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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All 5 grandsons are here!

Monday am I headed for Hope Valley to meet up with Bryan and Cheryl and get  Adam for the week...They were going to come for the night but with Betty (their d-o-g) it just wasn't going to work...that's ok though.  Adam and I headed back with a quick stop at Walmart in Gardnerville.  Got home later than planned but still the kids all had a good time until it was time for dinner and then Adam, Seth and Jacob all headed for the 5th wheel to spend the night.  The younger ones disappointed as they think they want to stay out there by themselves...not happening though..They all slept in this am until 1000 or later...

We did wake up to a light dusting of snow...but by this afternoon all gone..:(

It is so cold here, don't think it got over 30 degrees all day and breezy. The kids were in and out for short periods but it didn't take them long to get cold.  Ken made a trip in the Tundra to meet the locksmith guy in Dayton.  $125.00 later and we have new keys and a hide a key for the Tundra.  He will take the Patriot on Friday and see about new keys for that...

I made french bread pizza for the boys for dinner and they loved it!  Tomorrow is New Years Eve so we'll enjoy some snacks and whatnot then!  

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Now it's Christmas past....uhhhh....

Well, last I posted we had come home from Winnemucca!...I know we went to Gardnerville, Nv and Carson City after to pick up last minute things..then on the 24th early we left a cold Yerington, NV and headed for Cool, CA...we got to Bryan's house around 1500 and they got home not much later.  They had a nice lunch with Cheryl's dad and then dropped by to visit Ninny in Fair Oaks...it was raining in Georgetown and when we got there Cheryl's Mom Linda was there waiting for them too.  A little while later they got home and we had a nice visit with the family!  

We headed for Eric and Christina's as we were gonna spend the night.  They got home about 2000 from her mom's house and we visited awhile! 

About 0500 we had a knock on the camper door and got up to watch the kids open gifts! Love that as Mason still believes in Santa! We headed up to Bryan's house to see what treasures they got, as they weren't going to Ninnys...then we headed to Fair Oaks and had a great time!...Love my sisters and seems as though I don't get to see them much!...Left there and headed for Grandmas's house...had a great visit with her along with other family members!  Then Ken and I headed for the camper out front!  

Got up about 0700 the next morning and Ken went to get the keys for Grandmas house..and the back window was broken...his backpack was also stolen!...WTH...we were 6 inches above that window and didn't hear a thing!!

Went by the two banks and got that taken care of...of course there are many other items that won"t be done...but we have to tatke care of keys etc...bummer!...the banking was easy and that was nice..now to call SS and Fidelity and Sacramento County...bummer!...but it will b done...just a sad ending all the way around! 

Picked up Jacob and Aaron and arrived home around 1700...nice leftover dinner and set the alarm so we could meet up with Eric and family to pick up the boys...got there around 1000 and around 1030 I thought we got our directions messed upo maybe...so headed up the hill...a few minutes later there they were...so we got the kids and they went on to a nice weekend and so did I!...

Tired...pics tomorrow! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Over the mountains to Grandma's house we go...and then to Winnemucca!

Christmas presents before some were delivered....
December 18th...Ken's mom Crazy Grandma's birthday..87 years...so we got up early to head to her house..and a nice lunch at Garcia's Restaurant.  We left Yerington about 0545 to head for Antelope and drop off some gifts at Russell's house first...Then we went by our friend Joanie's to drop off a few gifts for her great grandchildren...then by Great grandson, Andrew's house...no one home but we left them outside...then on to visit with Ken's mom before we met Ken's brother, Dave and hopefully Diane...actually we ended up picking up Diane and I drove her to the restaurant...she had a hip replacement a few weeks ago..We had a wonderful lunch at Garcia's ....actually had the same waiter we had just a few days on my birthday, Chris...and he remembered what Ken drank and me too...he is awesome!! 

We did a quick turnaround and got home about 2000 enjoyed a drink and then bedtime..knowing we getting up about 0500 to head for Winnemucca for the night. 
Another view of the room...

Near Reno....

I 80...snow...

Love the trees....looks like Christmas!

We left Yerington this am about 0745 and headed for Winnemucca.  I baked earlier this week for our friends 
where we had property and for the waitresses at our favorite Mexican Restaurant...las Margaritas..So we arrived around 1200 and registered at the New Frontier RV Park...took us awhile as Casey was really friendly and we enjoyed talking to her.  We got our spot, disconnected the trailer and headed for Raleys to restock on some beer and wine.  Then to the restaurant!  Had a delicious lunch and a great visit with the girls there...Jasmine (who is pregnant with her 4th boy!) her mom , Pita and the little lady who usually serves us chips and salsa...this is the best Mexican Restaurant ever!!  Dropped our goodies and enjoyed our  lunch (which will b dinner too)...Then we headed out and had a nice visit with Joe and Wanda, our neighbors across from where our property was...then by Steve's and he joined us at Ron and Deanna's (she's in Maui visiting her dad)....Love the friends we made, so we always have an excuse to visit Winnemucca...too bad it was too far from the grandkids...such a nice town!  

But don't get me wrong, we love Yerington too!! So much closer to those kids and grandkids!  

Tomorrow we will head for home, but probably a stop at Walmart and our favorite Chinese place for lunch!!
Coming into Winnemucca!

Our spot at Frontier RV Park...Winnemucca...

LONG RV sites....

Another view of the corner lot....With our Passport America
Discount....$9.52 for the night!  Full hookups and nobody around
Love it ...we'll b back..

Bathrooms...club house...probably go under as they have a ton of
spots, park models and what look like motel rooms...this was supposed to
be a man camp for the miners,...then mining is not doing well..

The road towards our property...we don't own anymore
but still have friends...

Monday, December 15, 2014

A great day all the way around!

12/13/14....My 59th birthday...hard to believe for me.. It was a great day!  Eric called about 0800 and said they were at the cemetary and because of parking they were expecting to turn away about 500 cars..so we headed over and got in the long line of cars!  We all got in no problem and there were tons of people there to help put the wreaths out..They have a nice service and then turn us all loose to place the wreaths..when we first did this December 2011 there were 6000 veterans buried there...this year over 15,000...and growing daily..amazing!  

Some of the Patriot Guard that are there every year!

Our beautiful Flag!

Seth on the side...

Grandkids visiting Mom and Daddy...

Just really touches my heart every year how many people turn out for this event and all across America the same thing is being done at the National Cemetaries!  

This is one of the wreaths I ordered..we have one on our front door
and they sent me this one too...American flag and Air Force flag..
our new tradition...

Four of our  incredible grandsons...from the left..Mason, Jacob,
Aaron and Seth..

Amazing is it not!

There's my daddy!

More.... over 15,000 wreaths are placed in under an hour
I would say!

My mom...

You think it would get easier to go out to the cemetary...but it
still breaks my heart everytime..the only thing is I believe this is
where he (and my mom) deserve to be..with all the other


And more....

Afterwards we all headed for Garcia's Restaurant and Wendy, Linda, Tasha, Dusty and Baby Owen came too!  That baby is adorable!  It was hard to talk to everyone, but I sure felt blessed to have most of the family there.  Bryan was working, Cheryl, Mia and Adam were at Adam's basketball game.  A great time was had!   

After we left there we headed for Eric's house for a bit and then up to Bryan's for the night!  We stayed in the little fifth wheel and had a good night.  Sunday we headed home and had a beautiful drive over highway 50.  Got home early afternoon and just enjoyed being home.  Trying to figure our schedule for the next week and half or so...can't believe Christmas is almost here!  
Highway 50 on the way home..

Looking at Lake Tahoe

Hope Valley!

Today (15th) I did some more wrapping and just enjoyed the day, after some grocery shopping.  Tomorrow i'll do a little baking and then on Thursday, we'll  head back over the hill to see Ken's mom for her birthday and drop off Russell's Christmas gift..Then it looks like Friday we'll head for Winnemucca for overnight, deliver some baked goods and a couple of presents for the kids of our favorite restaurant there.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The storm of the decade.....NOT...but a beautiful drive down I80!

12/12/14....After 3 nice relaxing days at Boomtown it was time to head down the hill...The weather and media people had called for the "Storm of the Decade"....really???  If that was the case we'd all be in trouble.  Yes there was wind, and a little rain, enough snow over the pass and on the other side to make it beautiful but nothing we haven't seen before...geeeezzzz....

Had a nice breakfast at Boomtown and headed out....the drive was good, no rain or snow at all...so just enjoyed the drive!  We got to Dixon about 1345 and drove by the cemetary...had a quick visit with mom and dad and just looked in wonder at the sludgy mess where we normally park for the Wreaths Across America Service...so we'll see today where they park everyone!

Staying at the Super8 pretty much right around the corner from the cemetary...looks like it'll be foggy but no rain...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time has flown again...we are in Boomtown!

Last week we were home...Ken put up lights for us and they look awesome!  We've got the tree up too and some packages wrapped and ready.  Fed Ex has been by a couple of times and a few gifts have been picked up from the post office.  Time is just flying and I swear my brain can't even think anymore...good thing I write a list every year of what i've bought.  

My little house with its lights!

Yesterday we came into Boomtown as we once again had the $14.99 deal here.  Don't know why we get it as we don't spend a dime gambling...I made some baked chicken and some potato salad and we brought that for dinner in the room.  Not because we're cheap, (well yeah we are)...but they put so much salt in most of the foods we decided we didn't eat out for 3 whole days..

Today Ken had his yearly eye appointment (which is one reason we decided to stay the night last night)...all is good and he goes back in one year.  He's got some cloudiness behind his lens (the one he had the cataract surgery on)..but dr says some of that is because his lens has slipped a bit..but as long as he wears his driving glasses all should be good.  

After that we did a little shopping, but the traffic in Reno sucks!  It reminds us of Roseville, CA that u have to be out of there before 1200 or traffic is really bad.  Had lunch at a Chili's and stopped at Target on the way back to the motel.  Tonight we have left over chicken and potato salad for dinner.  

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow but we know tomorrow night's dinner is the buffet feast that we are getting for free...again, not sure why, but we'll take the offers as long as they last!  

Friday, our plan is to head over the hill to Dixon and stay the night there, attend Wreaths Across America at Dixon National Cemetary on Saturday and then probably spend the night at Bryan's and head home Sunday!  Whew...being retired is tiring...

I know pics are not that clear but gives general idea of what it looks like..actually I have a few more to post..because he did the last post and another bush...i'll work on that for tomorrow..

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Linda...aka (Ninny)

Funny how time moves on...I remember when Bryan was little and he renamed everyone we knew....I was MOMO, Ken was DADO...My mom was MA, My dad was POPO...Linda was NINO...and Wendy for whatever reason was ANNO....well time has evolved and Adam when he was little always called Linda, Ninny ...actually he called her "my Ninny"...she babysat him for several years when he was little...she is still "my ninny" to him...Today was her Birthday...I am thinking she's 56...but she'll always be "the baby"...Bimp was her nickname till probably 6th grade or so and then she made it known she was Linda...except our cousins still call her Bimp...or our mom would call her "Bimpy"....Happy Birthday NIN!  and of course this year she is actually, GRANDMA!!! 

We have hung out at the house the last few days....figure next week will be busy enough!  Ken has a dr appt on Wednesday and Friday we head for Sacramento, for the annual wreath laying at the cemetary in Dixon..So I think i'll just enjoy the slow pace here.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I need to get back to blogging....

December 2nd.....really???  We got home on the 20th and I swear I don't know where the time goes!  Unloaded and cleaned the camper...it's ready to go again :)

Took a ride to Reno and Carson City on the Sunday before Thanksgiving to do the shopping for the big day...we spent the night at Boomtown (the $14.99 deal)....bought a chicken at Winco and i had made potato salad at home so we just stayed in and enjoyed the beautiful room...

Monday morning, Ken took the groceries home in the Mazda and I headed down the hill to pick up Adam, Mia, Seth and Mason for the week.  So a nice drive that day!  

Tuesday and Wednesday worked on making whatever I could so it wouldn't be so much hassle on Thursday.  Eric and Christina came about 1230 on Wednesday.  We had a nice visit, good food and great ping pong!  Mason and Mia have really improved and it was a challenge playing them..Ken made a fire in the garage so it was a nice and toasty place to hang out!  

Thursday...well you know how that goes!  Good food and great beer!  Russell had sent Ken's birthday present with me the other day and Eric brought Ken's present with them so they enjoyed some really really good beer!  

Friday...Eric and Christina left to head home..and the kids stayed here for another day!  

Saturday...We got up and had an awesome breakfast at the Pioneer Casino before heading to CA ...dropped them off and turned around and came home..the weather reports were calling for snow and snow it did! But I took the Tundra and it did awesome!  Slow and careful and home safe and sound.  I love the Sirrus radio in the truck!

Sunday...just stayed home and cleaned a bit and enjoyed the day!  

Monday...Ken's 63rd birthday!!  He didn't want any cake or cookies or a special dinner...still working on turkey...well, I decided to make a shepards pie with the turkey...taking it out of the oven I should have brought the cookie sheet with it..but...I didn't ....ended up all over the kitchen floor...bummer...so turkey leftovers it was!...We did decorate the tree and it's beautiful!  

Tuesday...we took the Tundra to Winnemucca today and bought a 1/2 cord of firewood!  Went by the Chinese place we love and they were closed again...so we went to Chihuhuas a  place we used to go and it was very good...so now we're home...hoping to get to Carson City and Reno tomorrow to pick up some Christmas gifts..but they're calling for snow...so we'll see...