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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Washoe Lake State Park, Ophthalmologist appt, Reno car show..

Well I ended the last post saying that our neighbors were tougher than we were regarding the fact that they had a fire going and invited us over. A bit later we got a phone call from John saying "I haven't seen you guys in over 3 weeks, grab and drink and get over here!" I laughed it off, told Ken and he said "Well, let's go"...so we did! 

We had an enjoyable evening and got back home about 2230. Bedtime! 

Thursday morning we took our time getting ready to head over to Washoe Lake State Park figuring we'd have no problem getting a site.  We stopped near Fort Churchill State Park pulled over and had our salad lunch in the trailer. Ken went on to the park and I stopped at Smith's quickly for a few things. 
The views from our campsite

The wind sure helps her stand high and proud! 

Clouds over the mountains

I was surprised to see how many people are here at the park camping!  A lot of those Nevada purple tags which basically says they are 65 and older from Nevada. Thanks to Ken we have one too.  I have to admit I feel sorry for the younger families coming in as in this loop of the campground it's full and summer vacation is just starting.  Hopefully there's sites in the other loop. 

We enjoyed the afternoon and then the showers began which brought us inside. 

Friday morning found us up and out the door about 0815 heading to Reno for Ken's yearly ophthalmology appointment.  He's had some eye issues over the years so he makes his appointment a year in advance. We got there well in advance of his appointment time of 0945.  His eye pressure was up, the assistant checked it and was 18 in one eye and 21 (10 to 21 is low to high normal) in the other.  His doctor used more sophisticated device and ended up with 17 and 24 so we're waiting for an appointment in a few months with his partner who handles these issues.  Hopefully it'll turn out to be nothing, but could indicate glaucoma.  He also could have the beginnings of cataracts in one eye.  Oh the joys of getting older! 

His eyes were dialated so my turn to drive. Glad i've got the Patriot as I hate driving in Reno.  Guess I'm used to my little backroads. Over to Winco and some grocery shopping, Dollar Tree for wrapping paper,Batteries Plus for a light and a new battery for my phone.  Then to our favorite Chinese place for lunch. We headed back to camp and the day was done.  I sat outside with shorts on for a bit but not too long. Later in the day Ken started a fire and we enjoyed that until it started to rain.  Not too much rain, but enough to drive us inside for the evening. 
We brought the "Money Pit"..better fuel mileage! 

Beginning of our fire..

Rain is coming..

We had talked on Friday night and decided that Saturday morning we'd head over to Reno and walk the main drag, as there was a car show going on. This was kind of a prelude to Hot August Nights that happens every year. There were lots of different cars to look at and the temperature was perfect.  
I want that car! Chevy Nova..
62 Rambler..
Whitney Peak Hotel..climbing wall..not me!!

We decided to get a drink in one of the bars just because we could.  Well, we can't very often as the price for a Bloody Mary (which was excellent) and a Tequila Sunrise was $11.00 + tip! What the heck?!  The prices used to be much cheaper years ago! I guess if you play the slots while you sit there it's free, but we don't play.  A little more walking and looking at cars and we did stop at Cal Neva, which was the cheap place to get a drink..$6.50 for a tequila and seltzer and a bloody mary, but I had to ask if there was tequila in mine.  Guess that's why we drink at home! Off we went back to camp.  Ken wanted a tuna sandwich for lunch and I made half a veggie sandwich.  
55 Chevy PU..we had two over the years..

We still had a little running around to do so we stopped at Smith's.  I forgot to get a pack of diapers for a diaper raffle at the baby shower. Stopped by Lowe's to get a long propane hose for our new grill and some metal for the mud flaps for the Dodge.  On to Custom Trucks to see if they had some cheap mud flaps, but no. 
Tells the story of this beauty..took 21 years to get it this way..
Guess you can tell I like the convertibles.

Back home and just enjoyed being outside for a bit.  The wind came up so no fire.  We eventually came inside and watched a little tv, dinner and then bedtime. 

Up and at em at 0500 this fine Sunday morning.  I'll leave here and head for my sister's house in Fair Oaks, CA later this am. The baby shower for our niece is to start at 1200.  After that I'll head for Auburn and the Super 8 for the night. We usually stay in Rocklin, but the difference in price made me choose Auburn. It's a great hotel too. Grandson Adam called yesterday so  I have a breakfast date with him (maybe Bryan and Cheryl too) at Edelweiss before I head home tomorrow. 
Love this plate! 

Ken's heading home from here later today too. Tomorrow he's going to pick up some firewood we purchased and he doesn't do baby showers LOL..
Virginia Street Bridge..

We walked along the river walk

These are for kayakers..

And back to our home..

Have a great day! Better get going as it's about 2 hours to Linda's..


  1. And you say we're busy!! :) Nice catch-up, Shirley. Btw, I posted the recipe on Facebook to you only. Hope you got it.
    Nice pictures. Nice cars. That is a very neat license plate. :)
    I've never seen things for kayakers in any water, maybe I don't get out much! Interesting though.
    You wouldn't get me rock climbing either but so many people love it.

  2. I did get it Patsy thanks. Looks so good. Honestly, we're only that busy because my husband doesn't sit still hahah..But at least we got a few things done while we were there. I think at times in the Truckee river where those posts are there is good rapids, and they tell you which way to hold your paddle..different but people come from all over to go through those.