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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Diane is here! A surprise dinner with friends..Great drive to Bridgeport, CA..

Happy Cinco De Mayo! 

May 5th 1970..I was a freshman, he was a senior..48 years ago
How can that be?! 

Started this post last night (Friday) but pictures wouldn't load, so had to wait until this am...

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we were waiting for sis in law/friend/sister Diane to arrive!  She got her about 1030 or so and we enjoyed chit chatting for awhile. She went out to her car and found that her scratch repair stuff (looked like sunscreen) had exploded and got all over her bottom drivers seat. Foam like seat covers..oh my! She tried wiping it up and no luck, a big white streak. Googled it and they suggested Dawn dish soap, a drop or two and wipe it in..long story short...it worked!  Ken wiped it in and spread it around and then rinsed, and all gone! Looks like new! That stuff is handy!

WE got started with maps, google maps etc and started planning her trip to TN. About 1300 we stopped for lunch of a salad bar.  Back to work.  Our neighbor, Karen came over to drop off some eggs and while talking it was decided she would bring her chops over that she'd taken out and have dinner with us.  

About 1700 Karen was back, and then Joe and Stacey came over to visit, so we had a nice happy hour. We invited them to stay for dinner as we knew we had plenty of food.  I made some mashed potatoes, green beans, asparagus, mixed beans. It was so delicious. While I was doing that Ken made a fire outside and we all visited a bit before dinner. 

Karen left about 2200 and Joe and Stacey a little earlier as Rylee has school.  Ken, Diane and I stayed outside and enjoyed the fire and the stars for awhile. When we headed for bed we were shocked to see it was 1200!! 

We were up and about at 0500 visiting with our blogging friends.  Got ourselves showered and going.  I made breakfast and then a lunch of tuna sandwiches for the 3 of us.  We left about 1030, went next door so Diane could see Karen's house and how it has come along. After a visit we left and headed for Bridgeport, CA.  Love this place! It's only about an hour and a half from here. We go camping a lot there in the summer with the grandkids. Diane was planning on leaving here Sunday morning and heading that way so we wanted to show her what it was like. She loved it! 
On our way to Bridgeport, CA

Wouldn't you love to find out where that road goes?!

Bridgeport Lake, absolutely beautiful and oh so full! 

Beautiful with the snow covered mountains in the background..

We had lunch at the campsite she hopes to get on Sunday then took a drive to the end of the road at Twin Lakes. Beautiful and oh so full!! 
Ken and Diane enjoying lunch at what hopefully will be
her campsite on Sunday

The creek running right behind the site..

Ok Deb, this is getting bad..we both forgot a glass so Ken
improvised by making me a "special" glass..water bottles
do come in handy..haha.

Beautiful Twin Lakes..

Water rushing from one lake into the creek..

We headed home and got here just before 1700. What a great day!  We visited and then had a dinner of leftovers.  Ken turned in early and Diane and I stayed up until 2200. Time for bed! 
The end of the road there is a private campground. We prefer
the National Forest campgrounds. 

Just another view of Twin Lake

A little place in town

There are a few motels in town, along with a couple of bars
grills and a gas station ($4.89) so fill up before you come. There
is a bait shop/grocery but that's about it. The only grocery store
closed several years ago :(

On the way home..

Today we'll run to Scolari's for a few things. It was decided that we all would go to Karen's for Cinco De Mayo in the evening. I'm going to try my hand at Deb's famous beer margarita's tonight.  I've never had one, but they sure sound delicious! 

It was in the 80's today and just beautiful! Hoping it stays that way for a bit. :) 
Have a wonderful day! Time to get some 7 layer dip going for later! 


  1. I love Bridgeport....beautiful pictures. Elva

    1. Our favorite place to camp back at Twin Lakes and Honeymoon Flat Campground. Made me want to go home and grab the trailer :)

  2. Sounds like some fun times you are having and the beer Margaritas are excellent, enjoy... !

  3. Love your pictures, Shirley. I love the 'fancy' glass ken made you From my view it looks like glass instead of plastic.
    Good luck with the beer margaritas. I have actually improvised with Vodka instead of Tequila and it tastes the same. :) I love them but try not to make them a habit. haha

    1. Well, it certainly worked! The beer margaritas were a hit and very tasty. Yeah they won't be a habit, but I could enjoy them once in awhile. Ken really liked them too and he's not a hard alcohol drinker. Could see where they'd sneak up on yeah, since you don't taste the alcohol! :)