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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We've started a new project!

Well again time has gotten away from me!  It's warm here in Northern NV!  So far the garden and flowers are still alive thanks to Ken and his watering!   We really enjoy the evenings here sitting on the front deck...the shade is on the deck and the breeze really helps with the cooling..but in the mornings the sun beats on the deck and the siding of the house so that even in early mornings it feels so warm there...so that's our new project!  

We went to Lowe's in Carson city the other day and bought the materials needed to start our deck cover!  Ken's making it like the back  porch one only it'll be bigger!  In the end we're planning on it being 32 feet long by 12 foot deep...Can't wait! 

I've been working on getting ready to go to NYC and DC..we leave on Saturday am at 0700 from Sacramento International Airport...should be an exciting time for us all! 

The front of the house and the start of the project!

Some of the wood pieces I painted before putting up because it's

The joist hangers ...so u can see where the cover will start

Follow the wood piece and u can see where the deck will end...
Ken's starting with 24 feet and once that's completed he'll get the
last 8 up...

The Ford is in the shop in town...Took it to have it aligned and to see if the ball joints needed replacing..luckily they were able to adjust them..whew..but the water pump had issues so Ken ran up to Napa and dropped it off there...as the shop would mark it up 15% so they said if Ken brought it in they would put it in..of course it's labor..Ken thought there was a problem as he smelled anti freeze..so glad that will be fixed, better now than heading to CA this weekend!  

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