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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Linda...aka (Ninny)

Funny how time moves on...I remember when Bryan was little and he renamed everyone we knew....I was MOMO, Ken was DADO...My mom was MA, My dad was POPO...Linda was NINO...and Wendy for whatever reason was ANNO....well time has evolved and Adam when he was little always called Linda, Ninny ...actually he called her "my Ninny"...she babysat him for several years when he was little...she is still "my ninny" to him...Today was her Birthday...I am thinking she's 56...but she'll always be "the baby"...Bimp was her nickname till probably 6th grade or so and then she made it known she was Linda...except our cousins still call her Bimp...or our mom would call her "Bimpy"....Happy Birthday NIN!  and of course this year she is actually, GRANDMA!!! 

We have hung out at the house the last few days....figure next week will be busy enough!  Ken has a dr appt on Wednesday and Friday we head for Sacramento, for the annual wreath laying at the cemetary in Dixon..So I think i'll just enjoy the slow pace here.....

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