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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Armagosa Valley to Home Sweet Home!

We had a nice relaxing night at the RV park ...woke up about 0630 and worked on getting ready for the drive home.  We knew we had about 300 miles so off we went...

Big Dune on 95...doesn't look big here but it's huge!

Out of Beatty NV...the Shady Lady...brothel...

This "farm" is for sale...

This beautiful house is for sale....

Joshua Trees...love them going into Goldfield NV

Goldfield..NV...not alot there that's still open

Downtown Goldfield...
 Our plan was to get to Tonopah, NV in time to have lunch at the Mexican 
Restaurant we've eaten at before actually several times.  Got there just a little after 1200 and had an awesome lunch!  
Looking at the Mizpah Hotel..we love that place

Where we had lunch today....yummmm

Driving 95...towards home..

Mina NV....that's a boat that's a bar and gift shop...
What else are u gonna do with a boat in the middle of NV?

Saw the snow on the mountain headed towards Hawthorne, NV

The flag was so pretty!

Walker Lake...

The road to home!

 Had a great ride home and pulled into the driveway about 1600 hours. Everything looked great and we are happy to be here.  It was a great trip, but nice to have a little home to come back to!  Figured we did 5273 miles round trip!  
Sunset at home sweet home!

Love the clouds and the color...

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