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Thursday, June 12, 2014

National Museum of the Marine Corps......AWESOME!

We are staying at the Governor's House Inn...in 2006 Ken and I stayed here and it was a Quality Inn at the time...not a bad place..not the quality of the first few nights but ok and more affordable.  

Had our breakfast, loaded ourselves into the van and off we went for Quantico, VA about 1/2 hour drive.  Hot, humid yukky...but not to fear as we spent most of the day inside.  This museum was incredible.  Takes you from the beginning of the Marine Corps to present day with more to come!  IT's FREE and so impressive, makes u wonder why the 911 memorial has to cost $24.00 a person to see and the Marine Corps can present this incredible piece of history for FREE to the public!?....

Have to finish this later...time to go....
Well, now I'll finish..much later and we're back home..We had lunch at the replica of the Tun Tavern..the original tavern was in Philadelphia Pennsylvania..the birthplace of the Marine Corps..my camera died so no pics of the tavern..but really cute! Food was good too!  

We left there and headed for the IWO JIMA Memorial...it's so outstanding..I know Russell was very impressed.  I've seen it several times but it still gets to me!  

National Museum of the Marine Corps!

Russell and his boys

Adam standing in the booth getting yelled at by the DI's

The pull up station..

Hammocks in the old days how they used to sleep onboard

Jacob, Adam, Lori and Diane

The Flag at IWO JIMA!

Awesome display of the "Cold War"..the room was freezing!

Adam on the second floor as we were getting ready to have lunch

A brick in his honor...we found his grave in Cypress Hills National
Cemetary...New York..

Another view...shaped like a sundial...

Window in the little chapel on the grounds

IWO JIMA Memorial...so incredibly awesome!

The boys swimming..but that day not so much as thunder happened
and they had to get out..

Here's the clouds that got the boys out of the pool...

Audie Murphy...

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