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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The big pour and our tractors new home!!

Got up this am at 0430 and got ready for the big pour today!  We thought Ken was going to meet the concrete finishers at Mc Donalds at 0615 to bring them to the house, but they were there by 0600..he left, I watered the forms and they were back.  At 0700 or a little before the truck showed up and the work began!  The end result, a beautiful 8 yards of concrete!  20 x 30 feet of 6 sack, with fiber mesh concrete!  We paid $92.00 a yard, so much cheaper than CA (we paid about $112.00 a yard for 5 sack for the concrete we poured last year at Bryan's no fiber mesh)...The guys were gone around 0900 and we had a beautiful pad!  We paid the concrete guys $1000..for the 3 but was really worth it..they knew what they were doing and it turned out incredible!  Another bid we had was for $3700.00..that included concrete..but if you figure that we paid $1788 compared to $3700...duhhhh..and Ken doesn't think they would have gone with the 6 sack, fiber mesh...so we feel pretty good about this! 

After that Ken decided to give our tractors their new home!  So I did a few things inside and the we moved the tractors from the garage to their new cover...love it! They look so good and I can see them out my kitchen window!  Which is what I wanted...Love it here at our new home in Yerington!!!!

Next week hopefully we'll get the garage painted its new colors, as the paint is pretty bad..
Click on the pictures and they will enlarge if u want!

How it looked this am!
Ken on his field machine...dragging rolled up fencing to smooth down some
of the mess....

I painted a section of Daddy's garden fence...each picket is hand cut! 

Side view of our tractors

Our tractors new home!  Love it!
The crew working hard!

Again, working hard...

The finished product! 20 x30 foot of beautiful concrete!
The grandkids will love this basketball court!

Ken did this in the corner....sweet!
The cool concrete truck..front chute..so you don't need the
extra person to run the chute!

The guys halfway through

Almost done

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting things done around the house...

Set the alarm for 0500...(we slept in)...decided we need to get some stuff done..so got ready and went out to the tractor cover...I took the red barn paint and painted the structure and Ken put the tin roofing on..we are one sheet short so we'll get it next time we're in Fernley..figure we're going to need a little lattice to protect the tires..so it'll happen but I think it really looks nice so far..

Then we got ready and went to Yerington, had lunch at the mexican restaurant...yummy and then went by the bank and got cash for the people finishing the concrete tomorrow..0700 they'll all be here..hopefully...

Got home I did some cleaning inside and Ken worked on getting the forms ready for the pour in the am..the concrete supplier, Chisum concrete came by just to make sure his driver could get there...but all looks good for the am..yeahh...can't wait to post pics tomorrow of the end result..

A little dinner and early bedtime...tomorrow comes early..Ken and I are both excited about this happening as i'm sure the grandkids will be..we're enjoying being here and having things get done..

Looks like if all goes as planned next week i'll start painting the garage..it needs it and i'm sick of this ugly blue house...meaning the outside....hahahahaha

Our new tractor cover!

Love this cover!  Can't wait to have our tractors inside!!

Ken leveling the forms...

Another view of the forms...great job sweetie!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick trip to Winnemucca!

Our new wood stove!

Sunrise a few miles from our house on highway 95A..on our way to Winnemucca

The sunrise on 95 N on our way to Fallon, NV..
Our greeters to our Yerington home!

Sunset last night...

Ken forming up our 20x30 basketball court...
August 26th...Monday....We got up at 0400 and left the house at 0600....almost felt like going to work again...except better because we did that because  we wanted too!  Headed for the Wigwam Restaurant in Fernley where we had a yummy breakfast!  Then over to Lowe's to pick up our new woodstove and get the lumber for the forms and roofing for the tractor cover..

After that checked on Walmart and the burners, but not much there.  

Got home and Ken set the forms for the basketball court and I went out and pulled some tumbleweeds out back where he was working...amazing how quickly they take over. 
Had a nice night and just enjoyed being home.

August 27th..Tuesday...We did the same scenario as yesterday...except I made egg sandwiches and we ate on the road this am..a quick trip to Winnemucca to pick up some things from the containers, and Ken got the fifth wheel attachment so he can move the 23 footer to make it easier to pour the cement hopefully Thursday!  We got out there and visited with Joe and Wanda (our neighbors) for a few minutes.  Had lunch at the Chinese place in town and just love it...Back home around 1630 and had a little lightning and thunder show for a few minutes..

Love the weather here in Yerington!  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rio Linda, smoke and Burners headed for Burning Man 2013!

We left Saturday am about 1000 and headed for Sacramento to attend our friends' Dave and Pam's anniversary party in Rio Linda.  They got married a year ago and we were in TN when they had their reception, so didn't want to miss this one! We decided to stay at the Super 8 in Natomas area, nice room (a suite) and great air conditioning.  Stopped on the way there and had lunch at the Apple Cafe outside of Placerville, Ca.  even with a sit down lunch we were checked in and headed back out to the party by 1500..love where we live!  

Had a really good time at the party, Ken got to see old friends he used to work with..left there about 1930 and headed back to the room...didn't want to drink too much and not be able to drive.  Next year we're thinking we might just take a taxi and then we don't have to worry about driving.  

Got up, took our time leaving and headed back to Yerington.  The fire was pretty good until we hit Donner Summit area and then the smoke hit..Reno was pretty clear but outside of there it was really bad!  Here at home it's awful!  

Burning man at the Black Rock Desert started today..so we decided to go home Interstate 80 just so we could see some of these people...Love it!  For a week about 50,000 or so people leave their real lives and become free people, living on the Playa in the desert..it is something to see!  Fernley Wal Mart was packed with these people getting their last minute things and just hanging out!  Some more literally than others...

Georgetown had some excitement yesterday..Cheryl called to tell us there was a fire about 1/2 mile from them in a little neighborhood (such as you can call it that) near the cemetary..pretty scary for a while..the Sheriff's Dept did voluntary evacuations..Cheryl and Adam loaded some things in the car in case they had to leave, Eric even came up to check on them.  Bryan got off early to come home in case they had to flee..but thankfully the fire dept was able to get the fire out, and 1 family lost their house and a few vehicles..but no injuries or worse..not sure what started it but possible a transformer blew up as people said they heard a loud noise first.  

Tomorrow, we will head for Fernley and pick up our new woodstove and roofing for the tractor cover.  Ken is also going to get form boards for our new basketball court that hopefully will be poured later this week...know the grandkids will love it! 

Smoke on 95 as we're coming into the Mason Valley..normally u see green fields!
Burners heading for Burning man...not sure if this is for breast cancer awareness..or they just like breasts!

Another unique vehicle at "the Walmart"

Wal Mart Parking lot...and the Burners!

I'd like to see what they do with this cute little pink thing...
I80 looking at Donner Lake!  Where is it!

Another Burner headed for the Black Rock Desert!

The tractor cover Ken is working on!

Smoke looking at our neighbors house...

Ken working on our septic hookup for the 23 foot trailer

My man!

Another smoky pic...

95 yesterday....worse today..from the fire in Yosemite...

The Hope Valley area on the 24th...

Colors are changing!  These plants were green just a few weeks ago!

Ken and Diane!

A beautiful sunset in Yerington, NV

Ken and Adam

Love this pic!  The smoke gave us a beautiful sunset..God at work!!

Ken relaxing in one of the chairs Bryan and Cheryl gave us!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Home in Yerington for the week...and Rio Linda for the weekend!

Came home after taking Adam to breakfast...and have enjoyed the week here...Ken and I went to Fernley and bought some wood and piping..wood for the tractor cover and pipe for the sewer line for the rv dump for the 23 foot Komfort..he worked on that in the smoky days...the fire in Yosemite is making it really bad here...this evening you couldn't even see the neighbors property...amazing! 

i went to town today and picked up a few essentials and then we enjoyed our evening...

Tomorrow (the 24th) we will head for Rio Linda and our friends, Dave and Pam who got married a year ago and we'll visit their 1st anniversary party!  We were in TN last year when they got married and had a reception...I made reservations at the local Super 8 where we'll spend the night! Home after that and it looks like towards the end of the week we'll be pouring our basketball court for the boys!  Ken talked to someone tonight and it looks like it  could b done by then!  We bought a fireplace for the livingroom earlier this week at Lowes in Fernley so hopefully we'll pick up wood and the fireplace on Monday....Funny how you are retired and still don't have time for anything....love it!!!

Pics tomorrow of the haze...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Home from Yellowstone, Diane and Jesse came for the weekend!

Had a wonderful time at the Shoshone Ice Caves, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Yellowstone NP and Glacier NP...we spent about a week visiting these places and hated to leave!  Weather was great and everything was perfect...so glad we went for an end of summer quickie vacation.

Got home on Thursday afternoon (august 8th) and Adam and I ran to the store in town to do a little grocery shopping as we were expecting Diane and Jesse on Friday...Thursday evening we took the Dodge out to the BLM land near our house and Adam took my quad and rode for awhile out there.  It got dark quickly and was a little difficult finding our way home, but Ken did it! 

Here's a little spooky story...Before we left I was out by the Ford, Ken was near the garage and Adam was on the quad waiting to go.  We all heard a loud...knock knock knock...like someone beating on one of the glass windows of the house...so loud ...Adam yells, Grandma your house is haunted...it was really spooky...we're all thinking someone was telling us not to go out to the BLM...seems like something my mom would have done...:))

Diane and Jesse got here early afternoon Friday and we had a good time visiting.  Had some tacos for dinner, Saturday night Ken bar b qued his famous 1/2 pound burgers for them.  We headed out to the BLM and the boys rode for quite a while..

Saturday, the Lyon County Fair was going on so we spent a little time there..it was really hot and so we didn't stay long.  Later that afternoon the boys took off from our house and did some riding..

Sunday am was biscuits and gravy day..then we took them out to lunch in town before heading back to CA.  I took Adam home to Georgetown, as school starts tomorrow.  Spent the night at Bryan's, (had too much wine and fun :)) and took Adam out to breakfast this am and headed back to Gardnerville, for some grocery shopping...Finally home!!  

Jesse relaxing in the living room
Diane looking pretty in her hat 
Adam getting ready to go riding

Adam and Jesse out at the blm land
Adam and Ruby in Winnemucca
The original arch inviting you into Yellowstone from Gardnier MT.


The Grand Tetons!