroom...we have grandkids coming next week so figure we're gonna need two working bathrooms!   I took the original curtains we bought for the living room and reworked them for Ken's shop...they are room darkening so should help keep some of the heat out and in winter some of the heat in!!  

Philadelphia PA and our last night in NYC...

6/17...Got ourselves up and moving as we had a ways to go (over 250 miles)...we were planning on heading for Philadelphia...hoped to see the Liberty Bell..well that didn't happen as parking and traffic was unbelieveable in that area.   So we headed for some great Philadelphia Cheesesteaks!  Had seen on Man vs Food the two original steak places so that's where we went..luckily we were able to find parking right in front of Geno's which is just across the street from Pat's...yummy!  So we ordered one from each place and every two people split the two so we all tasted both places...Most like Geno's better but I liked Pat's but either way they were good!!!! 

Geno's Steaks!

Across the street...Pat's ...yummy!

Diane and Lori

Aaron with Russell and Lori in the background!

After lunch we spent some time finding the sign for the Tun Tavern.  Knew basically where it was and yes we found it!  Russell was happy!!  We also found a beautiful war tribute the city had put up..

Russell, Jacob and Aaron at the Eagle, Globe and Anchor

Diane and Jesse


Russell and boys in front of Tun Tavern Sign...where the
Marines began in 1775!

We headed for NYC and our last hotel...it worked, not the best but had a shuttle to the airport.  It was definitely a well used airport hotel..needed some work but the beds were comfy and clean...Russell and I took the van to the airport once we got there and then came back to the hotel.  Good thing we did as traffic sucked and it would have been bad in the am.  

We ordered in from a pizza place and had some awesome stromboli, pizza and salad.  A nice way to end the trip!  

Russell enjoying beer from his growler...Aaron in Background

Jesse enjoying a beer too!

Miss Lori enjoying her beer and bed!




Russell and family in the shuttle NYC...getting ready to come home

In the morning about 0530 we caught the shuttle to JFK and headed home.  Was kinda nice as the plane took off from JFK at 0725, layover in Salt Lake City and we were at Sac International by 1200...Ken picked Adam and me up and everyone said goodbye!  

Such an AWESOME trip!  So glad we got to do this together!! 

Cheryl working in the "pit"

Miss Mia working hard!

We left there, had lunch in Auburn and then we spent the night with Bryan and Cheryl.  Next day homeward bound where I was met with a beautiful patio cover over the front deck!  

My front porch cover!!!

Loved being on vacation...but nice to be home...summer is going so fast!  

Washington DC...Air and Space and then off to Gettysburg, PA!

Saturday 6/14...

Got up, had our breakfast and at Arlington at 0900...0930 or so the shuttle picks us up!  Because it Saturday am the traffic didn't seem as bad today even though the National Mall area is having some kind of festival..We headed over to the Air and Space Museum figuring we had until about 1200 to get out of there and head for Gettysburg!  
Adam waiting for the shuttle on Saturday

Getting ready for the sunny day...putting sunscreen on

Diane, Jesse, Aaron and Jacob

The Air and Space Museum

Aaron, Jacob and Adam

We enjoyed the Air and Space even though you could spend the whole day there...at least they got a taste of it!  So about 1245 or so we were on the road heading for Gettysburg, PA.  

Stopped along the way and got Taco Bell, figuring we'd have a good dinner that night!   A short 90 mile drive or so and we checked into the Super 8 in Gettysburg.  Took a look at the map while the boys swam a bit and then headed downtown to see about a Ghost Tour!  

Before the Ghost Tour we decided to head for a place called the Appalachian Brewery for dinner..with all of us they set us downstairs and our server was actually one of the brewers...Tony was a great guy and we enjoyed our time with him!  He kept bringing beers for tasting and before we left he gave us a 64 ounce growler of their beer!  Awesome place, not only the beer, Tony but the food was great!  Would definitely go back again!! 
Jesse, Tony and Russell!! Great evening!

Gettysburg is a cute little town, very touristy and with alot of history!  So we decided on what was called the "Black Cat Tour"....well, not impressed...wouldn't do it again, but that's ok...We met at 2100 and walked a bit, but no ghosts...oh well..

Gettysburg had a mock camp set up in town!

Waiting for the ghost tour on Saturday..

Looking for ghosts!

Sunday, 6/15...

So after the tour we headed back to our hotel knowing we were going on the battlefield tour the next morning!  This hotel had a continental breakfast that was pretty good, waffles, yogurt, cereal etc.  no eggs which would have been nice..

We left the hotel and headed for the tour company Battlefield Tours...we had reserved our seats on the top level of a double decker bus...luckily the weather was great!  The tour was awesome and told so much of about the battle...it was guided by an approved National Parks guide.  She didn't work for the National Park Service but had to pass their tests in order to state she was approved.  She was a wealth of information!  Don't think she stopped talking for the whole two hours!  Well worth the money and would definitely do this again!   

Diane, Jesse, Adam and Jacob on the double decker bus
listening to the story of the Gettysburg Battle!

Russell and Lori!

Aaron..looks like he forgot his hat...

We happened to catch a reenactment of a battle!

Adam in front of a cannon

Adam on a tower..

There's Russell in the gift store...Jacob right behind him in blue

After the tour we headed for Dobbins House the oldest building in Gettysburg..I had been there a few times, with the volunteers and with Ken in 2006.  Had to wait a bit to get a table but glad we did.  It used to be used as a restaurant but also was part of the underground railroad for slaves way back when. It's darkly lit, but reminded us of Tun Tavern. Food was awesome along with the drinks... 

Took a walk after lunch along the streets of Gettysburg and then headed back to the motel for a bit. 

Where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address...

Russell taking a much needed nap!

After a little rest, we headed out and went back over some of the tour area on our own...there was a tower to be climbed, and other things to be seen...Then back to Gettysburg and dinner at an old Irish Pub in downtown Gettysburg.  Food was good and beer was great!  

After dark we decided to head for the local cemetary (yes cemetary) and conduct our own ghost tour!  That was alot more fun than the commercial one.  Then back to town for some awesome ice cream!  Close to 2300 we decided it was time to call it a night as we were headed to Philadelphia in the morning and our last night before catching the plane home!  
Our ghost night at the cemetary...can u see the orb? 

This pic was taken right after ....all gone!