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Monday, March 26, 2012

Almost done!

3/25...Worked around the house, getting the last..well kinda..things to storage. It's so full we can't get anymore in.  I told Ken I don't know why two people have so much stuff, and we got rid of tons!  We have 2  10x20 foot containers in Winnemucca and then now we have a 10x10 storage unit! We're gonna have to do some more emptying of stuff!  Our friends Al and Irene moved to Florida this year and were able to put everything they had left in a 8x16 pod...Of course they are enjoying buying NEW stuff for their New home they are having built.  

We took the fifth wheel and the Mazda with the log splitter attached to Eric's place this afternoon!  We're gonna take the log splitter to Gtown and have it fixed and then it goes to Eric.  We don't have any use for it anymore, if all goes as planned!  Came home and cleaned some more, Ken took the stuff off the walls in the kitchen.  It was kinda sad, as I vacuumed the 4th drawer, that was where I always kept the snacks for the Grandkids.  13 years ago it held baby food for Adam, our first grandchild and then as the 4 others came along it held baby food and then treats.  

We do feel good about this move though.  Once we get the hang of not having a home, we should enjoy getting out there and seeing America.  It's been a long time coming as we have been retired over 2 years. 

Today we plan on getting the house cleaned, Ken's going to finish cleaning the dungeon and we'll be out.  We should hear from the title company later today.  Ken's got to go to Colfax and see about a float for the well, or Diamond and have them come replace it, because of course there's something not quite right with the well.  It's been a pain ever since we decided it had to be up and running in order for the house to sell!  He'll be glad not to have to deal with it ever again!

A note:  Saturday night Russell's family along with Jason Patton's family went out to Oak Creek BMX to race a night race.  Russell raced his first race, said it was hard and his legs felt like butter! Good job Russell!!   

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