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Friday, March 30, 2012

The house has closed and recorded!

3/27..Ken drove the truck and I drove the Patriot out to Winnemucca and on our way we got the call.  The house has closed and recorded! We didn't get out to Winnemucca til almost 9 but that's ok we knew it would be a long day.  It was pretty moving, getting the rest of the stuff out of the house, but we were ok...hard to say goodbye because we did have such good memories there.  

3/28..Slept in a bit and then worked around unloading a few things from the car and truck and trailer.  We went by our favorite Mexican restaurant on the way out of town and I had a veggie tostada..very good!  Got to Eric's house about 8, visited a bit and called it a night. 

3/29..Went by the title company, got the check and headed directly to the bank.  So money is locked up now...which is a good thing!  Did some more running around, and then went by the Colfax house to drop off some keys.  Kevin wasn't there but Ken talked to him and he loves the place!  He has moved a few things in and is making it his own.  Togos for a avocado and cucumber sandwich! Very good..Got to Eric's about 4 and I made some chicken tacos for them as they had baseball at 6.  Ken and I enjoyed the evening, cleaned out stuff from the 5th wheel so Russell can pick it up for Winnemucca Dunes next week..keeping our fingers crossed weather cooperates!  Tomorrow we head for Winnemucca again to load up the cabover camper on the Ford and unload some more stuff. Talked to tax guy and got to get some info but they'll be done soon.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Almost done!

3/25...Worked around the house, getting the last..well kinda..things to storage. It's so full we can't get anymore in.  I told Ken I don't know why two people have so much stuff, and we got rid of tons!  We have 2  10x20 foot containers in Winnemucca and then now we have a 10x10 storage unit! We're gonna have to do some more emptying of stuff!  Our friends Al and Irene moved to Florida this year and were able to put everything they had left in a 8x16 pod...Of course they are enjoying buying NEW stuff for their New home they are having built.  

We took the fifth wheel and the Mazda with the log splitter attached to Eric's place this afternoon!  We're gonna take the log splitter to Gtown and have it fixed and then it goes to Eric.  We don't have any use for it anymore, if all goes as planned!  Came home and cleaned some more, Ken took the stuff off the walls in the kitchen.  It was kinda sad, as I vacuumed the 4th drawer, that was where I always kept the snacks for the Grandkids.  13 years ago it held baby food for Adam, our first grandchild and then as the 4 others came along it held baby food and then treats.  

We do feel good about this move though.  Once we get the hang of not having a home, we should enjoy getting out there and seeing America.  It's been a long time coming as we have been retired over 2 years. 

Today we plan on getting the house cleaned, Ken's going to finish cleaning the dungeon and we'll be out.  We should hear from the title company later today.  Ken's got to go to Colfax and see about a float for the well, or Diamond and have them come replace it, because of course there's something not quite right with the well.  It's been a pain ever since we decided it had to be up and running in order for the house to sell!  He'll be glad not to have to deal with it ever again!

A note:  Saturday night Russell's family along with Jason Patton's family went out to Oak Creek BMX to race a night race.  Russell raced his first race, said it was hard and his legs felt like butter! Good job Russell!!   

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aarons Birthday Party and meeting the new owner of our house!

3/23...We made several trips to storage and Ken took the 20 foot trailer over to Bryan's house and picked up Adam for the night.  He was not happy we sold the house.  We later headed down to Rocklin to the pizza parlor for Aaron's 7th birthday celebration!  Had a good time and then got home about 2230 hours.  After relaxing a bit we all fell asleep.  Adam was up at 0500 when the alarm went off.  Ken and I woke up at 0630 and there he was never said a word...good kid.  

3/24...We got up and got the day started.  Kevin our buyer came over  about noon.  What a nice man, he was so excited he was getting the goats and chickens.  Ken took him on a tour of the house, yard and who knows what.  This is his first house he's ever owned and he is a Vietnam Vet.  He has an adorable rescue dog, Diva...He said this is "his dream house"...that just sealed it for us!  If you know this house you have to be a special person to consider this his dream house! We feel very good about this sale...sad but happy..A new adventure is ahead!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

We signed the papers!

 3/22...Had the appointment at the title company at 1000 hrs this morning.  After a few tears and many butterflies we had it done in about 45 minutes.  Normally we would go out and celebrate but there was just too much work to be done!  So off to Home Depot and then back home.  Ken worked his *** off putting in the window, helping load the trailer and hooking up the heater in the bathroom.  Of course, 16 years later we realize how nice the heater is and are planning on putting one in our shed once it's built in Winnemucca.  Got the 20 foot trailer loaded with stuff and firewood.  Of course we decided to buy some firewood and the house sells!  Well he will get a nice little "housewarming" gift as we did leave him some firewood.  

3/23...Today, I will make a run to storage and Ken will put up the door in the bedroom and the other heater in the kitchen area.  Ken's going to take the trailer over to Bryan's and pick up Adam.  Tonight is Aaron's seventh birthday celebration at a pizza parlor in Rocklin.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A work day in Colfax!

3/21...Well today we went and picked up the heaters from Ace, the door from Lowes and took the window to have it fixed.  I painted the door and some of the trim around the house and Ken did the rest.  The house looks really nice outside.  Ken tried to hook up the heaters but he needs a few things.  He was able to get the heater temporarily hooked up and it works!  So that should be pretty simple!

I felt bad, Lori called and asked us to watch kids Monday as her mom has an appt about her mom.  I had to tell her we'd be homeless as of Sunday, and with all the stuff going on next week we just couldn't. :(     I did tell her next year the kids could come out to Winny and spend the week.  We are supposed to all be going to the dunes next week and I sure hope the weather holds.  

Tomorrow we have an appt at the title company to sign papers! 
We'll see how it goes and get ready to start our new adventure!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winnemucca and back to Colfax!

3/19..We left Colfax and headed over to Winnemucca because I have a Dr appt tomorrow. Snow on the mountains all the way across Nevada, it was beautiful!  Got to the fifth wheel, set up and had an enjoyable evening! 

3/20..Today is Aaron's 7th birthday!! 

Got up and left the trailer about 9 and headed into town so I could see Dr.Grant..I had blood tests done a couple of weeks ago and the results were not too good.  The cholesterol meds I take just don't seem to be doing what she wants them to do.  If she changes me, we'll spend about 160 a month on the new pills, so i talked her into giving me another 3 months and CHANGING my ways of eating.  Even though we do pretty good most of the time...not good enough.  She says i need to go on the rabbit food diet..so guess i'll try that.  So we left there and went to our favorite mexican restaurant in town for our last meal. It was soooo good! 2 glasses of wine didn't hurt either..

Got a call from Marge saying the VA guy wants to come out on Thursday, for reinspection.  Told her no way was that gonna happen, we can't even get the heaters till tomorrow.  I can't believe how they want to push this.  No one has even mentioned the potability test, which we still don't have back.  Well basically, Monday we'll be homeless!!   

Monday, March 19, 2012

A snowy Sunday!

The deck outside dining area

Looking at the driveway!
3/18...Did a few things inside the house and it kept snowing!  Headed for Edwelweiss in Auburn and then decided to go visit the kids on the canyon side of the mountain. We started at Eric's place where we caught them just getting home from a snow trip up above Georgetown.  The boys had a great time with Eric and we saw some great pictures!  Stayed a few hours and then headed to Georgetown to visit Bryan and Cheryl. It was beautiful up there and when we were leaving it was snowing heavy! Came home and Ken loaded a few things to take to Winnemucca in the am.  Snowing here when we went to bed.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Got stuff to storage and a load to Eric's house! Thanks, Eric!!

Our "white trash" lunch!

This picture shows Russell at age 8 and his son Aaron at age 6

This picture shows Bryan at age 9 and Adam at age 6

Here is a picture of Eric at 10 and Seth at 9..
3/17..Eric came up today and helped get stuff to storage. Ken and Eric got the truck bed loaded onto Eric's 16 foot trailer along with two of the quads.  I did a little running around and came back in time for our usual "white trash lunch".  Meaning there was no where to put the paper plates so we ate on the tailgate of Eric's truck.  But a little beer and wine and it was very upscale!  Thanks so much Eric for helping today..love u bunches! 
Ken got "the door " off it hinges yesterday, it will go to Winnemucca w us until we build a house.  That door has been with us since we moved into Rockwell in North Highlands.  It's pretty amazing when you look at our boys and then their boys heights. Love this door!

3/18..waking up to a beautiful snowfall here in Colfax, CA!  This is the first time this season we've seen snow here and it is so pretty!  We had plans to take more stuff to storage today, but the snow is changing those plans.  Ken has a hankering for Edelweiss burgers so looks like that's lunch!  Tomorrow we head for a quick trip to Winnemucca because I have Dr. appt on Tuesday.  We'll be back late Tuesday and then pickup our baseboard heaters to get them on.  

Friday, March 16, 2012

OMG this house is selling!!

3/15....Omg...this house is really selling!! We had breakfast and then took the patio set up to the storage unit...then the rain hit!!  We worked here at home and then I went down watched Jacob and Aaron till about 1130 when the kids came home from the concert..they had a good time!!  So did I, kids were good, Aaron had a hard time sleeping..
Jacob and Aaron playing ball in the house!

Aaron and Buddy!

Buddy on the couch, he wouldn't go to bed until his parents came home!

3/16...We worked around the house got the upstairs cleaned out..treadmill down..thought it was broke but ok...need to move to storage...hopefully ok tomorrow...Marsea from title called and Kevin (buyer) is signing papers on Monday!  They have to go to lender then back to us...aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....this is really scary!!! We are so not ready!! But that's between us!!  Had Diamond Well up to do potability test as we did it and one came back not good...So we had them come up and do it, so hopefully it'll come out ok...so we'll
see...but looks like this is gonna happen...We did find out this afternoon that the buyer because it 's VA can't pay for 1/2 the pest...so we'll eat it...but you wonder why you have realtors who don't know what they re talking about...Al and Kelly I understand totally!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heaters are ordered!

3/14...Ken and I made a trip to Ace hardware in Auburn and were able to order two 4 foot baseboard heaters and controllers.  We'll pick them up next Wed. as I have dr appt in Winny on Tuesday.  Hopefully Ken can add a plug in without not too much difficulty and get them mounted.  When we were there I asked him if 4 foot was too long for where we planned on putting one in the kitchen..he said "no" I stepped it off..Well sure enough we get home and there's only about 2 foot of usable space because that's where the pantry doors open...once again I was right!  We do have another wall he's gonna put them on.  

Rainy day in Colfax..Ken took two water samples from the well and house and took them to Diamond to have them checked for potability..$80.00.  $150.00 for the heaters...expensive day in Colfax.  He worked on the water heater strapping and I went through all my travel maps and brochures and threw away the duplicates and in some cases triplicates!  Tomorrow we hope to get some more stuff taken to storage.  

We signed addendum giving us till the end of the month to close escrow.  If it quits raining we can get the painting and the window done..We r getting there.  
Tomorrow afternoon i'll head to Russell's while they go see Blake Shelton.  

3/15...Ken woke up wanting Edelweiss...so we are going to breakfast!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still in Colfax

3/13..We decided to get a storage unit in Colfax for a month or two, figuring we won't get everything over to Winny before the sale is final.  I called the two storage places and we settled on Colfax mini storage.  They have $65.00 a month for a t 10x10 but the second month is free (and we won't need more than the two months).  So we loaded up our 4 patio chairs and the glider and took them to their temporary home in the pouring rain.  

I spent the morning clearing out the kitchen and putting stuff into storage containers.  Even though I've taken so much to Goodwill, there is still an amazing amount of stuff. I imagine one year when I go to empty the containers I will still have to get rid of alot of it. 

We paid a visit to Home Depot and bought some wood so Ken can fir out the wood for the water heating strapping that CA requires.  We bought a downspout for the gutter he put up (looks really nice). 

Heard from Marge a couple of times, still trying to get clarification on what VA wants fixed. We are so totally frustrated with the whole process.  Don't u think they could put in writing exactly what they need done and where!! After all Kevin (who is the buyer) paid good money for this appraisal.  What a joke! 

Russell texted and Lori got tickets to see Blake Shelton on Thursday evening so I'm gonna run down and watch the kids while they go.  

Don and Dana came home from their weekend at West Point visiting Chelsea.  They decided not to buy the TN house because of the home inspection :(

Ken and I are both mentally drained from this whole process.  I am sure we are doing the right thing, as we've talked about it for years, but it's still a butterfly tummy undertaking :)

3/14...Well we're up and gonna head for home depot to see if we can order some baseboard heaters and Ken is going to try and put them in.  Another rainy day in Colfax, CA. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An afternoon of BMX! Bella and Eric raced!

(3/11)...Got the boys their breakfast and then about 11 headed to Roseville to Oak Creek BMX park.  There was definitely a threat of rain but we lucked out. Today was Bella's first time to race and ERIC decided to race.  It was a great time, with Jacob and Aaron getting 1st place, Mason 2nd and Seth 3rd..It was only Seth's second time racing intermediate and you can see it won't be long before he gets 2nd and 1st.  Bella raced for the first time today and had a great time! Eric raced and rode, he had a good time.  Russell is hot to ride himself so i'm sure he'll have a bike soon.  
The whole group after racing!

Another pic of the winners!

3/12..We heard from Marge again, there are 5 conditions to the sale.  Again nothing too big but still way to vague to know what to fix.  We took our bed over to Eric and Chris's house today.  Then we came home and Ken worked on the dry well and got that done. I spent the afternoon inside packing up kitchen and our bedroom.  Made up the cots we'll be sleeping on for the next few days.  

Russell texted last night...He got a bike.  He found it on Craigslist for $135.  Honestly this BMX thing is gonna be the hardest one to leave. It's really nice on Sundays to see at least 2 of the 3 kids and grandkids.
Our beds for the next couple of weeks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colfax weekend

3/10...Last night we heard from Marge regarding the appraisal for the house.  It came in at 125 with 4 conditions to the sale.  3 are no problem, 1 we have to find out more what VA wants regarding heating in the rooms w pipes.  We've lived here 16 years w/o but they want it.  We are waiting for an addendum from the other realtor which hopefully will explain more.  We got some painting done to cover the pest work, Ken fixed up the screen door on the porch and plenty of other stuff. 

All the grandkids are here for the night.  I usually think it's a good way to go so they can spend some time together...wrong...j/k all in all they are pretty good, but there is always someone who taunts one of the little ones (and it's not Adam)...Jacob and I had a good Sunday come to Jesus over Mason throwing a football and then he decided to see how hard he could throw it at Mason...not good.  Jacob ended up learning how to stack firewood correctly over and over until the attitude was gone.  Not the way I like to spend my grandparenting time but sometimes it's got to be done.  Ken burned a bunch of brush last night, made for a beautiful fire, and the kids always love it! 

This morning was daylight savings time start so they're up and raring to go..time for some chocolate chip pancakes!  Then hopefully to the BMX races, as it rained a bit last night.  Eric is planning on racing today! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Another work day in Colfax

(3/8)..We mostly stayed home today. I got into some old receipts I found from 2002 and on.  Decided I could get rid of lots of these so I did.  Found all kinds of things in old purses etc. 
Got a call from realtor who said things are moving on the house.  Scary..they are still looking at the close next week..so we'll see.  Ken worked outside, got the oil changed in the 97 Ford and then worked on getting some of the pest work back together.  It was a beautiful day, a little cold but sunny.  He got the gutter up above the screened in deck. Looks good.  Had a dinner of left over stew..yummy.  

3/9...Today is Eric and Christina's tenth wedding anniversary!  Hard to believe it's been that long.  The boys are coming tomorrow and so are Russell's kids.  Hard to think this may be the last time at this house..Racing on Sunday!  Heidi, Russell's tattoo artist designed the logo for the "Crank it up" team.  Cool, except I don't like skulls..Looks like Crank it up is getting quite a following!  Painting the eaves today on my schedule.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A work day in Colfax

(3/7)..Spent the day at the house in Colfax.  We had Rob Macklin out to sign off the pest work and do his spraying. (280.00).  At least that is done!  I spent the afternoon in the kitchen deciding that I don't need all the utensils etc that have been in the messy drawers for years.  So what I didn't want for the 5th wheel or cabover I threw away. Made some applesauce / raisin muffins, beef stew and salad for dinner.  Ken washed the filthy truck and did some stuff outside.  Not to exciting today in Colfax! Not a bad thing...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winnemucca Weather!

Monday, March 5th...Kids all gone, lab tests, breakfast at Parkers then trailer hunting.  We went to see about getting the 97 Ford's windows tinted and Ken saw some utility trailers for sale.  We visited a couple of different places and he found a 5x12 trailer he wants.  He figures we could put the cabover on it and 1 quad or cabover on truck and 2 quads.  It's pretty beefy and reasonable priced.  Special order so we'll probably go by there tomorrow and see about ordering one.  Came home and got the trailers cleaned and ready to go again. 

Tuesday, March 6th...Last night the winds were a howling and the trailer was a shaking!  We went to bed and it was a beautiful warm night..then the winds started and it was snowing and about 20 degrees this am when we woke up!  Beautiful!! Slowly getting ready to head back to Colfax for a few.  
Our "Go see America" setup

Love this pic of my Farmall in the snow!

Ken doing his thing to lock up the property

Well, we ordered the trailer and then went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Las Margaritas.  We must be considered locals as the waitress remembered what we like to drink...soon she'll know what we like to eat but it does change once in awhile! Yummmm!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fun times in Winnemucca!

Ken and I got here on Friday (March 2nd) early afternoon.  Bryan, Cheryl, Adam and his friend Daniel along with doggie Betty arrived a couple of hours later.  I just had time to change the sheets and freshen the trailer a bit!  Cheryl didn't enjoy the ride much on the way out here...it is long sometimes, but I guess because we do it so often it seems shorter.  Had a couple of glasses of wine and spaghetti for dinner, before we knew where the time had gone it was 10:00.  Time to hit the hay! 

Saturday we awoke to frozen pipes so had to wait a bit for showers.  The boys worked the property all morning looking for ground squirrels or rabbits to shoot.  It's ok out here as the nearby ranchers don't like the little critters at all!  The holes in the ground are enough to break legs on some of the livestock.  We had a nice breakfast and then Ken and Bryan got the quads loaded up for Winnemucca Dunes.  We headed out taking our lunch with us and the boys enjoyed a few hours of riding.  Bryan noticed Adam's back tire was wobbling, and sure enough 2 of the 4 nuts had fallen off so pretty much that ended that. It'll be fixed and raring to go in a few weeks for Easter at the dunes! 
Ken and Bryan out at the Winnemucca Dunes!

Adam enjoying the sand!

Cheryl using Betty as a foot rest!


After that we came back to the property and spent the afternoon outside since it was so beautiful and almost warm.  Fixed a dinner of enchiladas and coleslaw.  Ken made a nice roaring fire in the firepit outside so we were out there till late!..About 3 in the am our heater ran out of propane so it was freezing in there!  
All the boys, Ken, Adam, Daniel, Bryan and Miss Betty!

Adam and Daniel

An evening in Winnemucca
Bryan, Cheryl, Ken in back, Adam and Daniel

Happy 13th Anniversary Bryan and Cheryl!

Our nosey neighbors!

Our beautiful Winnemucca home!

Had our biscuits and gravy breakfast along with all the trimmings then said good bye to the Kay family on their 13th wedding anniversary!  Lab work in the am and then to Colfax on Tuesday! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting ready to go to Winnemucca

Yesterday the guys finished up the pest work..wrote them a check for $2725.00, but at least it's done...now we have the pest guy come back out, sign it off and then spray, write him a check for $280..then as far as we're concerned we're done!  VA still hasn't scheduled but oh well.  Ken and I ran around awhile yesterday and then he scared the daylights out of me.  He decided to move the outside tv antenna, while working on it he had to cut on an oak tree. I'm inside and hear a loud noise, thought we were gonna get thunder then it stopped, something told me something had happened, I look out the living room window and see Ken laying on the ground! I ran out and he was ok, a little dazed with a nice gash in his head. Seems the tree fell and almost clipped the electrical line.  Thank God it didn't!  

Rained most of the day today but we got the fifth wheel ready to go!  I did grocery shopping and made up spaghetti and the fixins for enchiladas.  We'll leave in the am and hope Bryan and Cheryl catch us, as with the fifth wheel we're not as quick!  They'll leave Sunday but we'll stay a bit, I have blood work Monday am.  

We are really looking forward to the weekend!  Bryan and Cheryl have never been out to the property in Winny of course neither has Eric and Chris, have to get them there next.

Time for a cocktail!