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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Philadelphia PA and our last night in NYC...

6/17...Got ourselves up and moving as we had a ways to go (over 250 miles)...we were planning on heading for Philadelphia...hoped to see the Liberty Bell..well that didn't happen as parking and traffic was unbelieveable in that area.   So we headed for some great Philadelphia Cheesesteaks!  Had seen on Man vs Food the two original steak places so that's where we went..luckily we were able to find parking right in front of Geno's which is just across the street from Pat's...yummy!  So we ordered one from each place and every two people split the two so we all tasted both places...Most like Geno's better but I liked Pat's but either way they were good!!!! 

Geno's Steaks!

Across the street...Pat's ...yummy!

Diane and Lori

Aaron with Russell and Lori in the background!

After lunch we spent some time finding the sign for the Tun Tavern.  Knew basically where it was and yes we found it!  Russell was happy!!  We also found a beautiful war tribute the city had put up..

Russell, Jacob and Aaron at the Eagle, Globe and Anchor

Diane and Jesse


Russell and boys in front of Tun Tavern Sign...where the
Marines began in 1775!

We headed for NYC and our last hotel...it worked, not the best but had a shuttle to the airport.  It was definitely a well used airport hotel..needed some work but the beds were comfy and clean...Russell and I took the van to the airport once we got there and then came back to the hotel.  Good thing we did as traffic sucked and it would have been bad in the am.  

We ordered in from a pizza place and had some awesome stromboli, pizza and salad.  A nice way to end the trip!  

Russell enjoying beer from his growler...Aaron in Background

Jesse enjoying a beer too!

Miss Lori enjoying her beer and bed!




Russell and family in the shuttle NYC...getting ready to come home

In the morning about 0530 we caught the shuttle to JFK and headed home.  Was kinda nice as the plane took off from JFK at 0725, layover in Salt Lake City and we were at Sac International by 1200...Ken picked Adam and me up and everyone said goodbye!  

Such an AWESOME trip!  So glad we got to do this together!! 

Cheryl working in the "pit"

Miss Mia working hard!

We left there, had lunch in Auburn and then we spent the night with Bryan and Cheryl.  Next day homeward bound where I was met with a beautiful patio cover over the front deck!  

My front porch cover!!!

Loved being on vacation...but nice to be home...summer is going so fast!  

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