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Monday, December 15, 2014

A great day all the way around!

12/13/14....My 59th birthday...hard to believe for me.. It was a great day!  Eric called about 0800 and said they were at the cemetary and because of parking they were expecting to turn away about 500 cars..so we headed over and got in the long line of cars!  We all got in no problem and there were tons of people there to help put the wreaths out..They have a nice service and then turn us all loose to place the wreaths..when we first did this December 2011 there were 6000 veterans buried there...this year over 15,000...and growing daily..amazing!  

Some of the Patriot Guard that are there every year!

Our beautiful Flag!

Seth on the side...

Grandkids visiting Mom and Daddy...

Just really touches my heart every year how many people turn out for this event and all across America the same thing is being done at the National Cemetaries!  

This is one of the wreaths I ordered..we have one on our front door
and they sent me this one too...American flag and Air Force flag..
our new tradition...

Four of our  incredible grandsons...from the left..Mason, Jacob,
Aaron and Seth..

Amazing is it not!

There's my daddy!

More.... over 15,000 wreaths are placed in under an hour
I would say!

My mom...

You think it would get easier to go out to the cemetary...but it
still breaks my heart everytime..the only thing is I believe this is
where he (and my mom) deserve to be..with all the other


And more....

Afterwards we all headed for Garcia's Restaurant and Wendy, Linda, Tasha, Dusty and Baby Owen came too!  That baby is adorable!  It was hard to talk to everyone, but I sure felt blessed to have most of the family there.  Bryan was working, Cheryl, Mia and Adam were at Adam's basketball game.  A great time was had!   

After we left there we headed for Eric's house for a bit and then up to Bryan's for the night!  We stayed in the little fifth wheel and had a good night.  Sunday we headed home and had a beautiful drive over highway 50.  Got home early afternoon and just enjoyed being home.  Trying to figure our schedule for the next week and half or so...can't believe Christmas is almost here!  
Highway 50 on the way home..

Looking at Lake Tahoe

Hope Valley!

Today (15th) I did some more wrapping and just enjoyed the day, after some grocery shopping.  Tomorrow i'll do a little baking and then on Thursday, we'll  head back over the hill to see Ken's mom for her birthday and drop off Russell's Christmas gift..Then it looks like Friday we'll head for Winnemucca for overnight, deliver some baked goods and a couple of presents for the kids of our favorite restaurant there.  

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