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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Headed to Winnemucca tomorrow...selling the containers..

Left here early Sunday morning, dropped the trailer and loaded the yard art at KC's house.  Went to Jacob's birthday party that afternoon and then headed for the motel (Super8) and had a really nice night.  

Next morning took our time getting ready and headed to KC's and started our drive home.  We stopped in Verdi and had a nice lunch.  

Tuesday we took the Ford to Dynamic Diesel to get some work done on it as it starts hard on cold mornings.  Stopped in Fernley and got subway sandwiches for a late lunch.  Ken had a phone appointment with Social Security so we wanted to be home for that and good service. It all went well and starting the second Wednesday in January he will get a social security check.  So hard for me to believe as I swear he's still 16!! 

Wednesday, the truck was finished this afternoon so we headed to Reno to pick it  up.  Originally we were gonna pick it up tomorrow ( Thursday)...but we called someone today regarding the containers in Winnemucca and we're going to sell to him, as we've had no calls on them.  So we'll get up early (0330) and head that way so we can empty what's left and hopefully sell the containers.  Friday, I HAVE to go shopping for Thanksgiving!!  This week went from not much to Oh my goodness!! There's not enough time in the week!! 

Ken has worked on the brick, and I will post pics later!! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

More done on the brick!!

A sample of the panelling we ordered
from Design a Space out of Florence, AL

An example of how it's used in the magazine...

And what this old 1985 contact paper on top of sheet rock looks like..
I think the picture looks better than what it actually looks like..

Today Ken worked some more on the bricks for the fireplace..pictures really don't do it justice, as it's really looking good..he's quitting early today as we have to get the trailer hooked up to the truck for an early leave time tomorrow morning for CA.  We ill go to KC's and drop the trailer, probably load up the yard art, get some lunch and head to Jacob's 12th birthday party.  Monday am we'll get up and head to KC's and head home.  Love the fact that this is not a drag of a drive..easily done with time to spare.  Winnemucca, you could get there in a day, but a good part of the day is used up..loving Yerington! 

Saw this am our panelling is on it's way and should be here sometime next week!  

Did a little Christmas shopping online (and I mean a very little)..but gotta start somewhere...

Adam called and said he got contacts today.  With him playing so much basketball they thought that would be better than his glasses andhe seems to really like them so far...hope for his sake they work!  

Not much else going on..I made some black bean veggie burgers today, so we'll see how they turn out..

Yesterday's end result...the mud is really wet but I think
it's going to turn out really nice!

Today's work...u can c the brick work from yesterday..
drying slowly...today he got the wall part started and it seemed
to go rather quickly...can't wait to get back home so he can

Friday, November 15, 2013

Moving on with bricking the fireplace area!

Ken putting the plywood and the concrete board down

First set of bricks down before the mortar

Half is motared..

Today, the fifteenth..looks blurry but it really looks good!
Ken has been working really hard this week on the bricking of the fireplace area.  Amazing all the work that goes into this...but I know in the end it'll be beautiful!   Haven't heard yet when the panelling is shipping but I called this am and they said either today or Monday..In my mind I see the end result of the living room and know it'll be beautiful!  

We are going to Ca on Sunday for Jacob's 12th birthday party and to pick up our "yard art" from KC's house.  We'll be back on Monday and then to Reno on Tuesday to drop off the truck to see if they can fix the cold starting problem.  Then it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The woodstove in the house has begun!

Cutting into the area of the wall the wood stove will be
We are going out the side wall instead of the roof

Ken laid out the pattern for the bricks 
The Birthday Boy, Seth 12years old

Mason at Apple Hill

Adam at Apple Hill

The apron Eric and family gave me!

Left the kids house about 1200 on Sunday after they got home from Tahoe. Sounded like a good time was had by all!  Probably too good of a time for Eric...but it'd been years since he's seen his old friends.  Bryan and Cheryl had come by to take Adam out to lunch for his great report card, so I headed towards Placerville and home.  

That morning I made the kids pancakes, sausage and eggs.  Then about 1000 Seth decided he was ready to cut the cake and celebrate his 12th birthday.  His birthday, his cake so why not?! 

Did a little grocery shopping in Gardnerville and got home about 1630 or so.  

Monday, we headed for Fernley and Lowe's and picked up some brick for the woodstove in the livingroom and some other stuff.  

Ken's got the wall opened up in the livingroom and alot of work goes into just getting ready to do what needs to be done, to get the wall ready for the stove and bricks.  I am so impressed!  

We decided to go ahead and order the Rustic Cedar panelling and so my livingroom is progressing.  It's free delivery so hopefully we'll get it sometime next week.  Need to decide what color to paint some of the walls we'll be leaving (not panelling) but this is the fun part!  

Taking the Ford into Reno on Tuesday, because the weather is getting colder and it's hard starting.  

This Sunday we'll head for Sacramento for the night, Jacob is having his birthday party then and we're planning on bringing the yard art home on Monday.  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cool Ca and then grandkids!

Yesterday we took a quick ride to Winnemucca and picked up a few things out of the storage containers.  Hopefully Ken can get started on the inside fireplace..Went across the street and visited with Joe and Wanda...just to check in...Had a wonderful lunch at Las Margaritas in town and a quick 3 hour drive back to Yerington.  

This am we got up at 0400 so I could get out of there by 0600...(left at 0540) and headed for Cool Ca to watch the grandkids, Seth and Mason for the night..got there and decided to take a little drive to Apple Hill so we left, picked up Adam and had a nice few hours (and crowded) in Apple Hill and then had a nice lunch up in Camino at Burger Barn...good, but no Edwelweiss..headed back, stopped by Bryan's and then brought the three to Eric's house..had a nice afternoon and now just winding down from the day...

Eric's family gave me a darling red, white and blue apron! Love it! 

Tomorrow is not only Seth's 12th birthday but the USMC's birthday as well..Semper FI!  And Happy Birthday Seth..don't know where the time goes!! Love u!

One woodstove done, one to go...and the water service is started

Today we awoke to the city out front working on the water service..phase 1 of getting city water and getting rid of the well water.  The well works fine, just the water here is undrinkable...so Ken wants to upgrade to city water.  

We left for Fernley and Lowe's and got the fireplace materials we needed for Ken to hook up woodstove #1 (the garage).   He got it finished this afternoon, we had our first fire and it works wonderfully!  Going to make a huge difference for him this winter!  

Tomorrow we'll take a quick trip to Winnemucca and pick up a few things..one day turnaround..

The city at the end of the driveway working on getting city water

Ken working on hooking up the woodstove in the garage

Checking it out...

First fire!

Looking good!!

The garage fireplace!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ken has had a very busy week so far!!

The fireplace in the garage
 This week Ken has decided to work on the fireplace in the garage..since we took all the stuff out of the house and will buy new for that...he also worked on digging up the water supply from the well..along with checking the front brakes on the Mazda...whew made me tired!  
The hole Ken cut for the fireplace 
 I took yesterday and made a trip to Gardnerville and Carson City to get my hair cut, get a few groceries and was going to buy some material to make some Christmas curtains for the kitchen and living room.  Visited Joann's fabrics and decided I can't afford to sew anymore..haha...they wanted $10.99 a yard for Christmas  fabric...would cost a fortune to make the curtains..so I decided to wait until I can visit another fabric store and hopefully find cheaper material!  I can remember on Presidents Day when we were kids going to JC Penney and buying material for 22 cents a yard...guess that shows my age..but $10.99 really???
My cute little house....just because (love)

Looking up from the floor...ready for piping to go through

Ken on the garage roof putting in the venting

How it finished up this afternoon...
Ken exposed the water service and well stuff

The hole near the well house

Love the hat~!

Ken in the garage working on the hole in the ceiling

Tomorrow we are heading for Fernley to our second home, Lowe's to pick up what we need to finish the woodstove in the garage and pick up some bricks to get started on the woodstove in the house! Yay!  

This weekend our son's friend (and ours too)  Jason is getting married in Lake Tahoe so I will be with the grandkids Seth and Mason while Eric and Chris head for Tahoe.  As it stands tonight I'll be meeting them Saturday in Tahoe and then taking the kids back to Cool, CA for the night.  Sunday is Seth's 12th birthday so they'll come home early and see what happens..

Ken needs to make a trip to Winnemucca to "check the mail" so he might do that Saturday while I head for CA.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick trip to Sand Mountain NV

Friday morning Ken had an eye appointment in Reno so we got up and headed out..got there an it turned out they had tried to call as the dr had an emergency and wasn't available..so we rescheduled for Dec. 6th..Did some running around and had lunch in town.  When we got home Ken suggested we get things ready and head for Sand mountain early Saturday morning...yayyyy...Russell and a few of his friends were there.  He had invited us but because of the dr appointment we told him we wouldn't make it for just one night..well that changed!  

Saturday we got up around 0330 and were out the door at 0515.  Headed to Fallon, NV where I did some grocery shopping and we were pulling into Sand Mt at about 0800.  Turns out that they had just got up and around and Jason had told Russell,  "why don't u text your mom and see where the bloody marys are" Russell said "yeah...and my breakfast sandwiches too"...just a running joke, as I always bring the bloody marys and we have breakfast sandwiches too..then we drove up...think they were happy to see us...Yep! 

Got the biscuits and gravy and eggs going...made up a batch of marys and all was good at sand mountain.  Relaxed and enjoyed...had a few snacks a little later and then a little later in the day a few more of their friends came up and we went over to the mountain and watched people going up and down riding quads, side by side and sand rails! Awesome day!

Back to camp and Serge and Andre bar b qued up some steaks, potatoes and veggies..I had polish sausages to bar b q but there was so much food we didn't.  Sat around the fire and enjoyed everyone's company..Life flight paid a visit to the mountain, as a sand rail was doing a wheelie sideways and ended up hitting a guy and girl on a atv...not good, but people did say he was hurt worse than her, but was awake and talking...

This morning got up and made breakfast sandwiches for everyone and then the boys took one last ride and we all got ready to go home.  

Russell had noticed he had a slow leak in his rear tire of the truck, Ken aired it up and down the road to the gas station..Well, he lost air to the point he had to put the spare on at the gas station.  

Home in about 1 and a half hours and now relaxing to catch up from the weekend...had a blast!!  

Russell and Jared changing tire at the gas station
The accident on the mountain..

Russell heading out for the ride this am


Our set up for the weekend
The mountain from hwy 50

For an off weekend...quite a few people!

Four of my favorite boys!!

Hanging out, fire and a cocktail! Does it get any better???!!!!