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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Got both security doors up and a visit from Tracy

Our new flag!  Ken also extended the flag pole...

A Few Pics from last week's 
Car Show at Haggin Park

From the car show last weekend...Seth and Mia

Adam, Mia and Mason...

Linda's Roadrunner...
6/27...Got up and headed for Fernley Nv to get our security door and purchase another...got a white one for the front door and black for the back.  After lunch at China Chef in Fernley we headed home and Ken got to work on the back door.  He got it up and it looks awesome!  

We decided that while the kids are here we'll take a short camping trip to Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park..about 135 miles from here.  Had been wanting to go for years so figure why not this week.  Actually considered going to Bridgeport..but with it being the fourth of July week decided we probably wouldn't get a spot.  So we'll probably leave Tuesday and come back Thursday.  Friday is the little event in the park in Yerington so take the kids there.  Summer is certainly flying by!!  

6/28...Ken went right to work on the front security door and it looks really good too..u sure can tell when u do these kind of things how out of square our little house is...but nothing he can't fix!  

Our new front security door!

Our back security door!

About 1300 our good friend Tracy came by as he had been in Las Vegas for his sister's funeral...we took him to lunch at the mexican place in town that we like and then he headed for North Highlands where he lives.  

Back home and Ken is working at finishing up the door!  

This was just too cute from last weekend of Mason and Mia
bottle feeding Fancy Grace...


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