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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heaters are ordered!

3/14...Ken and I made a trip to Ace hardware in Auburn and were able to order two 4 foot baseboard heaters and controllers.  We'll pick them up next Wed. as I have dr appt in Winny on Tuesday.  Hopefully Ken can add a plug in without not too much difficulty and get them mounted.  When we were there I asked him if 4 foot was too long for where we planned on putting one in the kitchen..he said "no" I stepped it off..Well sure enough we get home and there's only about 2 foot of usable space because that's where the pantry doors open...once again I was right!  We do have another wall he's gonna put them on.  

Rainy day in Colfax..Ken took two water samples from the well and house and took them to Diamond to have them checked for potability..$80.00.  $150.00 for the heaters...expensive day in Colfax.  He worked on the water heater strapping and I went through all my travel maps and brochures and threw away the duplicates and in some cases triplicates!  Tomorrow we hope to get some more stuff taken to storage.  

We signed addendum giving us till the end of the month to close escrow.  If it quits raining we can get the painting and the window done..We r getting there.  
Tomorrow afternoon i'll head to Russell's while they go see Blake Shelton.  

3/15...Ken woke up wanting Edelweiss...so we are going to breakfast!

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