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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A work day in Colfax!

3/21...Well today we went and picked up the heaters from Ace, the door from Lowes and took the window to have it fixed.  I painted the door and some of the trim around the house and Ken did the rest.  The house looks really nice outside.  Ken tried to hook up the heaters but he needs a few things.  He was able to get the heater temporarily hooked up and it works!  So that should be pretty simple!

I felt bad, Lori called and asked us to watch kids Monday as her mom has an appt about her mom.  I had to tell her we'd be homeless as of Sunday, and with all the stuff going on next week we just couldn't. :(     I did tell her next year the kids could come out to Winny and spend the week.  We are supposed to all be going to the dunes next week and I sure hope the weather holds.  

Tomorrow we have an appt at the title company to sign papers! 
We'll see how it goes and get ready to start our new adventure!

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