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Friday, December 30, 2016

Well, how quickly plans change...

Wednesday morning Ken and I headed for Gardnerville and Walmart.  I shopped and he took the groceries home in preparation for the kids next week.  I left there and decided to head down Highway 50 because that's my favorite way to get to CA. I hate 80 and dealing with all the big rigs and people.  So it was beautiful...people from one end to the other who think it's ok to just pull over and play in the snow!  Even though there are signs posted all along the highway that state "NO PARKING", guess they figure it doesn't pertain to them if there's snow to be played in. uhhhh...took hours to get to Placerville, which is another place in itself.  There are still traffic signals on the highway there so with the amount of people it's backed up for a long ways...so bottom line I got to Russell's house around 1600 or so, which was no big deal other than the traffic and people!  Guess I've been spoiled in my little piece of heaven in Nevada. 

Russell came home early from work not feeling well, cold etc.  Lori picked up pizza and salad from Old Town Pizza and it was delicious.  The boys played video games and such.  Christina had dropped off Seth and Mason earlier. 

Thursday morning we left about 0730 and Russell and Lori were waiting for their friends and Uber to pick them up for the airport.  We got to Placer High in plenty of time for Jacob's game, but another place where traffic sucks especially in a Toyota Tundra.  They played a good game and won!  So we're back at 1030 today for the final game.  
Jacob next to the ref..

Jacob number 12

After the game we ended up at Lake Arthur up the road a piece.  The kids wanted to try their hand at fishing..no luck.  Then on to Seth's house to get another fishing pole, fishing at their neighbor's pond for couple of hours which got them no fish.  It was a beautiful day and great temps.  

When fishing doesn't work..climb on
the box in the back of the truck and take a nap!

Then we headed down the hill, just about 1500...OH MY ..traffic bumper to bumper and barely moving.  So instead of stopping somewhere to eat the kids decided that they wanted Little Caesars Pizza, so I dropped them off and headed a few miles for the pizza.  Got pizza and breadsticks brought it back and they devoured them! 

A few pics have been posted on FB so it looks like Russell and gang are visiting a few breweries in Denver...

So the plan was to go to Jacob's game in Auburn, get some lunch and then head over the hill to my house.  Well, we've revised it..they don't know yet..but because it's the Friday before New Years Eve..really think that's the best idea?!  Especially since we wouldn't get out until 1300 or so.  NOPE.. and since they're expecting snow on Monday, on which i've got to get the kids back, Aaron has school on Tuesday. uhhh...Ken's coming over tomorrow and will stay until Monday and hopefully we'll make it back over the hill with whatever kids want to go.  So we'll see what happens.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

We're home and I'm gone tomorrow for a few days....

Last Thursday morning we did some grocery shopping in Gardnerville before heading to Reno to meet up with our friend Vickie.  We got to Great Basin a few minutes early and went inside and there she was!  Like I said before it's been over seven years since i've seen her and she hasn't changed a bit.  We met when we opened the Service Center in November of 1993.  She was Crime Prevention and I was the office manager.  When she left the center in 1997 to go work for the new city of Citrus Heights, I took her job. 

We visited for a few hours, had lunch and then it was time to head home.  Hopefully it won't be so long the next time.  
Well here we are...Vicki and me..

Ken taking a selfie of us..hahah

Friday was all about cooking and getting the stuff together to take to Linda's for Christmas Day.  

Saturday morning got the cab over and headed out. We were heading to Russell's house first so we went Interstate 80 and that sucked. Between the big rigs and chain control that backed up for a long time, we figured we went like 3/4 of a mile  in about an hour.  Of course there were accidents because people don't know how to drive for the conditions, but we got there.  Because it took so long, no time for lunch..next time tuna sandwiches so we can eat while we're stuck..Then we headed to Georgetown and visited with Bryan and family for a bit and then headed for Cool.  By the time we got there Eric and family were home from visiting Christina's family in Antelope.  

Christina had ordered a Honey Baked ham and some turkey breast, through together some veggies and rolls and i had brought mashed potatoes.  It was a yummy dinner.  A little visiting and then it was time to head to the camper to wait for the morning to come and see what Santa brought.  

So about 0445 we headed in to get some coffee.  Mason, Eric and Chris were up and then Seth.  The boys enjoyed opening their gifts and then at 0545 Eric had to head for work.  Got ourselves ready (pancakes for the boys) and we took a quick run to Bryan's to see their loot. 
Some of the mess after opening

Seth and his new longboard..

Christina got Eric a smoker..

Christina got a cast iron cooking set..
Mason got an iPhone 7

Mason and Lexy

Then off to Linda's for the day.  Fun times, good food.  

A bunch of boys in the living room..

Bobby and Shawn

Cousin Tony

Street Football..


Owen driving the Cuda

Cousin Jesse and Owen
Adam, Jacob and Aaron

Dusty after work

Late in the afternoon we visited with Ken's mom and then headed back up to Cool for the night.  

Monday morning we got ourselves ready and headed for Highway 50 and had a beautiful drive to Minden, where of course we had to visit Carson Valley Inn for lunch. Yum.  Then home. 
Highway 50

Lake Tahoe out there..


Today I took the Christmas stuff down inside and got it put away for next year.  The boys are coming on Friday, so figured this would be the only time to get it done. Tomorrow Ken and I will run to Walmart in Gardnerville for some grocery shopping.  He'll run it home and i'll head for Antelope for a few days.  

Thursday morning Russell and Lori and their friends Jenn and Steve are heading for Denver and the Broncos / Raiders game on New Years Day.  Jacob has a Basketball tournament so i'll be taking him Thursday and Friday to Placer High in Auburn.  After basketball on Friday, we'll head home to Yerington.  

The way school district schedules are i'll have to run Aaron home on Monday as he has school on Tuesday.  The other boys can stay until the weekend if they want.  Jacob, Seth, Aaron and Mason are coming for sure and Adam will probably drive over weather permitting. Fun times ahead.  


Mia and her Papa Bryan

Adam, Bryan and Mia

Adam made this luminary at school for Bryan

Miss Lucy

Today we got Russell's Christmas present to me up on the wall..well, half of his gift..gotta find some wall space in the kitchen for the other half...

Our wall is filling up! Love it...

Christina knows how much I like the show "Pioneer Woman" it's a cooking show on the Food Network. So she (Eric too) got me the utensil holder and utensils along with a knife block with knives it.  Love them..

Bryan and Cheryl got us a camping loveseat..guess we'll try that out in a few weeks when we leave for Arizona and some warmer temps!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The week before Christmas...hard to believe...

Here we are waking up to a cloudy cool morning..funny at 32 degrees I can call it cool.  Compared to 1 degree (yes I said 1...a couple of hours later it was 5)...I  should say we're having a heat wave!  Going through a lot of wood for the wood stove, but I would hate to think of the propane we'd be going through if that was all we had. 

Got everything wrapped for Christmas and the last of things bought I believe anyway.  

My very special friend, Vickie is in Reno this week visiting her family, so we're going to Reno tomorrow to meet up for lunch.  We stay in touch over Facebook but it's been over 7 years since we've been face to face.  So excited to see her. 

Today is all about getting some things ready to take over to Linda's on Sunday, the things I can cook ahead of time and freeze. Tomorrow nothing will happen and then Friday will be cook day.  

I said i'd get a picture of Adam's tattoo and here it is..he loves it! Came out pretty cool looking.  

Bryan had company for Raider's Football on Sunday.  Our nephew, Tony and his
family went up for the afternoon.  

Adam, Bryan and Tony

Adam, Bryan and Tony

Christina and Lori lost their Grandmother this week, so i'm sure their households are having a tough time this week.  Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.  

Ken got our new sign Bryan made us up on Americana and handmade wall in the living room..Cheryl made the American Flag puzzle on the left..Eric made the map of America..Eric made the I love MOM heart..Cheryl made the American stars pic and Bryan made the sign that says Kay..how special are all those things?...love it..

Adam having a turkey sandwich..thinking there's
someone who wants him to share!

Raider looks a little tired...

Because my grandkids are too old for Elf on a Shelf..I adopted one from
West Mannheim Police Department..his name is Sarge..
apparently he hijacked the speed sign with a message from Santa...

An oldie but a goodie...Linda and me with Doggie..Ken gave him to me
when i was 16..I think Linda wanted to steal him..hahah

Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's Sunday again!

Sunday morning waking up in Rocklin, CA.  We were home most of the week until Friday when we headed over the hill.  We stopped at Bryan's house and he and Cheryl gave us the most incredible  sign that he made.  Made from old corrugated tin and wood.  Love it! Can't wait to get it up at home! 

We left there and headed to North Highlands to visit with an old friend of ours. I worked and traveled with her while working at the Sheriff's Center all those years.  Joanie is very special.  She's 94 years old and sharp as a tack.  Always asks about the family and is just excited to hear what we've been up to. Love that lady!  I always buy a few gifts for her great grandchildren.  We had them on our Christmas list when I was working, so just continued the tradition.  Hoping to spend d a little more time with her this next years 

We left there after a couple of hours of visiting and then headed for Dixon, CA and the Super8 we stay at there. It's a nicely remodeled hotel very clean and the beds are huge!  I made chicken and potato salad before we left home so we had that for dinner. 

Yesterday morning we headed over to the cemetery and Wreaths Across America.  This event is just part of Christmas now.  We met up with Eric, Seth and Mason.  Christina was coming but unfortunately her grandmother is not doing well and is in the hospital in Roseville.  Wendy and Tasha were there also, but we didn't see them until we were over by mom and daddy's resting place.  

* Remember to click on the pics and they will enlarge*

Eric, Mason and Seth 

The Patriot Guard

A visit with Michael too..

Seth took so much care to fix the ribbon
just perfectly on Daddy's site..

The cemetery has now grown to 18,800 gravesites.  It's beautiful, but very moving.  It was really cold!  So glad I had my UGGS on that my sister Linda got me a few years ago.  This area has had so much rain lately that the ground was saturated.  We were done about 1100 hours so we decided to head to Garcia's in Carmichael for lunch.  Eric and the boys came, but Wendy and Tash had things to do. 

Had a great lunch as always and we had the server we really like! Chris is awesome.  As soon as he saw us he brought us a Family Christmas card and we found that his little family had grown by one!  He is so good, remembers what Ken and I drink and the fact that I like a glass of ice with my wine.  

After that we stopped at Russell's to pick up some birthday gifts they had for us (they were at basketball)..
While we were at Russell's his Elf, Joey pointed weapons at us and made us feel very uncomfortable... :)
Joey keeping watch at the Kay household.\

Then a quick stop by Ken's mom's house and then to Rocklin to the Days Inn we usually like to stay at.  All night long the people above us hardly slept and then about 0500 it sounded like they were sawing something (like the floor) with a dull hand saw..weird.  

Yesterday was a big day for Grandson Adam, he got his first tattoo.  He's been saying since he was young he wanted one, Dusty had his tattoo artist over and so between what Adam designed and tweaking it with the tattoo artist it actually looks incredible.  Now hoping he hasn't started a trend here..this one is good.  I'll wait for permission to post, but I will.  

Today is Ken's mom's birthday, she's 89! We'll  head over there and then take her and whoever else shows up to lunch at Garcia's again, as she likes it there.  Our niece, Tara is in town so looking forward to seeing her.  Chris won't be there today though :(

After lunch we'll head home until Christmas Eve.  Hoping to meet up with a friend I used to work with in Reno one day this week, but that's about it.