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Friday, April 18, 2014

Seeing my cousin, John (Johnny Boy) after almost 44 years!!

Johnny Boy and me!  44 years later! 

This morning we left Crater of Diamonds State Park and thought we headed for Nashville, Arkansas ...wrong...we turned the wrong way and ended up on the freeway sooner than we thought we should...oh well...got on Prescott and headed for Texarkana...when we got to Walmart, I called my cousin, John Henson (Johnny Boy, as we always called him)....he agreed to meet us at the Dixie Diner in Texarkana TX...awesome food!   

It was so nice to see him, as it has been almost 44 years!  When we came out in 1970 we made a point to stop at their house in Texarkana and had a short visit...I remember we all went swimming at a lake nearby and spent the night...my cousin Jeanie, was engaged to Ken Ray and of course I had Ken Kay...Jeanie and her Ken still live in Alaska where he was transferred to while in the service.   

We had a short but great visit today!   It was so awesome to see him after all these years!  The Dixie Diner was great too...real homemade food!  Hope next time we'll have enough time to spend the night with him!  

We are spending the night in Mt Pleasant at the KOA...very nice!   Then in the morning we will head to Red Oak and spend a few days with Al and Irene and Alex, Rhonda and Little Alex...

Tomorrow our middle son Eric turns 39 so hard to believe!!  Love u Eric!!

Thought this was a cool bus in the campground...from New Jersey

Arkansas barn....

You have to enlarge this but...it's about farmers...
Every seed, every farmer..thought it was cool...

And the water tower of Texarkana...

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