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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Welcome to Medicare, Ken!

Yesterday, November 1st was a milestone in my husband's life.  He became eligible for Medicare.  He doesn't turn 65 until December 1st but apparently it begins a month before.  So this means they'll be taking $121 out of his SS check.  We also found we had to sign up (pay) for a gap insurance and a drug plan.  So even with that we're hoping to come up with some better medical coverage than we've had for the last 6 1/2 years.  We'll see how that works.  

Yesterday we went to town and found that Robin Titus who he wants (and our Dr recommended) her office is in Smith Valley probably about 20 miles or so from town.  So off we went..doesn't look like it'll be a problem to get her office to take him on.  He got some paperwork and we came home.  

He rotated tires and did a few checks on the 16 Patriot.  We've been trying to have tires rotated when we've gone to Carson City, but they're always so busy. He decided to do it himself.  

I worked on the quilt in the bunkhouse..decided it needed to be a bit bigger, so I added two more rows, and I like the way it looks now.  Made up the bed so it's ready for company. 

Before you know it the day is done.  

Carson City Jeep called and it's the alternator falling apart on the 08..$700.00 ouch..but what do ya do?  Hopefully it'll run a long time after this..of course it's nothing that's covered on the lifetime warranty.  Figures.  

When they call we'll head that way probably Thursday.  
A feeding frenzy after school requires
a nap

Lucy gets Rachel Ray dog food...Cheryl looks in the clearance
meats for them..hmmmm

Cheryl's youngest granddaughter (for now)
wouldn't take the turtle mask off Halloween night..

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