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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Amarillo, TX to Santa Rosa NM...not what we planned..

Amarillo, TX....got up and decided to treat ourselves to breakfast out...We headed for the Youngblood's Stockyard Cafe..it used to be near a stockyard but not anymore...We actually ate lunch there when we were here in April..lunch was good but nothing too exciting..but breakfast was another story!  Oh my!!  Ken had the chicken fried steak and eggs with hashbrowns and toast...I went for the green chile and cheese omelet, with hashbrowns and of course the biscuit and gravy....it came out and was really white (the gravy)...but it was so tasty!  Definitely gives Clarksville, a run!! yummmm!!!!...The omelet was huge, and they must have used a couple of cans of green chlles!! Ken's chicken fried stead was obviously hand battered and about a good 1/2 inch thick!!  Yes, we will definitely be back for breakfast again!!  
Amarillo....Stockyard Cafe!

Left there and headed to United Market...the server at the Texan told us about their craft beer selection so we decided to pick up a few beers for the boys..

Left Amarillo around 1020 and were headed for Albuquerque NM...well the winds sucked!  Just wasn't a good driving day so at Santa Rosa NM we knew there was a state park about 7 miles off the interstate..so here we are Santa Rosa State Park...$14.00 for the night (with water and electric hookups and hot showers...only about 3 other campers and the host..

Had a really nice night, Ken bar b qued chicken breasts that were awesome!   We set the alarm early so we could hopefully make Holbrook, AZ today and make up some time from yesterday...as u all know if u read my blog consistently this is not the way we like to travel!  Because Thanksgiving is next week I was hoping to be home by this Friday..but now we'll see.  

Oh and set the alarm this morning early....and what do we wake up to????  SNOW!!  
Not alot, but enough to where we're gonna wait it out and then hopefully take off...
Our spot when we got there...

I know lots of chicken...Ken will have a few days of this!

And when we woke up!

I will update a few pics later as internet is slow....We did leave...that for another story!

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