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Friday, May 30, 2014

What kind of waitress makes you tear up??

We left here (Yerington) on Wednesday am and headed towards Winnemucca...got there in time for a good lunch at our favorite Chinese place...Wonderful House..it was yummy so we headed out towards the property after getting a few things at Raleys and Ken's prescription..

We have a neighbor behind us...and he was at the property so he stopped and talked to Ken for a few minutes..had a lovely evening and then to bed we go.  It was a cold night...We brought and extra fan but should have brought our portable heater!   

Got up yesterday and got ready...went by and visited our neighbors Joe and Wanda and then headed to town to our favorite place ...Las Margaritas Mexican...yumm...Love this place as soon as we walk in they greet us and remember what we like to drink..I always get the veggie fajitas (which they don't offer, but when the dr said no meat they made it for us)...and they have whole beans which we love!  

A mom and daughter work there...Pita (mom) and Jasmine (daughter)...Jasmine has 2 young sons and just had a third around Christmas..so in talking to Pita yesterday we asked where Jasmine was...she took the day off to go to her son's graduation from kindergarten..well that got me remembering when the kids all graduated from kindergarten...the tears came to my eyes..especially I remember when Eric graduated and my dad was there...yep there it went..and she says oh brings back memories huh...then we were talking and Pita's 17 year old son will be a senior this year and he signed up for the delayed entry program in the Marines....well there u go...tears...just couldn't stop...she said he had already been to Sacramento for his physical..and they (Marines) said something about flat feet ..and he told them he played all the sports in high school..so hope it happens for him!  She said he really wants to be a Marine!  and u wonder why the tears...love that place!!  

After lunch we stopped in for a visit with our friend, Ron.  His wife Deanna is in CA with her sister for several weeks so we visited with him for awhile...Went back to the property and our neighbor came home..went  to his place, Jason is his name, about 32 years old.  Nice kid from Alabama...he races under Ultra4 racing...visited with him awhile and then we went home..Ken told him to stop by and he did later so had a really nice visit!  I didn't take the camera but should have...he has two 40 foot containers on the property..one has wood stove, sliding glass door..really nice!  He travels alot doing the racing...so we have a celebrity behind us in Winnemucca! 
Our neighbor Jason's toy..


Miss Ruby....
Jason's container..on one end is the sliding glass door
and windows...

The mountain across from the property...so green this year..

Highway 95 headed towards our house in Yerington..

Love the green desert!

Beans are coming up!

Today, we took our time getting ready, had lunch in town at Wonderful House and headed home...nice few days.  Tomorrow we plan on going to Lowe's and get some things for the front deck cover...then I need to do some shopping as we leave a week from tomorrow for DC...how time flies!! 

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