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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The bunkhouse has heat...

It's Thursday morning...and we're waking up to cold temps 19 degrees, feels like 14! A week from today will be Thanksgiving Day! So hard to believe..but because of that we'll head for Winco in Reno this morning.  Got a ham yesterday at Scolari's and today I'm on the search for a BIG Turkey and fixings.  

Ken worked on getting an outside propane line into the bunkhouse yesterday and was able to hook up Mr Heater..so he was able to get the bunkhouse nice and toasty yesterday.  We have it hardline into the Komfort fifth wheel and now it's in the bunkhouse. Yay!  

He spent the afternoon cleaning his guns in there and watching tv at the same time..who would have thought the bunkhouse has all the comforts now?! haha

My sister, Linda has a heart cath tomorrow..keep her in your prayers as she's nervous about the procedure.  She has a day of down time after and then hopefully she'll be feeling like her old (sorry Nin) self.  

Relatives back east are not doing well, My Uncle Lewis is in the hospital with his diabetes issues and other problems.  My cousin, Maryann was rushed to the hospital from the convalescent home with breathing issues and bedsore problems..thoughts and prayers are with both of them and their families.  

Saturday am i'll head over the hill and grab the grandkids for a few days. Glad they want to come! 

Had a bit of wind yesterday..from the North all day! 

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