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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We're in Rocklin, CA...

Yesterday afternoon we took the kids on a quad ride for awhile..It was a cold Tuesday in Yerington, but we went out at the warmest time of the day.  I had been cooking and was wondering if I could find the time, but I did..they're only here for a little while.  

We went out on a new trail and then came back to the track. 


Out the back window of the Tundra
Aaron.the wild one..


Our Nevada BLM


Mason getting instruction from Papa
so he could drive the 400 with the clutch..
He did awesome!
It was a really good ride!  Then we came back and Papa bar b q ed his burgers which were awesome!  

This morning after a breakfast of pancakes for the kids we waited until mid morning and then left to head to CA.  The ride was beautiful, no snow but the mountains had some..it was beautiful.  

We dropped off Seth and Mason and then stopped by the motel to make sure we had a 1st floor room and then headed to Antelope and dropped off Aaron at home.  Stopped at KFC and got some dinner for the room, and here we are relaxing.  

We would have gone by my sister Linda's to drop off food, but since we had a 1st floor room we just brought the ice chests in..Tomorrow Turkey Day!!

Just saw this morning that our neice Chelsea Kay just made 1st LT..so proud of that young lady!  Don and Dana went to the ceremony so hoping to have pics to post!  

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