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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Nice drive over the hill yesterday..

A couple of days ago Ken was setting up a TV in the bunkhouse (no cable out there) and we had one of those HD gadgets we had to get several years ago (actually we have two).  He tried it and we get a ton of tv stations.  Some retro, some local so it's cool that whoever stays out there can play video games or watch tv.  The wi fi in the house is available out there too.  

We pulled Adam's quad around the front yard circle several times trying to get it started and run but that didn't work.  Ken's going to try some other stuff, so hopefully it won't take too much.  

Friday, we went to Gardnerville, (Walmart), got my hair cut and while we were out Carson Jeep called and said the Patriot was done.  So we had some lunch and then picked up the car.  Headed home and day was pretty much done.  

Saturday morning, we headed to Dini's for breakfast and then I headed over the hill.  Stopped by Russell's and dropped off his beer we had gotten him at June Lake Brewery and got to see him, Lori (who was cleaning like crazy) and of course the boys.  Looks like Aaron is going to get to come for the Thanksgiving break.  Jacob has basketball so he won't.  

Left there and met up with Wendy, Linda and Tasha and we went to lunch.  After that I stopped at Ross and then headed up to Bryan's house.  Cheryl cooked a great dinner of chicken, veggies, mashed potatoes and rolls..just like Thanksgiving.  

Bryan got home so spent some time with him and then bedtime.  

We're leaving this morning about 0700 to head to Arcata this morning. We're there to check out Humboldt State University with Adam.  His appointment is at 0900 tomorrow and then we'll head back to Georgetown. Quick trip.  Tuesday morning i'll head home via Winco in Reno (haha).  Eric and family are coming next Friday for the weekend.  

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