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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The storm of the decade.....NOT...but a beautiful drive down I80!

12/12/14....After 3 nice relaxing days at Boomtown it was time to head down the hill...The weather and media people had called for the "Storm of the Decade"....really???  If that was the case we'd all be in trouble.  Yes there was wind, and a little rain, enough snow over the pass and on the other side to make it beautiful but nothing we haven't seen before...geeeezzzz....

Had a nice breakfast at Boomtown and headed out....the drive was good, no rain or snow at all...so just enjoyed the drive!  We got to Dixon about 1345 and drove by the cemetary...had a quick visit with mom and dad and just looked in wonder at the sludgy mess where we normally park for the Wreaths Across America Service...so we'll see today where they park everyone!

Staying at the Super8 pretty much right around the corner from the cemetary...looks like it'll be foggy but no rain...

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