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Friday, May 16, 2014

Got our little garden planted today!

Yesterday Ken boxed in the little trailer Don gave us. He made it so we could go get the dirt for our little garden.  Ken also put the tool box in the Ford so things are back together...he worked on those things all day long..I cleaned house and just enjoyed my day!  

The full trailer!

Halfway through or so

Today we got up with the plan to go to the local rock and dirt place...Cinderlite..took the trailer we got from Don and asked for a yard of topsoil...only overloaded the trailer by 1000 pounds!!! What!! Yes that's what it ended up being..guess we won't take it next time to get the rock for my little area out back for the yard art!  It did good!! Got us home no problem!  We spent the afternoon filling in the little area for the garden and planting.  Ken built the cutest gate for the garden...my daddy would have been proud!! I love it! 

The garden!

Love the gate!

So we'll hope it all grows...the wind is something else out here!  Enjoyed sitting for awhile on the front deck after we were done...can't wait to get the cover going!  

A well deserved beer!! Love that man!

Tomorrow we're hoping to get the yard out unloaded which will leave the trailer empty so we can get the rock we need, then onto the deck cover!  

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