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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fun times in Winnemucca!

Ken and I got here on Friday (March 2nd) early afternoon.  Bryan, Cheryl, Adam and his friend Daniel along with doggie Betty arrived a couple of hours later.  I just had time to change the sheets and freshen the trailer a bit!  Cheryl didn't enjoy the ride much on the way out here...it is long sometimes, but I guess because we do it so often it seems shorter.  Had a couple of glasses of wine and spaghetti for dinner, before we knew where the time had gone it was 10:00.  Time to hit the hay! 

Saturday we awoke to frozen pipes so had to wait a bit for showers.  The boys worked the property all morning looking for ground squirrels or rabbits to shoot.  It's ok out here as the nearby ranchers don't like the little critters at all!  The holes in the ground are enough to break legs on some of the livestock.  We had a nice breakfast and then Ken and Bryan got the quads loaded up for Winnemucca Dunes.  We headed out taking our lunch with us and the boys enjoyed a few hours of riding.  Bryan noticed Adam's back tire was wobbling, and sure enough 2 of the 4 nuts had fallen off so pretty much that ended that. It'll be fixed and raring to go in a few weeks for Easter at the dunes! 
Ken and Bryan out at the Winnemucca Dunes!

Adam enjoying the sand!

Cheryl using Betty as a foot rest!


After that we came back to the property and spent the afternoon outside since it was so beautiful and almost warm.  Fixed a dinner of enchiladas and coleslaw.  Ken made a nice roaring fire in the firepit outside so we were out there till late!..About 3 in the am our heater ran out of propane so it was freezing in there!  
All the boys, Ken, Adam, Daniel, Bryan and Miss Betty!

Adam and Daniel

An evening in Winnemucca
Bryan, Cheryl, Ken in back, Adam and Daniel

Happy 13th Anniversary Bryan and Cheryl!

Our nosey neighbors!

Our beautiful Winnemucca home!

Had our biscuits and gravy breakfast along with all the trimmings then said good bye to the Kay family on their 13th wedding anniversary!  Lab work in the am and then to Colfax on Tuesday! 

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