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Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Jacob and the Grandkids are Here!

Friday was our Grandson Jacob's 15th birthday!  

Saturday morning Ken and I went to breakfast at Dini's before I left to go meet Eric and Christina near Highway 50.  A beautiful drive, some points looked like rain or snow but nothing!  
Aaron, Mason and Seth on their way to meet me!

Met them about 1000 hrs and we were happily on our way home.  Eric and Christina headed over to Tahoe and some Rum Runners and then back to Placerville and the Jack Russell Brewery.  Looks like they had a good day. 

We stopped at Walmart in Gardnerville on the way home. The kids spent the rest of the day playing video games and a little outside time with guns.  Seth and Aaron stayed up all night and played video games.  Then they took a nap as the sun rose..haha..

Ken worked on the money pit putting a new to him bumper on the back (Thanks KC)..Looks nice as the old one was pretty crooked and beat up.  

After lunch Ken got the quads out and we took off for BLM and some riding. Ken and I followed along in the 73 Dodge..we're styling here in the desert! 

Probably out for 2 hours, getting cold..but the kids had a great time! 

Getting a few pointers from Papa before we head out
Mason on the 700..

Mason on Papa's quad

Aaron on mine

Here comes Seth on the 400..

From inside the Dodge...

Our view going up the mountain..



All three boys as we reached the top of the mountain..

Seth having fun..

After reaching the top of the mountain..Papa, Mason, Aaron and Seth

Awoke about 0400 to the sound of rain on the roof..love that sound, but definitely don't hear it enough here in the desert.  Hpefully it'll quit a little later, as the boys are planning on riding again.  Ken's hoping to teach Mason (who had some lessons last weekend, courtesy of his dad, Eric) and Aaron how to shift on the 400..it's the only one with a clutch and now Seth is the only one who can ride it.  

I'll start some prep work for the Holiday this week and before you know it we'll be heading over for Thanksgiving.  

My sister Linda had her heart cath on the 17th and is doing well..:)  

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