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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Home the last couple of days..

The last few days just been enjoying being home.  It's cold....brrr...14 degrees this morning at 0500.   

Monday, Ken was going to put up the Christmas lights outside, but not only was it cold it was very windy ..and when I say that it was WINDY!  So about 1500 he sat down and the movie Fred Claus came on so we  spent the afternoon watching that movie..funny! 

Yesterday, it was cold but not windy so he worked on the lights and got them up..love it! I spent the day wrapping Christmas presents and working on a gift.  So now just waiting on some deliveries and a little more shopping.  
My cute little house it up!

We did make a run to the Pioneer Casino in town and had their one trip salad bar, which is excellent for $2.95.  Worked for the both of us.  

Ken called the new doctors office Monday to tell them that his shoulder was as bad as it had been before.  They have an orthopedic surgeon who comes to Yerington once a week on Thursdays so they'd call back.  They called yesterday morning to say they can't get him in on Thursday but could get him in today in Gardnerville.  As it was we were headed out today to get some groceries etc. So he has an appt at 1100.  We'll see what they have to say.  

Diane and Jesse at the Raider game....

Dusty, Seth and Jesse at the Raider game

Jesse, Seth, Diane and Dusty at the Raider game
Top is Thanksgiving 2013, Bottom 2015
2014 Owen had just been born so we didn't have it at Ninny's

Thanksgiving 2016
SBE is in the house!  Soft opening of the new Hop House..so
of course the founders of SBE had to be there! 

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