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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colfax weekend

3/10...Last night we heard from Marge regarding the appraisal for the house.  It came in at 125 with 4 conditions to the sale.  3 are no problem, 1 we have to find out more what VA wants regarding heating in the rooms w pipes.  We've lived here 16 years w/o but they want it.  We are waiting for an addendum from the other realtor which hopefully will explain more.  We got some painting done to cover the pest work, Ken fixed up the screen door on the porch and plenty of other stuff. 

All the grandkids are here for the night.  I usually think it's a good way to go so they can spend some time together...wrong...j/k all in all they are pretty good, but there is always someone who taunts one of the little ones (and it's not Adam)...Jacob and I had a good Sunday come to Jesus over Mason throwing a football and then he decided to see how hard he could throw it at Mason...not good.  Jacob ended up learning how to stack firewood correctly over and over until the attitude was gone.  Not the way I like to spend my grandparenting time but sometimes it's got to be done.  Ken burned a bunch of brush last night, made for a beautiful fire, and the kids always love it! 

This morning was daylight savings time start so they're up and raring to go..time for some chocolate chip pancakes!  Then hopefully to the BMX races, as it rained a bit last night.  Eric is planning on racing today! 

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