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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green River UTAH...to Ely, Nevada...almost home...

We set the alarm for 0500 this am so we could get out of the rv park by 0800 or so..0803 we're on the road headed for Ely, NV...we thought about going to Great Basin NP but decided that would be way too cold this time of year..and sure enough when we came over the summit..there's still quite a bit of snow on the mountain.  

We had our egg sandwiches that I made this morning on the road...and just enjoyed the ride..the scenery out of Green River was so incredible..the way the scenery changes was amazing!  Mesas and huge rocks just out of nowhere...again we were mesmerized by UTAH!   That state is just beautiful..and following highway 50 we had hardly any big rigs..honestly, not many people either!  So nice!!  


Black Dragon Canyon!

Ghost Rock

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We had our lunch at the top of the summit before we entered Nevada...and then came on down and in to Ely...we've been that way a few times and it's probably been a couple of years..but u come down the road into Spring Valley..this time though to mar our view of the valley are 66 (yes I counted them) of those huge, ugly windmills...REALLY??....what a shame..just mars the awesomeness of the valley! 

Wheeler Peak NV!

Great Basin area!

Horrible..windmills ruining the view of Spring Valley

got to the KOA and it's really nice..we've been by it several times, but never stayed..got another $10.00 off as we had the points..so only $25.00 for full hook ups..did a couple loads of laundry and now just enjoying watching the rigs come in!  

Tomorrow...Winnemucca for the night..mainly to refill our prescriptions and then Thursday we'll head to Yerington!  Has been an incredible 6 weeks away!  

I will download pics later..as I am on KOA internet and definitely slower than mine!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Arches NP, wind and pictures!

We left Grand Junction Colorado and headed for Arches NP in Moab, UT...thinking this is a good time of year as kids aren't out of school yet so no problem finding a place to camp...NOT...We had a beautiful drive across the rest of Colorado and then into Utah..we turned off on Scenic Byway..128...oh my...it's been alot of years since we've been on this road, but certainly the way to get to Arches NP...it runs right along the river with the most incredible cliffs, and mountains and mesas...wow!  There was so much to look at and ooohh and awww over!!   

We drove to the park thinking we could get a camping spot but found out that was not to be..they are booked for months!  So went into town, picked up a few things and then back out to the campground where we stopped for lunch..luckily our site was available so we took it!  Amazing how all the sites fill up and we just people watched the afternoon..watching people come  in and back out as all the sites were full!!  Had a really nice night, Ken bar b qued some awesome steaks and then we called it an early night..no phone service, no internet...ohhh what to do...

Got up this am about 0600..had our coffees and off we went to the park...again...ohhhhssss....and awwwssss...I have to admit...God did good when he created this park!  Beautiful..there are no words for it!  I told Ken I think God like Utah best when he created the state...the scenery is so incredibly awesome!! 

The National Park Service does an incredible job with the parks in America...but this one is something else!  I can tell u my pictures don't do it justice!  The colors are so vibrant and the depth of the rocks are just amazing..

We drove and took a few trails ...would have done more except the fact the wind was so hard and the temps were low...finally it just beats u up...but we had a great time..an awesome lunch in a pullover spot and after that we decided we better hit the road..

We planned on getting further but the wind was so bad we decided to stop in Green River, UT...so we only went about 40 miles from the park...but we're rocking and rolling now!  So tomorrow hopefully it'll be better and we'll get to Ely, NV that's our destination.  After that Winnemucca, NV to pick up some prescriptions and then home to Yerington, NV!  

Don, in TN is under tornado watch...so he and Dana are definitely on our minds...Mayflower, Arkansas has lost at least 16 people to a tornado..we were just through there a couple of weeks ago...Tupelo, MS had a tornado go through there..and Ken and I spent the night there  a few weeks ago after we left Don's in a State Park...how fast things can change...prayers are needed for all back there!  

Our morning sky in Grand Juction, CO....

Welcome to UTAH...

We pulled into a rest stop along the river (Colorado)

There it is ...Colorado River!

Here we go...highway 128 the scenic byway to Arches NP...
Love this road!

Along the highway!

Colors don't do it justice...vibrant red rock...

Looking in the distance...looks like Monument Valley...only NOT!

Whooohooo!!! Love this road!
Rafters along the Colorado...we saw later a raft had capsized
or so we think...people were out of rafts and people on an island

Along the road..beautiful!

Here u g...people and a line..

Ok...I've seen alot...but first time I've seen this in a campground
The potty was in the open...

Here is leading into the potty...no door...not happening for this girl!

There is an incredible bike trail on 128 into Moab, UT..and to
Arches NP....

More of the bike trail...follows the river

Love this! Ken writing his first check for camping...should be $15.00
but only $7.50 because of the America the Beautiful Senior Pass!!
Our site near Arches NP...Big Bend Campground

Our morning sunrise...

Can u see the man's face in the rock?

Climbing in Arches NP

The campground we walked in Arches NP

Ken getting coffee this am

Arches NP

Balanced Rock...Arches NP

Skyline arch...

Beautiful mountains seen from the park!

On our way to sand dunes arch...couldn't make it as the wind was so
fierce...and sand was everywhere!

Skyline Arch...

Coming out of sand dunes arch...

The Windows...

more windows!

And more windows!

The view out our back door for lunch today!! 

Okay Ninny...u probably wouldn't like this road...