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Monday, November 14, 2016

A great weekend with family!

Eric and Christina and kids got here in the afternoon on Friday.  We just hung out and got caught up on things.  Christina wasn't feeling that hot, sinus and other issues.  She was able to rest while she was here.  

Adam texted and said he wanted to come over so he got here just about 1700 hours.  Papa made his burgers and they were delicious.  
Happy Birthday Seth!

Saturday morning, Adam headed up for a jog/run.  Headed up the mountain and then back here (6.2 miles).  Needless to say he was in pain coming back..little much I think.  We were headed to the shooting range and he didn't want to come..looked like he really needed a shower!  

Seth and I headed over to meet up with Ken, Eric and Mason.  A good time was had by all.  Eric brought his AR 15 and more guns..we took ours and they shot it up! hahah..
Mason waiting his turn

Eric and Ken

Eric and the AR

Seth shooting

Mason's turn with the AR

The target was on this...pretty good shooting..lots of holes
Papa and Mason checking out the shots...

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At the end of a couple of hours

Less than 5 min from our house..

Came back after a few hours, lunch and then Ken and Eric worked on Adam's quad and got it going!  So they had a good afternoon.  I made enchiladas and cole slaw and a breakfast casserole for Sunday morning.  Played some ping pong.
The quad's running...Thanks Eric!

Seth trying it out

Adam left to head towards Walker Lake near Hawthorne to take some pictures.  Got a call from him, that his car was stuck in the sand! Oh boy.  He said there was a trailer camped up the road so he was going to ask if maybe they could help pull him out.  They had a good size pick up.  So he goes to the trailer, knocks no one home.  So he's headed back to where his car his and he's running as it's getting close to dark.  He hears some one yell at him to stop!  He turns around and "some old guy about 65"..(well so is Ken just about)..haha..he's got a gun in hand and Adam stops and says I just was looking for help for my car..the guy was really mean thinking Adam was trying to break into his trailer.  He puts his hands in the air, and drops his cell phone, as the guy wants to know what he's holding..anyway after a bit the guy says sorry, but he doesn't want to get his truck stuck.  So sends him on his way. 

Adam was able to dig himself out using his hands under the tires.  Thinking we'll have to get him a little shovel and air compressor for his car for Christmas..haha
He could have aired his tires down, but he probably would have gone too far! 

He got home and we got the story. Finished out the night, Ken and Eric took a ride up the mountain to gage how far Adam had gone, that's why we know it was 6.2 miles.  
Mason, Eric and Seth..

Dinner ...

Only pic I got of Adam...eating..

Sunday morning, breakfast and then everyone got ready to go.  We decided to all go to Cabela's in Reno.  Then we said goodbye and Ken and I went by Sportsmans Warehouse an then to our favorite lunch in Minden.  Had a nice nap on the way home and a really lazy afternoon.  

This morning we went to Ken's new doctor appointment. He likes him, he gave him some steroids for his arm, just to narrow down what's going on with him. So we went to Gardnerville and got the meds, then to Pioneer Crossing for the 1 trip salad bar.  

One day this week i'll have to go to Reno and Winco for Thanksgiving shopping! uh...I'm picking up Seth, Mason and Aaron on Saturday for a few days before Thanksgiving.  Time is going so fast!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Owen!

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