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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lunch in Gardnerville and then everybody home!

March 29th...We left Yerington about 1130 and headed for CA.  The kids and I stopped in Gardnerville for a Mexican Lunch (we wanted Subway but it was packed)...guess you can tell when your grandson is getting older, as we left the restaurant after a good lunch the unnamed grandson said, "That waitress was hot!!"..ohhh boy! and she was probably 25 or so..but built !! Guess I won't be going back there again...lol!!

Took Aaron and Jacob home and then headed for Georgetown. Cheryl made a nice dinner of hamburger helper and peas which Ken really enjoyed!  Got up this am and Adam and I went shopping as I wanted to get paint for the kids room and kitchen..did! Can't hardly wait to get there and start painting and get some things done!

Ken talked to Eric and we thought we'd be there tonight, but guess Seth had quite a day with baseball going on so we stayed at Bryan's ..have the camper with us so nice and cozy..not that we're not if we stay inside, but since we brought this with us figure we'd stay out here.  I've got the sniffles pretty bad and hope it's just allergies!  Got too much to do to be sick!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday..so we'll head down the hill and see Ken's mom along with whoever we're lucky enough to see as the days go so quickly.. heard from Wendy and Diane today..and of course keep in touch with Linda on FB..love my family!!!

I was talking to Adam about Easter when we were kids and remembered how my Oma (mom's mom) would send some money every year so we could all get new outfits for Easter Sunday and church...we always were so pretty and fancy those days!  Later years after Ken and I had our boys we would spend part of Easter week at Dillons Beach from Wed to Sun camping, we'd hurry back to North Highlands, take our showers and then head to Mom and Dad's where they always had a late lunch early dinner waiting for us to eat!  Those were amazing times!  We were so blessed to have our family then and the good times!! Miss u mom and dad more than I can say!  But the memories are passed on, as the holidays and other times remind us and are told to our grandchildren!!  xoxxoxo Happy Easter!! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Walker Lake and plumbing problems!

3/27...we got up and got the day going slowly...I made sandwiches and the rest of lunch as we had decided to go to Walker Lake..to check out whether we would want to take the kids fishing and camping there...it was only 30 miles to the campground.  Had a beautiful drive and I think the kids enjoyed the drive and checking out the lake!  

Had our lunch and the kids played for awhile...then we headed back to Yerington.  I went to the store and picked up a few things, came back and got ready for dinner. Ken bar b qued some chicken breasts for the kids and we called it a night.  

OR SO WE THOUGHT...we heard some noise in the ugly bathroom..thought it was water leaking out the back down to the ground...NOT!.... I went into the kids room and was saying good night and noticed water in the closet...so poor Ken had to pull out the backing and shut off the water...half the bedroom was wet with water...it appears the former owners knew there was a problem, but probably thought they had fixed it..because of the shape of the plywood in the closet...again if you looked at what we paid for the place we can't complain, and because of Ken it was fixed for the night!  

Got up on the 28th...and had  a quiet day at home...Ken went to town and got the parts he needed to fix the plumbing...I did some laundry, kids played and all was good!  I made cookies, kids took a walk to the water tower..lunch...more laundry...and then Ken bar b qued some AWESOME burgers for the kids and him...I had veggie, but was really tempted!!! 

Tomorrow we take the kids home and we'll spend the weekend in CA and then back here to get some work done!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bryan, Cheryl, Adam, Jacob and Aaron!

Had a great drive from Yerington to Bryan's house in Georgetown...went to the local Walmart in Placerville and picked up some wine as it its a dollar cheaper a bottle in CA than Nevada...went   to Bryan's and had some wine with Cheryl and a very enjoyable evening.  Got up, Adam and I picked up   the kids at Russells' and headed to Placerville to meet up with Bryan and Cheryl.  

Had a nice drive to Yerington, I really love the fact that it is like a 3 or 3 1/2 hour drive and we're home!  Bryan and Cheryl seemed to really like the place!  Had a nice evening, and drank way too much wine with my drinking buddy, but had a wonderful time!!  Kids were excellent!  Stayed up til midnight (haven't done that since new years)...and called it a night.  Got up this am and I made biscuits and gravy, potatoes, eggs, bacon and sausage...yumm...

Bryan, Cheryl and Betty left about 1130 and I took the kids to the park in town to play some basketball, while I ran across the street to the grocery store and picked up a few things.  Picked the kids up and we had lunch at home.  Ken and I worked on finishing the trim of the house...looks much better but not quite done..soon!  Kids played and got along really well so we had a nice afternoon...dinner and I set up the cots for Jacob and Aaron in the 3rd bedroom.  Adam will stay in the 2nd bedroom tonight.  

Tomorrow, as long as weather holds we'll take a little drive to Walker Lake, picnic and check out camping spots..should be nice.  Pictures tomorrow!! 

Bryan and Cheryl gave us a beautiful canvas picture yesterday..post pics tomorrow...love it!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Winco and the day was gone!

My Laundry room with a little decoration

My first shopping trip at Winco in Reno..have to make it worth my while!

Ken got all the posts down, in the burn area...
Got up this am and knew we were heading for Reno to make a trip to Winco to get groceries.  Like starting over we had to get the basics and then the real food..So I had made sandwiches in the am before we left thinking we'd be home by 1300..NOT...ate at Taco Bell about 1400..after visiting RC Willey..headed home, unloaded and Ken finished his project out front and I decided to dress up our laundry room.   Before we knew it it's like 1830...ahahhhh..where does the days go?!  We are soooo happy here, the days are flying!   I took some pictures, but nothing is loading tonight so i'll have to try again tomorrow.  

I am heading to Bryan's tomorrow, gonna spend the night and then pick up Jacob and Aaron on Monday.  Bryan, Cheryl and Adam are coming back with me on Monday to see the place.  Looking forward to it.  Next weekend Ken will come back with me to drop the kids off and spend Easter weekend somewhere...hoping to see Eric and family next weekend too!!  Loving life!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Appliances!

The florescent blue trim is going...and can't wait for the overhead porch.  Will really
improve the looks of the front!
The burn area...was surrounded by a fence and all kinds of crap in there..
Somebody thought metal burns so nails,...metal flex hoses for appliances..variety of cans and all kinds
of metal!  Well, they don't burn! So now they go to the dump!
A view of the front after trim  painted..

Showing the difference between ugly and I do mean UGLY blue and the new blue grey color!
Today we were at home waiting for our new appliances to come.  Lowes called at 0930 and said we were the first on the list so they'd be here about 1030 and they were.  So I spent the morning trying to get some things done in the kitchen..fun!  

So now we have a new frig, washer and dryer..funny how those things make us happy now!  Ken had to do some fine tuning on the dryer as since this is an old house it took a little finagling to get the dryer hooked up, but now they're in there working away!  Love my hubby that can do those things himself! 

About 1300 we decided to go try out the Mexican Restaurant in town, Rosies 2..I had the veggie quesidilla and it was delicious!  Ken had the chicken burrito, and it was good but not like Las Margaritas in Winnemucca.  

Came back and Ken decided to work on the burn area..that he is cleaning up and getting ready for when we bring the Farmall out here.  I decided to tackle the ugly blue florescent trim on the house..and we both love it!  Can't wait to get back out there and get it finished, it makes such a difference on the look of the house..why they ever painted part of the trim that gosh awful color, just don't understand it.  Tell you the only reason I would ever paint it that color would be to piss off some neighbors I really don't like!  It isn't perfect, but much better till we decide to paint maybe next year.  Other things we want done first.  

Tomorrow morning we'll get up and head to Reno to pick up the new bed..time just goes so fast not enough time in the day!  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A day spent in Reno and Carson City!

Got the call yesterday that the Patriot was done, so new we had to be in Carson City this am and then Direct TV was coming between 1200 and 1600 today.  Got up early and had breakfast near Carson City.  Picked up the Patriot, they replaced the transaxle again and we were on our way.  Ken headed home to meet up with the satellite people and I decided to try and find a bed for the guest room and a FEW other things..

I felt like Dana must have felt buying things for the new house. Yes, we have stuff (Lord knows we do)...but I felt like getting some new stuff!  So spent the day at Sam's, RC Willey, (where I did buy a bed and we will pick it up Sat)..Ross, TJ Maxx Home goods (but I just looked and walked out)..and Walmart (where I did spend a BIT of money)...but I like everything I bought and it will all be good!  So about 1620 I called Ken and told him I was on my way home!  Even if I wanted to buy more, my little Patriot wouldn't hold anymore :)

Ken came home and satellite was installed, and he worked on the burn area, which we want to get rid of...as it's right out front and ugly..so maybe tomorrow we can get started on the trim of the house!  Both of us are so happy we made this move!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yerington, NV...yard art found a home!

Today we got up thinking we were going to stay home all day..My plan was to paint the laundry room as the guys are coming on Friday to bring the frig, washer and dryer..so I did..had to run to Ace in Yerington to get some trim paint..but am sooooo happy with the way the room turned out!  Ken busied himself outside and got the yard art unloaded and a new deadbolt system on the garage.  Ken did call satellite and looks like for the first time in our lives we will have a satellite system.  Good thing we're getting a bigger tv...Our little 19 inch looks like a toy in our bedroom.  But you gotta start somewhere!

It was soooo windy..still is..Ken was going to start painting the ugly blue trim, but it would have blown the paint all over the property!!! ..

Carson City Jeep called and said my Patriot was done, replaced the transaxle again...so we'll pick it up in the am and then I am going shopping to get some things for this house!!  Hopefully a bed for the spare room..and some other stuff.  Bryan and Cheryl are coming Monday for the night...yayayayay...and the kids will be here the rest of the week!  Inside now making plans for the rest of the house!
Out my kitchen window...Ken got the yard art unloaded today!

My Laundry room before....

My laundry room after!  

Different view of yard art and our front area

More antiques...our kids tonka tractors...almost 40 years old!

Our front patio!

Where do the days go???!!

Everyday here just seems to fly by...some of that may have to do with the facto if we go out of Yerington, it's about 50 miles to a town of some size.  Got up on the 19th and called the 2nd hand store, he said he'd check his inventory and get back to us...NOT...we took our time getting ready and then decided if we didn't hear from him by the time we hit Silver Springs, we'd head right into Fernley and buy the new appliances...So hopefully Friday, Lowes will deliver a new washer, dryer and refrigerator...sorry kids, we were trying to save a bit of your inheritance..

It really frosts me that this business says it'll call back and they don't..because even if they didn't have what we wanted at the time, we might have wanted something else down the road, and now they will never get our business!

After we finished there, went across the street to Michelin and got two new tires for the little utility trailer.  They were really quick and reasonable.  

Delicious salad bar at Wigwam in Fernley.  Walmart very quickly and then 50 miles back home.  Had enough time to unload part of the big trailer.  

Tomorrow, I hope to get the laundry room painted and Ken wants to start on the trim of the house.  

Today our grandson Aaron turns 8!!!!  Happy Birthday Aaron!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back in Yerington...

Bryan and Cheryl's new patio! She laid every brick!

Bryan and Betty enjoying the new patio! 
A different view...
Well, we left Winnemucca today about 1100 and headed for Yerington our new home base.  I drove the Mazda with a little trailer, holding our treadmill and Ken brought the Ford with the 20 foot trailer that held our farm implements we bought last year in TN and the one we bought from KC...along with some stuff from the containers on the property.  

Stopped in town and had lunch at the Chinese Restaurant because that was the best place for parking of these "rigs"..  Once we got to Fernley we visited the local Lowes and bought some paint for the laundry room and trim paint for the house, it's so ugly I can't wait to tone it down a bit with a lighter blue trim. So funny from way off we can pick out our house because it is so BLUE...We looked at washers, dryers and refrigerators but didn't buy.  We're going to look at the 2nd hand store in Carson City tomorrow hopefully and then we'll see what we're going to do.  I am not in to fancy appliances so I really don't care..just want cheap!  

Adam, Jacob and Aaron are coming next week for Easter Vacation.  Bryan and Cheryl are coming on Monday to spend the night and check out the new place. 

Bryan and Cheryl have a new patio!  They have had the pavers for the last few years and Cheryl decided to make a patio out of it..I'd like to post a pic but not quite sure how to get it...looks really nice!! 

probably going to have to splurge for cable, as the few channels we have are all old shows.  But we miss our news at night...Enjoying ourselves tonight and looking forward to seeing the gkids this weekend!! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our first full day here...

On our street...Bbyee is Cheryl's maiden name..

Ken's first cup of coffee in our new home...

Look at this...funny, just right down the street from us!!
Well, we sure slept well in our new home..almost 0800 before we woke up. It was a nice restful night on our air mattress.  We did our morning routine and headed to town to get a few groceries.  Visited the Scolari's in town, which is very nice, comparable to Raleys I would say.  They have great looking produce and meat.  Drove around our little town to see what we could see and visited with the other real estate agent and picked up keys that she had for us.  Got home around 1400 and the afternoon just flew by!

Ken's back is really bothering him today with muscle spasms but if you know him that doesn't stop him from doing things.  Great weather here, in the 70's and we can tell we're really going to like it..have all sorts of ideas in both our heads.  

Aaron, our grandson is having his 8th birthday party on Sunday, but sadly looks like we're not going to make it, I put his birthday money in the mail today. Just too much going on :(

The jeep dealer called and said it was the transaxle again, so they'll have it another week or so. Now they have to call for permission to put one in.  But hopefully it'll be ready when it's time to go to CA. 

On our way home today we decided to take a little drive down our road and check things out.  As you all know, this house is on Bybee Ln (which was Cheryl's maiden name, our dau in law)...the street behind us is Shirley Ln..my name, so driving down the road we find Cheryl Ln on the corner of Bybee...so her maiden name was Cheryl Bybee and now we have cross streets with that name..told her if she bought the house she would be living her name! Just too funny!  

Tomorrow we head back to Winnemucca for a few days..then back here! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

39 S Bybee is our new home!!

We got to Fernley on Monday the 11th and stayed at Fernley RV Park.  With the Passport America discount we only paid $33.00 for two nights.  We checked in, went and got the key from Vince (our realtor) and headed out to Yerington.  We were going to take my car, but it was making too much noise, so we took the Ford.  House was just like we left it, so we were done.  

Tuesday, March 12th...Today is two years ago, mom's house closed and here we are signing papers on this house.  This is the day two years ago that I got the email that her house had closed and it sent me to tears...I hadn't cried so hard in so long...later on I'm stoking the fire and I felt someone pat my shoulder, I thought it was Ken but no one was there....well I believe someone was..just not a human form..

Anyway, we were at the title company and signed papers at 1000.  We did see that the people who owned this house, weren't walking away with much..they still owed $50,000 on the  property, I am sure it was from the addition of the bedroom, bathroom and laundry room, new roof 2 years ago and double pane windows throughout...made us both kinda sad for them.  We are definitely reaping the benefits...after paying 1/2 closing costs and they paid the realtor, they didn't walk away with much.  

Got up from the rv park and decided to rent a dolly to tow the car to Carson City Jeep..well, what a joke that was..couple of old guys with nothing to do, then we get to Fernley, load my car and the tire goes flat on the dolly..so Ken has to get the flat fixed at a shop in Fernley, luckily a short walk and $15.00.  $48.00 to rent the trailer.. but I had called a tow company yesterday and Progressive pays the first 15 miles, but we pay the rest..$5.00 a mile so no that wasn't happening.  Got the jeep to Carson City and dropped it off..if it's powertrain again, fully covered..thank goodness.  But again, if this happens every 4000 miles, not good.  

On our way back, Vince called and said we were homeowners again!  So after the whooping and a hollering we made it over to pick up the house key!  We hadn't eaten all day, so decided to have an early dinner at the Wigwam in Fernley.  Delicious!!! So we celebrated a bit and then headed out to Yerington!

We are enjoying a nice night here, have our folding chairs, coffee table and blow up bed...Does it get any better?  It will...We are both so happy this deal came through for us...Tomorrow a little grocery shopping and then Friday we'll head back to Winnemucca.  Ken has some bearings to pick up for the little fifth wheel on Sat. We'll be back next week hopefully to get a washer and dryer and then i'll head to CA. for a few and to pick up some gkids...

Again, a huge thanks to divine intervention for helping this along! Silver Springs was 8 months and still hadn't happened and this one was 14 days..wow! This was meant to be, for sure...even though i'm sure some people will wonder why!  But we are happy and this will make a nice base camp!! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Saturday in Winnemucca...

Ken and me getting our "walk on" at Lake Ouachita State Park, Arkansas!

Lake Ouachita State Park...beautiful!

A farm along the way
Our camping spot at Lake  Ouachita

Ken at Lake Ouachita Stae Park, Arkansas 

Ken locking the door for the last time at Don and Dana's house in TN
When I was in town yesterday I went to the post office and picked up the sim card that Arkansas Parks sent to us..I lost my camera there in October when we were on our way home.  After all this time never expected to get any part of it back.  Last week a ranger called Ken and said a couple had found the camera, but it was smashed but the sim card was good.  They put it in the mail (certified) and I picked it up.  Turns out there were like 600 pictures on it but only 46 were new and not duplicates on my computer, but so glad to have them!! 

I went to the local gas station and did 2 loads of laundry.  Hopefully soon we don't have to do that unless we're on vacation somewhere!  Ken went to town to see if he could get parts for the little 5th wheels wheel bearings...he did come home with some, but it looks like the cabover on its little trailer will be going to Yerington. That's ok.  The other will be there soon.  Laid back afternoon for me, as I ordered "The Hero of the Storm" print I have wanted for a long time, but didn't have a wall to put it on...:)

Some veggie burgers and zuchini fries for dinner...yumm..tomorrow i'll go to the containers and see what I want to take to Yerington on Monday.  Monday, we'll go to Fernley and hopefully transfer money, take a ride to Yerington for a walk through or a look at, the house...Tuesday, sign papers and wait for it to close!  

Friday, March 8, 2013

We sign papers on Tuesday!! Whoohoo!!

Got up yesterday am and decided to talk to an insurance company in town to see about our homeowners insurance. They were very nice and helpful so we'll probably go with them just to get it started anyway.  Talked to the people at the Fernley RV Park and told them we'd be back next week.  It's a really nice park and really nice people. Because it's a Passport America park, only costs us about $16.00 a night for full hookups, wifi, cable and very nice showers. 

We left there and headed towards Winnemucca and had a late lunch at our Chinese Restaurant in town and headed home to Mountain View Drive.

About 0900 today we got a call from Vince, our realtor...he talked to the title company and has us set up to sign the closing papers on Tuesday, am at 1000 hrs!!  Yeah!!!  We're hoping to get the wire info on Monday, so then we'll go to the Wells Fargo in Fernley and transfer it.  We'll drive out to Bybee and take a look at the house, just to make sure nothing has happened in the week that it's set vacant.  So Monday am we'll head out, spend the night at the Rv park, sign on Tuesday and if all goes well, it'll close Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday am!!  

Funny thing, yesterday we found out the wife of the couple who owned the home is named Shirley also.  The fact that Bybee, was Cheryl's maiden name and the street behind us is Shirley Lane...love the interesting set of coincidences!  

Believe we had some help from up above to make this happen!  

Today we went over and told Wanda, our neighbor about the house.  Joe, her hubby had told her this am...so it wasn't a total shock and she took it well. We really love them as they are just the best people!  I went to town and picked up prescriptions and did some grocery shopping.  Came back and dropped some stuff at Wanda's and she told me that when Joe told her we were buying a house and moving, she could have been doused with cold water...she said she didn't want to say that to Ken...she wants us to be happy, but she's gonna miss us!  awwwww....

So this weekend we will get a few things together to take to the house and leave here Monday am....yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

I know we didn't plan on having a house this soon, not what we planned when we bought this property, or when we sold Colfax, but the prices are good now..we will be where we want to be, which is not CA..once we get the house fixed up, a little fencing and then we're going to TN to visit Don and Dana!!! 

As a side note, another couple reasons we don't miss CA...July, 3.5 cent sales tax on every gallon of gasoline going into effect. CA already has the highest gas prices in the nation.  Cheryl called today, she had taken Adam to Kaiser for a strep test.  They told her she could get results this evening on KP.org...so she goes to that site and it proceeds to tell her that because of CA code so and so..she can't get his results...since he's 13 it's a privacy issue...you have got to be kidding me!   This is how 13 year old girls get birth control and abortions without their parents knowing...she could get a court order and they release his info..of course tomorrow morning, they will call her and tell her if he has strep or not...Ridiculous!! He's still a minor and she can't find out if he has strep because of privacy issues!! 13 year olds don't have privacy, they have parents!!!!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The house is empty!

Today we met Vince, our realtor and headed out to the house for septic and well inspections.  Decided it was going to be awhile so we went out to breakfast at the Wigwam again here in Fernley.  Picked up Vince and when we got to the house the well guy was there.  He was very nice, and showed Ken how things work but didn't really do the whole well inspection as they had just had a new pump installed a year ago along with replacing all the piping in the well head. So all was good there.  About 1230 the septic pump company came and tested it and pumped the septic tank.  All good there.  

It was nice spending time in the house, we made sure the water ran, the heaters worked and just spent some time planning what we're going to do.  

The other realtor, Bev came out and answered a few questions we had and all is good to go! 

We returned to town, dropped Vince off and went over to the title company to drop off some living trust papers.  Talked to Kara the woman handling our transaction.  Had to remind her that our closing is set for next week, as she thought we were trying to move it up..not that it was in contract..So now we wait....

Last night we had some rocking and rolling of the camper from the winds, they were something else.  Today wasn't much better it was cold and windy all day!  Back to Winnemucca tomorrow.  

kitchen looking out to front of property

Master bathroom, small but functional

Master bedroom

This is the floor in grandsons bedroom, thought I could live with it..but not
looks like an outside patio...linoleum

Little hall to master bedroom, laundry room

Living room....

Whoopss...this is Ken and neighbor Joe talking in Winnemucca

View of kitchen

Frig area

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fernley tomorrow!

We woke up this am at the RV park in Winnemucca.  Decided on a late breakfast at Parker T's in town, shopping at Walmart and then leave the RV park and head home.  Had a great breakfast at Parker T's (wonderful biscuits and gravy)!  

We headed back out to the property waiting for Vince (our realtor) to give us a call, and this afternoon he did.  He has the septic and well inspection set up for 1000 on Wed.  So you know what that means, tomorrow we will head out for the Fernley RV Park for a few nights so we can be at the inspections too.  

We planned on taking the little 5th wheel, but when we got here Ken checked the wheels and found the one of the wheel bearings are bad on one of the 4 tires...there are two bearings on each wheel and they are shot...so no taking that to Fernley, we'll have to take the cabover camper.  When we get back hopefully Ken can fix what's wrong with the 5th wheel.  

Today is Bryan and Cheryl's 14th wedding anniversary...hard to believe it's been that long!  Hard to believe that in a little over a month Bryan will be 40!! Eric will be 38...wow!  I am way too young to have kids this old...hahaha..

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo!

Kids event after rodeo

Cowboys and the Flag...love this pic!

Our neighbor Matt!!!

The Wild Mugging! This was a great event!
The rodeo..
Bought this because it jumped at me!
We left our property on Friday and decided to spend the night at Desert Rose RV Park in Winnemucca...that way we can stay all day at the rodeo and not have to drive home...nice park and only $19.18 a night , full hook ups, showers. laundry, wifi and cable!  Great park!  We checked in, did some laundry and had a nice night...Sat we headed for the rodeo and had a great time...love the fact there were so many young families...all the kids had cowboy outifts, ropes and hats...omg so cute!   The rodeo itself was so much fun!  

Our neighbor Matt, and family were such  a part of the rodeo that's what really made it special...we had someone to root for!! 

Sunday, March 3rd ....We got up early and decided to attend Cowboy Church at the fairgrounds in the arena..always wanted to go to Cowboy Church at different events we've been at but haven't done it...We spent several years going to Mule Days in Bishop, they always had Cowboy Church and we never made it...Today was incredible!  Listening to Cathy singing, Pastor Bo preaching...wowww..I honestly can't tell u how it touched me..but..he brought it all home in a simple way...I think Ken got the same message too..Woowwww!!

We spent the rest of the day watching the rodeo, I went out to the truck and grabbed our lunch I had made, because we really didn't want to miss the rest of the rodeo..when I went outside was very surprised by the amount of rain pouring down!  We don't really get that much here, but pretty  cool...Got our lunch and enjoyed it inside ....We waited for the awards to see who got what and saw that one cowboy on Matts Ranch won the horse bronco busting which was really cool!!

What a great weekend and we are back at Desert Rose and then tomorrow back to the property...After that it all depends on Yerington and what we need to do...