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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home again and trying to catch up!

6/26....Finally got the trip posts caught up today..whew...
Had a few days at home to recuperate and then it was off to CA on Saturday morning.  Eric and Christina were going to Reno for the BBQ BLUES and BREWS Festival.  So I picked up Mason and Seth...we ran up to Bryan's and got Mia and Adam and then headed for Haggin Park as Linda was there with their Roadrunner in a car show.   Got to see Diane, Bobby, Linda, Wendy, Tasha and Dusty and Chelsea.   We didn't stay too long as it was really hot and lots of people.  So we visited a bit and then headed for Garcias for a nice mexican lunch.  

Enjoyed the evening at Eric's house and the next morning around 1100 Eric and Chris returned home and I left.  Returned Adam and Mia and then headed for Yerington.  Got home late afternoon after stopping in Gardnerville and had a nice evening with Ken!  

6/25 ...We got up early and headed for Winnemucca to "check the mail", get prescription for Ken and had a nice lunch at our favorite Chinese place...Wonderful House.  Stopped in Fernley, paid for a security door (but we had the Patriot so couldn't bring it home)..and got a few other things.  Nice evening on the front porch, really enjoying having that cover!  

6/26...Thought about going to Fernley to pick up the door but we didn't..Ken worked around here fixing the toilet in the master bathroom...we have grandkids coming next week so figure we're gonna need two working bathrooms!   I took the original curtains we bought for the living room and reworked them for Ken's shop...they are room darkening so should help keep some of the heat out and in winter some of the heat in!!  

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