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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Winnemucca and on to Elko Today...

Left home around 1100 yesterday.  Had a nice, uneventful drive to Winnemucca and checked into the RV Park about 1530.  Can't beat summer rates with a Passport America Discount and we paid $19.04 for the full hook up sites.  

Had a nice night, not much to do except watch tv.  RV walk and talked with some nice neighbors.  

This morning up early and to the Dr office for our labs and back at camp at 0900.  I made breakfast and now we're in the process of hooking up and heading towards Elko.  We're planning on two nights there and then 1 back here. So we should be home on Friday now instead of Thursday.  

Looked through several hundred pics and found this one of Adam
at Boys State..He's under the S and Sacramento State 4th row in the
blue shirt and yellow lanyard.  
These pics popped up from 4 years ago..it was the Oregon Coast.

Seth, ERic and Mason..same trip 4 years ago..

Eric and Family were at the Grand Canyon and decided the best way to see it was in an airplane!
So yesterday morning they had reservations for Grand Canyon Airport and below are some of the pics I stole from FB.  They really enjoyed it!  Not me, but good for them! 



Think they spent a few more hours there, and off to Flagstaff, AZ for the night.  Chris said they were exhausted...I can imagine!  I remember those days when you had to go, go, go, because you only had so much time off from work.  But memories are being made!  

Bryan's (d-o-g)..Betty was really sick yesterday.  This morning Cheryl says she seems to be feeling better.  She has had some serious stomach issues the last few years..so here's hoping she will be ok..
Here she is ...Betty

Summer's here..it's really hot!  Hopefully we get a spot at LaMoille Canyon..should be cooler (a little anyway)..

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