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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Friends over for a bar b q, Reno and a new washer

 Monday I ran to Scolari's and bought some goodies for the night's dinner. Karen, her mom Izzy and Karen's daughter, Amber were coming over for dinner.  Ken was going to bar b q some famous Papa Burgers.  I bought some tater tots and made my sister in laws waldorf salad (which I ended up sending the rest home with Izzy).  

We cleaned up around here and about 1600 we sat out on the porch swing and pretty soon Karen showed up. We visited and ate some munchies for a bit, she brought an awesome spinach artichoke dip and deviled eggs. YUM.  Her mom and Amber showed up a bit later. Ken got started on the bar b q and it was so nice, but cool outside he got the fire pit and some firewood and we all sat around the fire for awhile. Eventually it was dinner time so we all came inside to a great dinner.  After some great food and conversation Izzy said she wanted to leave before it got too dark (gotta love these lighter evenings). The rest of us went out to the fire for awhile. 
We had a beautiful moon on Monday

And a nice fire to go with it..

Tuesday, we had planned to head for RC Willey in Reno, but Monday night in talking with Karen she was going to take her puppy (hahah) Jill in to the vet. She and Amber had struggled with taking her last week but because she had been fed they couldn't put her under to be spayed.  Jill is a huge, 80 lb puppy.  Ken offered to help her out so we decided to go on Wed.  

Wednesday morning we got up and going and were out of the house just about 0830. We headed towards Reno via Carson City (or so we thought).  We actually ended up taking 6 Mile Canyon Road out of Stagecoach, to the far end of Virginia City and down the mountain. Beautiful drive and definitely shorter. We stopped at Winco for a few things and then headed to RC Willey.  Long story short, we got a new washer. It's a Maytag and we got it on clearance for $339.00 retail $799.00 and  they're on sale for $719.00. Comes with a 1 year warranty and we purchased the 5 year for $129.00.  If you don't use it at the end of 5 years you get 1/2 back. We are not warranty purchasers, but figured this wasn't too bad of a deal. We'll see. 
Six Mile Canyon Road to Virginia City

It was a beautiful day

The V for Virginia City

Heading down Geiger Grade

These people have an incredible view

Their view !!

Coming down the mountain to Reno

Once that was done it was nearing 1230 and so we figured let's splurge. We both got a $44.00 (yippee) raise on our county retirement checks this month so we headed for Great Basin Brewery and Restaurant.  We haven't been since last Memorial Day when we met Russell and family there after basketball.  The food is awesome, so is the beer and wine. It's a little pricey, that's why it's saved for special occasions. 

After lunch we headed home and the day was done.  Too late in the day to start anything. We watched a few shows we had recorded and before you know it bedtime. 
There it is..ready to be unloaded and installed today..

Now it's Thursday morning and I've been wide awake since 0300..uhh hate it when that happens. I'll wake Ken in a bit and we'll get the day started.  Ken's sister, Diane is headed over this morning. She's planning a sightseeing/camping trip to TN at the beginning of September so we're going to look at a map and see if we can't find her a fun way for her to get there.  
Grandson Seth and his girlfriend Jordan..
She surprised him on his last home game by coming
over to watch from Lincoln, CA. Cute couple. 

Time to wake the hubby and get this day going! Have a great one! 


  1. You re keeping busy as always, good food and good friends. I sure like a great deal on your new Maytag and the warranty is pretty well a no brainer.

    1. We'll see in the morning how the washer does..:) Yeah we're enjoying life!

  2. Sounds like you folks are always busy doing something. Enjoy the new washer. Anything that makes life easier is a welcome addition.

    Love the pictures.

    1. They sure don't last like they used too though. Sometimes I look at the calendar and think what the heck..thought we were retired haha. Glad you like the pics!

  3. you two are sure a couple of busy folk! All good things though!
    George summed it up above, good food, good friends. We are only warranty people on rv's and vehicles usually but if there is a 'reward' at the end of the 5 years, it makes it worth a try. The thing is if we don't use a warranty on something you've paid extra for, we throw the $ away. Hard to know the right way to go.

    1. Yeah the warranty issue is a tough one. but hopefully it'll work out in the end. Sometimes too busy though I'm thinking. but that's life haha. Life is good!

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    1. Thank you Greg for commenting! Glad you like the pictures. Glad you followed along! Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

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