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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Got stuff to storage and a load to Eric's house! Thanks, Eric!!

Our "white trash" lunch!

This picture shows Russell at age 8 and his son Aaron at age 6

This picture shows Bryan at age 9 and Adam at age 6

Here is a picture of Eric at 10 and Seth at 9..
3/17..Eric came up today and helped get stuff to storage. Ken and Eric got the truck bed loaded onto Eric's 16 foot trailer along with two of the quads.  I did a little running around and came back in time for our usual "white trash lunch".  Meaning there was no where to put the paper plates so we ate on the tailgate of Eric's truck.  But a little beer and wine and it was very upscale!  Thanks so much Eric for helping today..love u bunches! 
Ken got "the door " off it hinges yesterday, it will go to Winnemucca w us until we build a house.  That door has been with us since we moved into Rockwell in North Highlands.  It's pretty amazing when you look at our boys and then their boys heights. Love this door!

3/18..waking up to a beautiful snowfall here in Colfax, CA!  This is the first time this season we've seen snow here and it is so pretty!  We had plans to take more stuff to storage today, but the snow is changing those plans.  Ken has a hankering for Edelweiss burgers so looks like that's lunch!  Tomorrow we head for a quick trip to Winnemucca because I have Dr. appt on Tuesday.  We'll be back late Tuesday and then pickup our baseboard heaters to get them on.  

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