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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Humboldt State University and back home again!

Left Bryan's house about 0645 and stopped quickly at McDonalds for an on the road breakfast.  Headed towards Arcata via Nevada City and highway 20.  Nice drive through the Clear Lake Area and then Willits and the redwoods.  We stopped in Garberville to have lunch at a restaurant there.  (forgot the name, but the food was good!)..

Then into Eureka and Arcata about 1430 or so..we stopped at the college on the way in, so we'd know where to be Monday morning.  Then on to the Howard Johnson in Arcata.  It appeared newly redone and the room was huge.  We rested for about 1/2 hour and then decided to go see the ocean.  

It's only about 15 minutes away and it was beautiful.  Nice temp and no wind.  This was the first day of daylight savings ending, so it got dark quite early. We enjoyed it anyway.  Found our way back, the long way..thank goodness for smart phones and google maps telling us how to go.  hahah..
Mad River County Park Beach

Adam took this pic..

Cheryl enjoying the beach
Our photographer looking for the perfect pic

Again looking for the pic..

Adam's picture...
On our way back to the room.

Back to the room and ordered a pizza to be delivered, a little wine and a good night!  

Monday we got up, got ready and headed downstairs for breakfast.  It was really good, they had eggs, tater tots, sausage, cereals, waffles, bagels and other stuff.  Loaded up the car and headed to the college.  

The presentation started exactly at 0900 and at 1000 was the walking tour of the college.  Very interesting and it sits in a beautiful place.  Under 9000 students and a lot of what Adam thinks he wants.  He wants to get into Natural Resources Engineering ..this could get him into National Parks and others as a Ranger..He has a few others he's interested in so we'll see.  He is applying, and already has all the qualifications needed. 
Humboldt State Flag
A deli market..breakfast not bad..two eggs $1.49..fried potato patty 25 cents..
reasonable for the students.

Going into the building for our tour
Cheryl and Adam waiting for the tour!

Bicycles are popular on campus

A dinosaur skeleton

Lots and Lots of stairs on campus

Greenhouse building..

They've got 900 different birds..and 100 stuffed animals 

The tour group..people from Colorado, South Tahoe, bay area,
Southern CA on this tour..
Beautiful Redwoods they use for tree climbing
Forestry Major

Rock climbing in one of the gyms

I know where Adam would be a lot of the time..awesome

Basketball and other things in this building..indoor pool

The Football Field...Go Jacks!

The covered stands are for the "away" team..because they're not used to rain
and weather. She said the "Jacks" fans will come out no matter what the

View of Humboldt Bay the highest point on campus!

This courtyard houses the oldest building, which used to be the
whole campus!

University square..there were different groups out there with pamphlets
some selling candy for their group..

Art and Music building

Art?!...beer caps..lots of them..

Adam listening to the guide..

Outside some of the freshman dorms..don't like this one!
Reminds us of Omega Court in North Highlands
We didn't go inside as students are living there...hmmm

The young man there (Devon I think) is a freshman..Chemistry major,
pre med..Nice young man..he and Adam talked quite a bit..

View from one of the dorm buildings..

Adam likes these..likes the porches along them..couldn't see inside..:(

Freshman dorms..themed outside..in other words you want to be outside a lot
and these dorms are for you..Cheryl and I liked the looks of these..

There's an eating area there, laundry, mail etc..

Tour was over at 1245 and we headed out.  The college has a lot to offer..so we'll see..Had an awesome lunch at Trina's in  Eureka and then on the road.  A few short breaks here and there and a beautiful sunset over Clear Lake. 

We pulled into Bryan's about 2015.  Bryan had cooked enchiladas and coleslaw so of course I had to have one. Yum!!! 
Few glasses of wine, conversation and off to bed!  

Made Adam an egg sandwich this am and I left before he did.  Was going to Winco, but decided to hold off till next week, stopped at Walmart in Gardnerville and then home.  Ken was working on Adam's quad, it runs but still needs some work..but he'll get it going. 

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