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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still in Colfax

3/13..We decided to get a storage unit in Colfax for a month or two, figuring we won't get everything over to Winny before the sale is final.  I called the two storage places and we settled on Colfax mini storage.  They have $65.00 a month for a t 10x10 but the second month is free (and we won't need more than the two months).  So we loaded up our 4 patio chairs and the glider and took them to their temporary home in the pouring rain.  

I spent the morning clearing out the kitchen and putting stuff into storage containers.  Even though I've taken so much to Goodwill, there is still an amazing amount of stuff. I imagine one year when I go to empty the containers I will still have to get rid of alot of it. 

We paid a visit to Home Depot and bought some wood so Ken can fir out the wood for the water heating strapping that CA requires.  We bought a downspout for the gutter he put up (looks really nice). 

Heard from Marge a couple of times, still trying to get clarification on what VA wants fixed. We are so totally frustrated with the whole process.  Don't u think they could put in writing exactly what they need done and where!! After all Kevin (who is the buyer) paid good money for this appraisal.  What a joke! 

Russell texted and Lori got tickets to see Blake Shelton on Thursday evening so I'm gonna run down and watch the kids while they go.  

Don and Dana came home from their weekend at West Point visiting Chelsea.  They decided not to buy the TN house because of the home inspection :(

Ken and I are both mentally drained from this whole process.  I am sure we are doing the right thing, as we've talked about it for years, but it's still a butterfly tummy undertaking :)

3/14...Well we're up and gonna head for home depot to see if we can order some baseboard heaters and Ken is going to try and put them in.  Another rainy day in Colfax, CA. 

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