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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Winnemucca and back home again...

Yesterday morning we left the house about 0715 and got to the doctors office just about 1030. Got our test results and all checked out.  Ken of course got a big smiley face (of course everything is paperless now) but she said he did.  Seems no matter what I do, there's still things to be worked on...thanks genetics!  Triglycerides, high...maybe not as high as 6 years ago, but still high..uhhh..I know that was mom and daddy's issues.  Mom had diabetes, now my numbers are climbing..and it's not like I get to eat the good stuff (can't tell you last time I had a donut or cookies, well maybe half a pop tart now and then, no ice cream, which is really hard for us Phillips girls, rocky road..yumm) oh oh making myself hungry!  Anyway, guess i'll (we'll because Ken won't let me do it alone :) be working hard for the next 6 months and see if we can get some of the numbers down! 

So, after getting that done, decided to go by Las Margeritas and see our favorite waitresses..I don't feel bad about that lunch..as they make my veggie fajitas, whole beans (no cholesterol) and corn shells.  Enough left over for dinner for the two of us.  

Home about 1630. Hot, hot hot! 102 yesterday.  

This morning up and about early, started the a/c early too.  I'd say last night was the warmest night so far.  

Christina text saying they plan on being here probably Sunday.  The boys haven't felt good the last few days, bummer when you're on vacation.  

Here's a few pics i've stolen from FB...They visited Pikes Peak in Colorado earlier today..

There's a pretty good fire happening over Bryan and Cheryl's way..hope it gets contained soon.  

Thought this was funny of Seth..I suspected he was
trying to keep his hair in style, but Eric said he found
that on the dresser and put it on..

Monday, June 27, 2016


Got to Carson City at about 1030 for Rockabilly!  Didn't know what to expect but what a great time!  It wasn't too hot to start with, which was definitely nice!  Lot's of families, cars, cops, music, tattoos.. We walked up and the Motorcycle Officer Competition was going on.  They have an obstacle course they ride in competition with other agencies.  Of course there was NHP, Douglas County Sheriff, others and then Gilroy and West Sacramento too.  It was pretty cool to watch, some of them looked like they were going to dump the bike but didn't!  Don't know who won the competition but it was all pretty good.  

Obstacle course...

Competition between law enforcement agencies

We walked over and looked at a bunch of cars, everything from Rat Rods to just nice old cars. Then they had some drag races going on..so we walked back and forth from the competition to the races and all around.  

Clean Bronco!

My favorite truck!
The doors...

And the toad...

Bed of the truck..Saw Blades and horseshoes...

Add caption

Cool steering wheel

Cool tractor seats

Old bike

Looks like out of the movie "Jeepers Creepers"

Burn Out Competition

They also had a bunch of tattoo artists in the building showing off their work and giving tattoos.  Walked through there, but no tattoos for us.  So then we left and headed over to Minden. 

Carson Valley Inn for a late lunch.  Yum!  On the way out we saw this long haired guy with a long beard walking to the hotel.  He came out of the bus that was parked in the lot.  Oak Ridge Boys!  They had a concert that night and he was one of them!  Didn't get a picture of him, but did get the bus!  My favorite song they do..."Thank God for kids"....Home and the day was done.  
The Oak Ridge Boys Bus

These guys getting ready for pictures in front of the bus!

Yesterday we hung out at home, had the air conditioner running from the morning.  Around 100 degrees.  Ken enclosed the wall behind the tub in the kids room and I cleaned house.  

Today we were around, and Ken weedeated around the house and yard.  Looks so much better.  I washed the decking out front.  It sure needed it, looks so much better.  It's that tech deck stuff which we wouldn't use, but it was here when we bought the house.  So with the cover Ken built it works.  

Lizards all over...I hate those things! Now it seems we have two different kinds, yuk!  Made me jump and scream a few times.  But got it done.  

Talked to Adam today, he said Boys State was ok, but not one of the best. But glad he did it! 

Eric and Chris and family left Amarillo yesterday and are in Colorado Springs today.  They were headed to the Royal Gorge today. No pictures yet!  We went to the Royal Gorge back in 97 or 98 and Eric went with us. Doesn't seem that long ago, and now he's there with his own family.  
Nice family pic!

Outside "The Big Texan"

Tomorrow morning we head for Winnemucca for our twice yearly dr appointment.  We're just doing a one day turnaround, so we'll be home late afternoon.  

Don, thought you might like these  pics...they come through Facebook..precious!

Indy listening to her mama sing "Jesus Loves Me"

This was titled ....Happy together..she is just a doll!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Home...and off we go today..

We were all loaded up and ready to go...I went out the trailer door to put my stuff in the truck and noticed we had a flat tire on the trailer..uhoh..so Ken changed it out no problem.  Couldn't really see anything in the tire..but he checked it out when we got home. 

So after that, an uneventful ride to Fallon where we decided to stop at Walmart for a few things.  Well, never again! Got my groceries and 27 min later I was headed out.  Couldn't believe they only had like 3 check stands open!  But i had too much to put back.  Out of town a bit we pulled over and had salads for lunch in the trailer.  Home about 1430.  

We proceeded to empty the trailer and not even an hour later...done! That's the way I like it.  All ready to go again!  

So...our plan was to stay home, and get some work done on the bathroom and get ready for Eric and family to come sometime next weekend or so on their way home from Texas.  Well, we're watching the news and they're talking about Rockabilly happening this weekend in Carson City..guess where we're headed this morning?!  So the bathroom will wait another day or so...hmmm..thinking someone's not in the mood to finish the bathroom..oh well, it'll happen. 

Adam comes home this morning and he's a happy camper.  This conference just didn't do it for him.  Actually, looking at the pictures, it doesn't appear it didn't do for a lot of the boys.  He really enjoyed NSLC last year, but this one not so much.  Guess the food was terrible, that was a major complaint.  You've got 1000 teenage boys, you better have lots of protein and apparently they didn't.  So Bryan and Cheryl better be prepared to be eaten out of house and home for a few days!  
Adam in the center of the pic..

Cheryl took Betty to the vet yesterday and it doesn't look good for the poor girl. They ran blood tests which came back ok, then Cheryl had to get a urine sample which she ran to the vet and that came back ok.  So they were hoping for an infection, but that doesn't look to be.  The Dr. felt a mass and the C word was mentioned.  So they could spend thousands (which they did a few years ago)..so just hoping she has some good time left.  She doesn't seem to be in pain, and she seems happy..

Eric and Chris seem to be having a good time in TX.  Cadillac Ranch yesterday. 

The little guy in the middle has the cutest smile..

Seth and his little shadow..

Seth and Mason...

Thought this was adorable..Seth 

They are visiting Christina's family in TX..
So I don't know who all the kids are..but
looks like a good group..

Thursday, June 23, 2016

La Moille Canyon and now we're in Winnemucca headed home tomorrow..

Left Winnemucca and arrived at LaMoille Canyon in the afternoon.  Found a nice campsite (#4) and enjoyed the afternoon.  Nice temps under the awning. People watched, had a fire in the evening.  

Yesterday morning, we got up and headed 4 miles down the road to the box canyon.  Last year there was a hike to Island Lake that we didn't get to take so thought why not?  Well, guess why not is because it was an uphill hike on a skinny (but beautiful) trail.  We walked quite a way and then my scaredy senses kicked in and I started shaking and couldn't move anymore..hate when that happens..so we turned around and went back to the parking lot.  A little later we looked from the road and could see where we were when we turned around.  Turns out I had already done what would be considered the scariest part of the hike. Yes it went up a little higher but then it turns the corner and into trees. So, that being said, I'm hoping to attempt it one more time when we go back later this summer.  

We took a walk that we took last year just to see how the creek was for crossing..well this year it's a raging river, from the snow melt.  There was a lot more snow this year, more than we've ever seen.  Still a nice hike. 

Coming into LaMoille Canyon...

From our campsite, the view

another view...

More snow than we've seen..

Waterfalls were beautiful..

The trail looking back to the parking lot

The trail...

View looking at the road down below from the trail..

Along the LaMoille Lake trail...

The crossing..last year it was just a small creek..

Near the crossing..water is fierce

View from the parking lot..

We could see where the trail was and it turns into the trees near the
top of the pic on the left of the waterfall..
Add caption

The drive back to camp..

Back to the trailer in time for lunch.  I made Spinach Salad for the two of us. Delicious!  We took a little drive and then back to camp.  Ken took a little hike that goes out of the campground, I stayed and enjoyed my kindle for a bit.  RV walk, fire, and he bar b qued  chicken to have tonight for dinner in Winnemucca.  It's an RV park, so really no fun to bar b que there.  He had left over pork for dinner.  
Ken's salad..

The creek in the campground..

Our sunset last night..

Camp fire..

More fire and then off to bed.  It's really warm during the day, but night time cools way down.  Good for sleeping!  

This morning we went for a little hike to see a waterfall and just enjoy the beauty of the area.  Locked it up and headed out.  Decided to go ahead and stay in Winnemucca again on the way home.  We could have gone home, but figured why not stay? $19.00 for the night.  Tomorrow we'll head home, and hoping I can get him back to work on finishing the bathroom...so we'll see :)
The view from my dining room table this am..

On the little trail this am..looking across

Water fall area..

Of course if there's a cliff to look over...

Saw today Eric and family have had a good trip and arrived in Amarillo today.  Their intended destination.  So I stole a few pics from FB...
Mason and Seth at the Rattlesnake Museum

Santa Fe New Mexico...

Mason and Seth with a friend...

Mason's new friend...hmmm..

Love the dinosaur!

Found a pic of Adam at Boys State.  Apparently he's not crazy about the food, or lack of good for you things to eat.  He'll be glad to get back home to his Mom's cooking!  Guess it's been pretty hot down there..Bryan and Cheryl will pick him up at 0900 on Saturday.  Sure he's going to want to hang out with friends for a few days.  He leaves the 9th of July for his second conference/camp.  

Adam sitting on the right side with the big smile on his face...NOT..
but it looks hot..