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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Friday, May 30, 2014

What kind of waitress makes you tear up??

We left here (Yerington) on Wednesday am and headed towards Winnemucca...got there in time for a good lunch at our favorite Chinese place...Wonderful House..it was yummy so we headed out towards the property after getting a few things at Raleys and Ken's prescription..

We have a neighbor behind us...and he was at the property so he stopped and talked to Ken for a few minutes..had a lovely evening and then to bed we go.  It was a cold night...We brought and extra fan but should have brought our portable heater!   

Got up yesterday and got ready...went by and visited our neighbors Joe and Wanda and then headed to town to our favorite place ...Las Margaritas Mexican...yumm...Love this place as soon as we walk in they greet us and remember what we like to drink..I always get the veggie fajitas (which they don't offer, but when the dr said no meat they made it for us)...and they have whole beans which we love!  

A mom and daughter work there...Pita (mom) and Jasmine (daughter)...Jasmine has 2 young sons and just had a third around Christmas..so in talking to Pita yesterday we asked where Jasmine was...she took the day off to go to her son's graduation from kindergarten..well that got me remembering when the kids all graduated from kindergarten...the tears came to my eyes..especially I remember when Eric graduated and my dad was there...yep there it went..and she says oh brings back memories huh...then we were talking and Pita's 17 year old son will be a senior this year and he signed up for the delayed entry program in the Marines....well there u go...tears...just couldn't stop...she said he had already been to Sacramento for his physical..and they (Marines) said something about flat feet ..and he told them he played all the sports in high school..so hope it happens for him!  She said he really wants to be a Marine!  and u wonder why the tears...love that place!!  

After lunch we stopped in for a visit with our friend, Ron.  His wife Deanna is in CA with her sister for several weeks so we visited with him for awhile...Went back to the property and our neighbor came home..went  to his place, Jason is his name, about 32 years old.  Nice kid from Alabama...he races under Ultra4 racing...visited with him awhile and then we went home..Ken told him to stop by and he did later so had a really nice visit!  I didn't take the camera but should have...he has two 40 foot containers on the property..one has wood stove, sliding glass door..really nice!  He travels alot doing the racing...so we have a celebrity behind us in Winnemucca! 
Our neighbor Jason's toy..


Miss Ruby....
Jason's container..on one end is the sliding glass door
and windows...

The mountain across from the property...so green this year..

Highway 95 headed towards our house in Yerington..

Love the green desert!

Beans are coming up!

Today, we took our time getting ready, had lunch in town at Wonderful House and headed home...nice few days.  Tomorrow we plan on going to Lowe's and get some things for the front deck cover...then I need to do some shopping as we leave a week from tomorrow for DC...how time flies!! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Had a great time in Rio Linda! Heading to Winnemucca tomorrow....

Can't believe we're at Tuesday the 27th of May!  Where is the time going??

We hung around the house and got ready to head for Rio Linda on Sunday am.  We left here around 0600...Ken took the truck and camper and I took my car so I could go by Georgetown and pick up Adam.  Adam and Kade, KC's son had been going to Mule Days in Bishop since Adam was 3 and Kade was 4.  Sunday was Kade's 16th birthday and KC planned a little party for him.  So I picked up Adam and we did a little running around and got to Kade's early afternoon.  

Had an incredible bar b q! Nice visiting too.  We spent the night and on Monday morning KC made a killer breakfast and we got ready to go.  Ken headed home and I stopped by Cool, CA for a little visit with Eric and family.  Then I dropped off Adam and home I came!  
KC's Dance Hall..

Some of the awesome bar b q!

Tracy, KC and Ken

Kade (in light blue)...and Adam..in the food line!

Really windy here...but to be expected, it's Nevada!   

Today Ken worked outside for awhile and then came in and hung some of our things in the livingroom...love what's done so far and in my mind I can envision the end result!  It'll take a little time, but that's ok..we've made a huge difference since we've moved into this little place..

Tomorrow we'll head for Winnemucca for a few days..gotta get Ken's prescription and do a little work around the property out there that's for sale..we don't know we do, but we do know we do...

I'll upload a few pics here in a few minutes...gotta find the camera...
Kade, Adam, Riley and Brooke getting grub!

Kade's ice cream cake yummy!

The guys hanging out!

Riley and Brooke...

Kade with his cake!

Our new piece of yard art...KC gave it to us!

This tractor comes from Canada...

One of my favorite pieces we bought this shelf in Bishop several
years ago...

My mirror I bought in TX this trip paid a whopping $8.00..
above is my Christmas present from Adam this year!

Need more stuff but love this picture

This picture is called "The Hero of the storm" as this
Cowboy braves the elements to rescue a baby calf...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weird weather this week! Memorial Day weekend coming up!

Can't believe it's Thursday the 22nd already!  Don't know where the week has gone already! 

Tuesday Ken and I took the day and headed to Carson City to get a few things done.  I thought i'd do a little clothes shopping for the trip, and that's exactly what I did...two t shirts..I hate shopping anymore, it seems either clothes are geared for the young (and I do mean young) or the old ladies...and I don't even think they would like some of the clothes!  Why can't they just make simple???....oh well i'll try again next week sometime...

It's been cold and rainy...I think over the last few days we've gotten more rain than we've ever had since we've been in Nevada...we had some really good strong downpours...lightning, thunder, wind...it's been something else.  There's snow on the mountains..really pretty!  
Today it's in the 70's so it's nice.  

We've been home the rest of the week with not alot happening.  Ken built a little portable wind block for the garden which looks really nice!  Once the plants are established, we probably won't need it anymore, but it will sure help the little plants!  My marigolds on the back porch are really looking happy and blooming.  Love them...

It's Memorial Day weekend and we'll be heading over the hill to Ca to visit with our friend KC and help celebrate his son Cade's 16th birthday.  The 24th is also Russell and Lori's 17th wedding anniversary!!  Hard to believe, as it doesn't seem that long ago when Russell was in the Marines and the kids were starting their life together!  Looks like they'll be in Reno for the weekend with the kids...apparently there's some kind of basketball tournament up there..

We'll come home Monday and then head for Winnemucca for a few days...Ken needs a prescription refilled and probably some maintenance on the property..

We've got a family of quails...about 15 babies!! They are so cute..love the way dad quail watches over his little brood and mom has her hands full...There's always one that seems not to listen to mom..so fun to watch!!  I tried to get pics this morning of them but they blend so perfectly in the desert couldn't see them...

Let's not forget the real reason behind Memorial Day...Thank You to all who have served and are serving to keep our country free!  

On the way to Carson City...there is mountain with snow behind those

We had a fire...maybe our last of the season...maybe not!

Looking out our kitchen window....

Love this view!

My happy marigolds...

The portable wind block..can go on either side of garden as needed

Garden after all that rain...not looking too bad...

Love the tops on the cactus...

Ken's got the cabover all hooked up for the weekend....

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The weekend is gone in Yerington!

Less than 3 weeks and we will be in NYC!! So hard to believe!  We moved the 20 foot trailer over to the area we wanted to unload the hay drill...got it unloaded and today (Sunday) Ken got it moved to the place we wanted it to end up...Weather was good except so windy..so it kept me inside more or less...watered the garden and other plants but for me just too windy to be outside..I made some vegan apple muffins..so we'll see tomorrow with coffee..they look good but not so sure of the taste...hahah....

We watered tonight..basically because of the wind drying things out...but we sure do love this place!  
I believe this is a wisteria tree...the blooms are

Ken unloading the hay drill!

Our sunset last night (Saturday)

Hay drill unloaded....

Hay drill at the end of the driveway!

Our sunset tonight!! Love it!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Got our little garden planted today!

Yesterday Ken boxed in the little trailer Don gave us. He made it so we could go get the dirt for our little garden.  Ken also put the tool box in the Ford so things are back together...he worked on those things all day long..I cleaned house and just enjoyed my day!  

The full trailer!

Halfway through or so

Today we got up with the plan to go to the local rock and dirt place...Cinderlite..took the trailer we got from Don and asked for a yard of topsoil...only overloaded the trailer by 1000 pounds!!! What!! Yes that's what it ended up being..guess we won't take it next time to get the rock for my little area out back for the yard art!  It did good!! Got us home no problem!  We spent the afternoon filling in the little area for the garden and planting.  Ken built the cutest gate for the garden...my daddy would have been proud!! I love it! 

The garden!

Love the gate!

So we'll hope it all grows...the wind is something else out here!  Enjoyed sitting for awhile on the front deck after we were done...can't wait to get the cover going!  

A well deserved beer!! Love that man!

Tomorrow we're hoping to get the yard out unloaded which will leave the trailer empty so we can get the rock we need, then onto the deck cover!  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Can't believe how fast time has gone!

Can't believe this is the 14th already...I am waking up in Georgetown after attending Adam's academic awards assembly last night at the high school...Only about 50 kids total out of the school (9th through 12th) got these awards.  Basically the teachers picked "the best of the best".   Adam got his certificates in Algebra 1 and English.  4 students per grade were chosen for these awards...Nice ceremony and I was glad I was able to attend.  (pictures to come later today...I forgot the cord from camera to computer)....

Adam and his English Achievement award
and his English teacher..

Adam and his awards for Algebra and English..

Last Friday, Ken and I planted a few things and he got the fifth wheel ready to come to it's final resting place at Bryan's house.  We had a nice day at home getting some things done.  

Saturday we left home, stopped at our favorite little pull over spot and had our lunch and continued on. Ken headed for Bryan's and because we had 2 cars I stopped at nephew Dusty's new house in Camino and took the grand tour!  Really cute little place!  Got to Bryan's and enjoyed a nice evening with Bryan and family.   

Dusty's kitchen

The original floors still throughout the house...1917 I think he
said it was built...

The backyard garden...love it

Sunday it was Mother's Day so Ken, Adam and me headed down the hill to do some visiting.  Saw Grandma, Russell and then we headed up to Eric's then completed the circle ending up back at Bryan's place.  Didn't get any pictures at Russell's but sure we will have plenty in a few weeks in DC...

This pic is a little out of focus..but Betty was so cute with
her "baby"

Eric drinking "Whoop your donkey" we brought back from  TX

Christina enjoying a bit too...

Seth on his "new to him" dirtbike

Mason on his!

Love this pic of Ken and Bryan...Betty too!

Bryan and family...

Three generations...

Monday morning we got up and eventually headed home.  We stopped in Fernley on the way at Lowe's and got some wood for the garden and some seeds.  Thank u Eric, Christina and kids for the gift certificates!  

This will be our little garden..figure start small and see what
happens.  4x8 foot..gotta get the garden soil still...

Tuesday am....I headed back over the hill to meet with my sisters and Diane for lunch.  It seems as it's been forever since i've seen them so even though it was short so glad we could make it happen.  

Below, is the cool Bonsai plant I got for Mother's day from Bryan...it's 6 years old, hoping I don't kill it!   

Below is the cactus garden I got from Russell...love the uniqueness of the large cactus...again hoping I don't kill it!  

Headed back over the hill this am!  

Got home and Ken had finished the fence...looks so good!