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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Reno, Basketball, Family and home again...

I've got a few pictures of our drive home from Tonopah on Sunday.  Very rarely do we see any mountain goats but we saw some this time, right across from Walker Lake. 

Hawthorne, NV...I never get tired of this huge flag :)

Walker Lake a group camping..reminds me of years ago..:(

Beautiful Walker Lake

We saw several of these..

Monday morning we awoke at 0500 so we could get out of the house at 0700 not too bad we were out the door at 0715. A nice drive and we got there at about 0830.  We parked at the Atlantis and walked over to the convention center. We saved $10.00 by not parking there.  Because we're considered "seniors" we only had to pay $10.00 a piece to watch the 2 games. Young people paid $15.00 a piece. Pretty darn expensive I'd say when the championships last 3 days.  Maybe with their package they get a break, sure hope so. 

We found Russell, Lori and grandkids Jacob and Aaron inside. Grabbed our seats and the game began at 0900.  Fast paced and before you know it, over! Aaron's team won the championship for their age group! We headed for the championship area where they gave out medals and then pictures.  After it was done Ken and I headed for the parking lot to get some water and kill time. Jacob's game was scheduled for 1200. 

Aaron and the team trophy

Aaron, 2nd from the left on the bottom..

Jacob's team played a good game but ended up in 2nd place. The team they played was from Utah and boy were they good! So we headed again to the championship area for medals and pics!  By the time we were done, it was pushing 1400. 
Jacob with the team trophy..

Jacob with the big smile, 2nd from the left..

We decided to head for Great Basin Brewery and Restaurant as it was near the convention center. We know the food is consistently good and so is the beer! We spent a good time just talking and enjoying.  Love spending  time with any of the kids anytime we can get it!! After lunch we said our goodbyes and we went our separate ways. They home to Antelope, CA and us to our little home here in NV. 
Jacob, Lori, Russell and Aaron :))

The two brothers..Jacob and Aaron ;)

We had a nice quiet evening and then called it a night. No need for much dinner as we ate a good late lunch. (Linner, we call it).  

Tuesday morning I was awake from about 0330 on but started the coffee at 0500. Caught up with the goings on with our blogging friends and then got the day started.  I made some apple muffins for our coffee tomorrow.  

Eventually I got started on my curtains for the kitchen that I've been talking about for 4 years haha..got them done and they look good.  The sun is so bright in the mornings during the summer month that it blinds you, even through my gingham checked curtains. So these will be much better I'm thinking. 

These are double over curtains..so they should keep more sunlight out..

Ken worked outside all day watering and then working on the mud flaps for the Dodge. He also straightened our umbrella clothesline, it's been bugging him since he put it in that it was crooked..now it's perfect haha. 

Have a good night! 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tonopah, NV a lot of partying in the street! Really nice parade! Home again and off to Reno tomorrow!

Friday morning we left home at about 1115 for our drive to Tonopah, NV.  It's only 150 miles from our house so not too far of a drive.  We stopped at the Rest Area in Luning, NV and pulled out our tuna sandwiches and baked bar b q chips. Nothing better!  
Hawthorne, NV our beautiful flag :)

This little blip in the middle of nowhere has their flags flying :)

Saw this dust devil from the highway

The Clown Motel in Tonopah..supposed to be very

The lobby is supposed to be full of clowns 

We headed on down and pulled into the Jim Butler Inn where we had reservations for 2 nights.  Got our selves settled in and then took a little walk around town.  Eventually we went across the street to the Tonopah Liquor Company and had a couple of drinks just because we could. 

Inside of the Tonopah Liquor Company

Time for some dancing in the street!

This is where we saw United Country
the band, last night..

This old building is being redone..
back to the Belvada, hotel..can't wait!
You know there's lots of ghosts in
this one!

At 1800 the bartender races began so got our spot outside to watch.  They're always fun. Didn't seem like there was near as many people as in the last couple of years though.  1900 the music started!  The band United Country is from San Diego and boy are they good!  Eventually we called it a night and came back to the room to get something to eat.  We hadn't eaten since lunch and it was time! We had some bar b q chicken and macaroni salad.  Bedtime! 

This little sweetie was rocking out to the music

Yesterday morning we were up early visiting with our friends online. We had our coffee and then I ran down to the lobby to make some toast.  I brought hard  boiled eggs from home so with toast made a nice little breakfast. They have a continental breakfast here, but usual fare of sweets and cold cereal. 

At a few minutes before 1000 we headed out to the front of the motel and the parade began.  Very patriotic town and the parade is the same.  I wish it would have been appropriate, but when the young lady sang the National Anthem I was watching all the kids and parents across from us.  Those kids are being raised right.  Hand over heart, no talking, no fidgeting. Very heartwarming! Would loved to have taken a picture, but not the right time. (Parade pics at the bottom of this post..)

Once the parade was over we went to the grocery to pick up some ice and then to the Mining Park to watch a bit of the competition.  We picked up a couple of t shirts and I even got a sweatshirt hoody! 
1 guy has to fill the ore cart with dirt (about 2000 lbs)..
When we left time to beat was 3 min 28 seconds..wow..these
guys are something to watch!

A building in the park..they were offering gold panning for kids

At about 1300 we headed for the mexican restaurant here that we love and we weren't disappointed to say the least! 

Chimichunga, Real (not canned) beans and rice..so yummy!
About 1/2 went back to the motel..

Chicken enchiladas, beans and rice..Ken ate it all :)

Took a little drive on a back road and then back to the room.  A little walk around town and then back to the room for a while. At about 1900 we headed back to Tonopah Liquor Company and then at 2000 over to the Mizpah Club. United Country was playing again so we wanted to watch for a bit.  All this fun is just too much for me and I was asleep (passed out)  as soon as we got to the room.  No dinner for me. Ken had some more of the chicken and macaroni salad. 
Some homes on the back roads of Tonopah

Shame, a little love could do wonders

This poor house...once was a beauty I'm sure..

Looks like we found the old dump..

You can camp out there if you want it appears..

Slept in this morning (Sunday) till 0630! We're headed home, but there's no hurry.  We got home just about 1300 so we ran up to Dini's for lunch..ohh so good and I didn't have to make it up. Now we're home, took a short nap and we'll just enjoy the evening. We have to be in Reno about 0900 so we'll be leaving here early in the am.  Each of the grandsons have 1 game to play. One at 0920 and one at 1200. They've won every game they've played so far, so we'll hope that happens tomorrow! :))

Eric and son Mason were fishing..Mason caught this
beauty! Back in it went to grow some more!

Have a wonderful day.  I'll leave u with a picture overload of parade pics..LOL! 

Marine Corps League..very elderly veterans walking the

Nevada NDF..

Fun vehicle for the Nye County Sheriff..

These guys were funny..had a shootout..

He was shot dead...

So was she..they were hilarious!

Very patriotic parade!

1978 Highway Patrol Car..

The fire department ended the parade...Basically, fire and
emergency med techs is all this little city has had for 1000
days! No hospital, no doctor..nearest would be over a
hundred miles..so sad!