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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Armagosa Valley to Home Sweet Home!

We had a nice relaxing night at the RV park ...woke up about 0630 and worked on getting ready for the drive home.  We knew we had about 300 miles so off we went...

Big Dune on 95...doesn't look big here but it's huge!

Out of Beatty NV...the Shady Lady...brothel...

This "farm" is for sale...

This beautiful house is for sale....

Joshua Trees...love them going into Goldfield NV

Goldfield..NV...not alot there that's still open

Downtown Goldfield...
 Our plan was to get to Tonopah, NV in time to have lunch at the Mexican 
Restaurant we've eaten at before actually several times.  Got there just a little after 1200 and had an awesome lunch!  
Looking at the Mizpah Hotel..we love that place

Where we had lunch today....yummmm

Driving 95...towards home..

Mina NV....that's a boat that's a bar and gift shop...
What else are u gonna do with a boat in the middle of NV?

Saw the snow on the mountain headed towards Hawthorne, NV

The flag was so pretty!

Walker Lake...

The road to home!

 Had a great ride home and pulled into the driveway about 1600 hours. Everything looked great and we are happy to be here.  It was a great trip, but nice to have a little home to come back to!  Figured we did 5273 miles round trip!  
Sunset at home sweet home!

Love the clouds and the color...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kingman, AZ to Amagosa Valley NV...

We left Kingman KOA this morning at 1020 Arizona time..knowing it would take us about 2 hours or so to hit Las Vegas...we wanted to miss the commute traffic and when we hit NV the time would change and we would fall back an hour.   

So cute, before we left we had several people looking at the tractor and then one of the managers and his wife came and took pictures to post on their bulletin board.  I tell ya any time you have a tractor or farm implement on the back everyone wants to talk to ya...

Had a beautiful drive through Arizona...and on into Nevada.  We went Highway 93 to Vegas..the mountains and the views are so awesome!   We came up on Hoover Dam but with the trailer we didn't want to go to the offramp and parking area as we didn't know what parking was like...We were there several years ago and they were just starting the bridge we went over today..we will be back....

Outside of Kingman AZ

Last chance shooting gallery and diner..

This surprised us...going towards Lake Mead and Hoover Dam

So incredibly beautiful...pics don't do justice

Here's how we roll...

Going towards Vegas 

Lake Mead...

The little garden at the visitor center

Not bad going through Vegas

A little more traffic...but look at the mountains!!

We got through Vegas just fine...and headed on up to Indian Springs where we pulled over and had lunch...sad little town really..on our first trip with the volunteers we went through Vegas and couldn't find a place to stay so drove up to Indian Springs and stayed at the hotel/casino there...not anymore..it's like a ghost town except for the Shell gas station..There is an Air Force Base there but don't know how they survive..other than they are their little community..

Indian Springs...where the volunteers and I stayed...no more..

There was a trading post and rv park....all gone

Along Highway 95

Across from the rv park...Adult Entertainment...Brothel and bar...

Drove on through the beautiful state of Nevada...and ended up here at Armagosa Valley Campground..

We're here at the end of our trip..We've seen so much of the country..alot we've seen before and some we've never seen on the backroads of America...Each state has its own beauty..Tennessee is green and rolling...Oklahoma has the whole gambit from green grass on the east to the dry brown on the west...Texas...flat lands that seem to go on and on..Colorado....beautiful along the river with its mountains and flowing river..Utah..well, I don't even have words for Utah..one of my very favorite states with its awesome red rocks!  Arizona..has beautiful flat lands to its mountains and of course Grand Canyon..one of my favorite places...New Mexico...beautiful..better with out being stuck in traffic on I40 for 7 1/2 hours..but it does have beautiful state parks that i'd like to see more of!  Arkansas....well, it has my heart for many reasons..it is beautiful with its parks, rivers and greenery...but the main reason is all having to do with family!  To me that state is my childhood, my parents, sisters, my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents...no unhappy memories there.. in my mind...I am still a child when I think of Arkansas...Now to Nevada...most people are, Nevada?  Are u kidding me...it's flat..dry...yes it's dry most of the year..but flat?  When I'm able to post the pictures tomorrow I don't know how anyone could argue with the beauty of Nevada...it's also got no state income tax, lower registration fees, lower car insurance and many other pluses...the biggest...still close enough to pick up the grandkids and bring them home!   

This has been an incredible trip but we'll be on the road again in January...can't wait to see more of America!!  

****Internet is slow here at the campground...so i'll post pics tomorrow when we get home..be sure to check back***

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holbrook, AZ to Kingman, AZ....

Enjoyed a beautiful night at the Holbrook, AZ KOA...got up this am and took our time and actually left there about 0920.  It was cool, but clear so we hit I40 again.  We were debating between heading to Page, AZ and going home through Great Basin NP in Nevada which we like alot!  But we got to thinking that we need to be home to get ready for Thanksgiving and get some things done!  

Our site at the Holbrook, AZ KOA!

Nice playground for kids....

So we decided I40 to KIngman and then through Vegas and Amargosa Valley...actually that was sad...I called the little campground at Amargosa Valley to ask Dennis (the camp manager) if they had coin operated laundry...I thought they did but wasn't sure..Well, Glenn answered the phone # that we had for Dennis...turns out Dennis passed away about 6 months or so ago..we were there in March on our last trip to Don's.  He and Ken always had good conversations, he was such a sweet man.  Used to work the oil fields and it's probably been 4 or 5 years we've stopped there, he lived there and managed the park...sure won't be the same without him.

The rest area....love the rocks!

Coming out of Flagstaff, AZ...Mom always loved Flagstaff
because of the trees...

Here's to u Russell!!

Near Seligman, AZ

Coming out of Seligman, up the mountain towards Kingman..

Downhill towards Kingman, AZ

Had a nice drive (well as nice as it can be on I40)...we arrived at the KOA in Kingman, AZ just about 1500...which is when we like to quit driving most days...For the first time in quite a few days we were able to take our jackets off and enjoy the sun!  It's cooled off now, but sure is quite a difference in temps.  

Linda and Wendy,  Kingman AZ is the town that if daddy was able to get past Needles, CA he would drive the extra 50 miles or so and we would stay at a motel here in Kingman right off the interstate...used to be a little town just a few motels and fast food (remember the smells of the hamburgers he used to bring back to the motel room?!)....nothing ever smells as good, they were in the little wax paper holders...yummmm!!! 

Well not little anymore, very spread out...to get to the KOA we had to go through a neighborhood...seems like a funny place to put a campground..the girl at the desk said that the KOA was here before the neighborhood and the neighborhood happened after downtown...it's just something else here!  But again, I was telling Ken and then realized it was 50 years or so since we were coming through...well last time I was 14 when we came through as a Phillips Family...so 45...wow!!!!!! And the memories seem like yesterday!  

If u click on pic should enlarge...Kingman so spread out...

Our road before we turned off to find the KOA...

Out the back door at the KOA...

Another view...very nice KOA...a little steep...
$40.00 w our discount...but cheaper than a motel...

Today, November 18th is our grandson, Jacob's 13th birthday! Welcome to teenage hood!! So hard to believe all these grandkids getting so grown up!  He is an awesome kid! Love u Jacob!  Happy Birthday! 

Happy Birthday Jacob...actually he looks so different and this was
in June!