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Saturday, December 3, 2016

A little catch up...

We went to Ken's appointment and basically his shoulder is bone to bone.  They took X-rays and said his shoulder which should look like a round ball looks like a head of cauliflower. The Dr. wanted him to go to Yerington for an MRI.  He took the paperwork up there, but no appointment until next Thursday.  So he'll go back then and get it done. 

Spent the last couple of days wrapping gifts and ordering online.  Time to stop now.  hahaha...

Ken's birthday was December 1st and he turned 65!  I took him out to El Alteno's Mexican Restaurant in town for lunch.  This little town has 3 but we like that one the best.  Then for dinner he wanted bar b q hamburgers, onion rings and I made poblano potato salad. Dinner was delicious and he was happy! Heard from all the kids and more.  

He got lights up on the 73 Dodge pickup and it  looks really cute we think.  Again, not for everyone, but works for us!  

The 73 Dodge with lights...

Linda not liking Santa..Daddy Wendy and me..

Couple of the kids at Linda's for Thanksgiving playing football in the street...
Eric had a big fire last night..does that not look scary!

Mason in front of the evil ghost fire...
Eric and boys went to get Christmas tree at Loon Lake today

Seth and Mason and their tree...$10.00  permit
for residents of El Dorado County..what a deal!
Our neighbor, Joe is starting a new job for Nevada Division of Forestry on Monday.  He'll be commuting to Winnemucca and staying there on his work days.  Ken and Joe headed to town for a few beers, so I'm just watching Christmas movies and the fire...love our little life here in Yerington.  

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